How to download Encryption Manager Lite APK at

Encryption Manager is a file manager, that offers a comfortable and secure way to keep files with confidential data encrypted using AES or Twofish encryption.

A master password is both used to access the application and to encrypt the encryption keys, that are generated random for each file, that is managed by Encryption Manager. Confidential files are accessible directly after the login. With one click on the file, the file is decrypted to its original location and can be shown by the installed viewer or editor apps. When you are finished working with the decrypted copy, the file is re-encrypted with one click and the decrypted file is wiped from the SD card. This wipe process will overwrite the data with random bytes before the file is deleted. So even if the device is lost or stolen, it is not possible to access your confidential data.

Encrypting new files is very simple: they can be chosen either with the built-in file manager or by simply using "send/share" from another app.

* Access based on master pin or master text password.
* Encrypts all kind of files.
* Possibility to encrypt all files of a folder.
* Provides a special handling for images, e.g. removal/creation of gallery thumbnail images.
* Base functionality of a file manager (view on click, send/share menu), but with automatic decryption before the action.
* Offers AES and Twofish encryption with 128 and 256 bit keys.
* Displays icons to indicate whether a file is currently decrypted or was changed.
* User setting for automatic re-encryption on exit.
* Secure overwrite of the orginal file after the encryption.
* An additional anti file recovery tool is included.
* Two layout modes: flat list view or hierarchical folder view.
* Filters can be defined to filter SD card files by file extensions or to excluded folders.
* The master password can be changed for an existing database.
* Provides a comfortable backup mechanism for using cloud storage (Dropbox, Google Drive, ...) to save the encrypted files
* The app can be configured to delete all managed files after 7 unsuccessful attempts.
* Has an "Exit" menu on all screens, that finishes the task completely.
* App is locked (master password must be re-entered), when there is no user input for configurable period.
* Includes english help pages.

* English
* German
* French
* Russian
* Spanish

* The "lite" version is limited to 5 encrypted files!
* The full version has no limitations.

Keywords: file encryption, data encryption, file manager, crypto, SD card, encryption algorithm, AES, Twofish, backup

How to install Lock app with Password - Applock All App Protector APK at

Lock app with Password - Applock All Apps Protector is your pro privacy guard, intruder protection, lock cover, app lock for all apps.
The app is perfect app lock that help you to keep your personal security, make protection app from everyone.
+ Privacy your Photo, note, call, sms, email, settings..., all the privacy guard functions for you to ensure your phone security and keep your privacy safe.
+ Lock Facebook, Whatsapp, Gallery, Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram, SMS, Contacts, Gmail, Settings, ….. Ensure personal & phone security.

Download app locker right now, best app protector for everyone.
Feel free to send your feedback to us! [email protected]

How to install PDF Utilities APK at

PDF files are often protected via password that it is only possible to open and print it. Changes are not allowed by the author. This is just annoying on tablets to simply highlight something or to comment on the go.
This App "PDF Utilities" comes to rescue. With this you can easily unlock the PDF without much effort, so that changes can be made.

Another handy feature is remove pages from a PDF for simpler printing. You must not specify, which pages should be printed to exclude some pages (which is often very tedious).

A new feature is adding of blank pages in an existing PDF file. This is convenient for additional notes, if the space on a page is not enough.

Another Feature is automated removing of blank PDF pages.

And all this without sending the PDF file to a webservice, it remains on the device.

The app supports Dropbox, now. PDF-Files can be selected and processed directly out of the Cloud.

• Remove the write protection of a PDF file (without knowing the password) --> PDF Unlock
• Removing encryption from a PDF file (the password must be known, because the file is encrypted)
• Remove selected pages of a PDF file
• Add blank pages to a PDF file
• Automated removing of blank PDF pages

IMPORTANT: Because of limitations of writing on external storage, which was introduced in Android 4.4 (affects mainly the Samsung Galaxy devices), it is currently not possible to process PDF files from external SD cards. When a workaround exists, this is implemented in one of the next versions. Please copy the PDF files to the internal memory before processing.

The FAQ can be found here:

** If you have problems when using the app, please drop me an e-mail to [email protected] and try fixing this problem with me. Please do not write a bad rating immediately.
Thank you. **

How to download Free Wifi Password Secure APK at

The most important security for Wifi access point is password if the password is large and secure then it will be very difficult to hack wifi.

Wifi password secure is the best security tool for your wifi router because it generates random, secure and large passwords.

This app gives you every information about your wifi connection
With this app you can check Who is connected to my Wifi.
Get every information about your IP address for example: external IP, local IP, Gateway, longitude and latitude, etc...
Scan Wifi network list around by you and get every information on that network list
Check the signal strength of networks around by you

This app do not crack any kind of wifi password developer will not be responsible for any kind od misuse of this app.

How to download Secret Safe Lite APK at

This password manager is in the store since 2010 and is used by thousands of satisfied users on all kinds of phones and tablets. It focuses on the the core functions of a password manager:

* Secure storage by using AES encryption based on a master password.
* Structuring the entries by categories and different input forms: username and password, PINs of bank or credit cards, notes, contacts and links.
* A secure backup function that uses zip files with AES-256 encryption.
* A comfortable synchronization between multiple devices that can detect new and changed passwords.
* The offering of a free PC version for entering existing username, passwords and notes and for checking the stored passwords.

In contrast to other password depots or password managers this app has no ads, no unnecessary rights like internet access, no unnecessary cloud functions and no back door, to get access to the app without the master password.

For more details, try out this free password manager app (the number of passwords is limited) or have a look at our home page

Languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Russian (translated by Andrey Kharitonov), Italian

How to download SAASPASS Authenticator 2FA App & Password Manager APK at

Security without passwords!

And with the extra security of randomly generated passwords & two factor authentication running in the background!

Two-Factor Authentication, One-Time Passwords (OTP) and Google Authenticator TOTP 2-Step Verification.

Security for yourself, employees, companies, developers, admins and computers.

SAASPASS secures business app platforms, websites, custom apps and computers with the mobile and Android Wear app.

- Instant Login: Barcode Scan, Proximity (BLE) and On Device Login, Android Wear approval
- One-Time Passwords
- Password Manager
- Single Sign-on and Secure Sign-on (SSO with 2FA)
- Google Authenticator Two-Step Verification
- Unlock your MAC or PC computer securely with two factor authentication
- Securely unlock your MACs with Proximity
- Secure Notes - Encrypted Notepad (securely store your notes and passwords)
- Instant Registration

SAASPASS Password Manager supports more than 7000!


You can also add the Google Authenticator TOTP two-step verification format for the personal services below.

With manual or barcode scan based pairing for Google Authenticator:

Amazon Web Services AWS
Cisco Meraki
DNS Made Easy
Gaia Online
Google Cloud Platform
Google Drive
Google Wallet
Guild Wars 2
Justcoin Exchange
Microsoft Accounts
Synology NAS
Windows Azure

Download browser extensions to auto-fill passwords for the TOTP Google Authenticator two-step verification for your personal services.

You can clone your SAASPASS onto another device or tablet and have your TOTP Google Authenticator on two or more devices.

You can set up recovery and if lose your TOTP Google Authenticators, you can have them on your new device without going through the hassle of pain-stakingly setting up each one individually.

To unlock SAASPASS you can use:
- Pattern (both visible and invisible)
- Scrambled Keypad
- 4 or 6 digits as your PIN length

You can also use your Android Wear for proximity-based logins like:
- secure unlocking of your personal Apple Mac computer
- secure logging into emails
- cloud applications
- corporate applications like VPNs
- unlocking company domain controlled Apple Mac computers

You can change the order of the Main Menu by choosing Custom Menu Layout under the Settings.
Proximity requires Android 5.0 and firmware support (e.g. it works on most recent devices like the Nexus 6 but not the Nexus 5) to login users with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) capable devices.

You can login with two factor authentication Proximity on your Apple Mac computer using the Connector Lite on the Mac App Store or the SAASPASS Mac Computer Connector.
You don't have to type in the dynamically generated one-time password OTP (passcode). You never need a key fob, dongle, token or a random number generator ever again for two factor authentication!

Companies can set up many business and productivity applications including email and collaboration suites. Out of the box support for cloud applications include:

Google Apps
Office 365
Dropbox for Business
many more
Custom apps enabled with 2FA integrated with RESTful APIs
On premise applications are also supported with two factor authentication and one time passwords OTP including Microsoft Active Directory & LDAP

How to install Sticky Notes APK at

This app lets you create colorful, elegant, useful and functional floating sticky notes. You can note down everything. It is very easy to create colorful sticky notes. They are trasparent and you can resize them. After you use it you can close them. You will like this app very much.

How to download Sticky Notes + Widget APK at

A simple sticky notes memo app and widget for home screen.

- Resizable widgets
- Scrollable text in a widget
- Optimized for all screen resolutions
- Share all notes as text
- Customizable with different color and text size.

This base version includes:
- basic theme
- 6 widget backgrounds and inside app
- full text tool like resize text

No permissions required.

To put sticky note on your home screen, please go to your home screen, long click on a free space, and select widget option.

How to download Cute Notepad APK at

Easy and simple design notepad.
Any time you can easily note.

・Simple and cute notepad
Because the simple design, easy to use Notepad.

・Customize theme
You can change your favorite theme.

・Can regist to favorites in the one-tap
Notes that you registered to favorites will not be deleted by mistake.

・Characters count
Count the number of characters, can also be used homework.

・Note management
Can sort and search notes.

・Share note
You can share the contents of note to other apps, such as email or SNS.

・Free app

How to download Secure Notepad APK at

Secure notepad is a password protected notes application. It allows you to keep all your notes, lists, ideas, etc. protected. Unlike other protected notes app, this app allows clickable-links for phone numbers and web addresses, etc. This allows you to click on the links and have the appropriate application open. (i.e.: a phone number brings up the phone app; a web address brings up the browser, etc.) This app also has confrontation security, which is explained in the application. This is a handy tool for everyone. You can also E-mail your note to yourself or anyone you wish. This shareware application (suggested registration after 15 uses) also has a beautiful notepad-looking user interface and a slick password entry screen and other features.

How to install Word Counter Notes :CountizePad APK at

The pursuit of simplicity of the single-function, "IZE" series V3.

It’s a free Notepad app to count words which enumerates as soon as you write.

In addition to "word count", "character count" and "byte count" are also available.

It’s useful for writing with limitations on number of words or characters, such as reports, essays, columns, speech manuscripts, novels, etc.

Auto save
Auto save works when you move to a different screen.
· When keys such as "Home", "Return", "Power" etc. are pressed
· When interrupts such as incoming calls or alarms happen

Take a note directly
By setting the "Get to note directly" on the setting to ON, the app shows the note screen directly when it starts up.
(* When it is set to "OFF" as default, the notes list screen is displayed.)

Find your notes
Please enter keywords in the search bar to find notes.

Color label
According to your purposes, "Color label" with 12 colors are available.

Share you notes with other apps. They can be converted to ".txt" format and stored in your device. You can also send without saving.

Register notes from other apps
You can register notes directly from the "Share" menu of another apps.

Register notes from text file
You can register notes directly from text files included in mail attachments, file managers, drives, etc. by "Open with" operation.

You can customize the app by changing font size, or displaying update date and time.

Here’s the main functions.

- Count "number of words" as soon as you write
Ex. 1) Word Count in Notes → 4
Ex. 2) i'm you. → 2
Ex. 3) do you live in real-time ??? → 5

- Count "total number" of entered characters as soon as you write
Ex. 1) apple → 5
Ex. 2) Word Counter in Notes → 21
Ex. 3) i am a pen. → 11
*) Line breaks aren't included in number of characters

- Count "number of bytes" as soon as you write

- Auto save of your notes

- Share your notes with other apps

- Convert your notes to ".txt" format

- Delete your notes whenever you like

- The input characters’ limit is due to your android device, there is no limit set by the app

・Installing is free.
・You can "remove ads" by purchasing the "Ads removal option".
・If you are using Android OS 6.0 and up, you can set auto backup (data sync: max 25MB) by setting the device's standard function "Backup & reset" to "ON".
・Notepad app "izenote" is "character count function not installed version".

・Get to note directly: ON / OFF
・Auto keyboard: ON / OFF
・Font size: Tiny / Little / Small / Medium / Large / Big / Giant / Huge
・First cursor position: Beginning of sentence / End of sentence
・Count bytes: ON / OFF
・Display the updated date and time: ON / OFF
・When device is rotated: Rotate the contents of the screen / Stay in portrait view / Stay in landscape view
・Language: Japanese / English / Korean / Chinese (Simplified) / Chinese (Traditional)
・Specify characters and lines: ON / OFF
・Character encoding: ISO-2022-JP (JIS) / SHIFT_JIS (SJIS) / EUC-JP / UTF-8 / UTF-16BE / UTF-16LE / UTF-32BE / UTF-32LE / ISO-2022-KR / EUC-KR / ISO-2022-CN / BIG5 / EUC-TW / GB18030
・Ads removal option: hide all ads

Privacy is an issue that we take very seriously. To learn more about how we work with these matters, please read our privacy policy:

4.2 and up

Made in Japan.
© materialize LLC.

How to install Codebuild Notepad APK at

The Codebuild Notepad is a simple application, with it you can easily write down your thoughts and make a to do list.

Keywords: notepad, note, notes, list, shopping list, to do, to do list, shopping, list maker, task, tasks, memo

How to install quick memo -PaperPlane- APK at

Launch the app quickly start writing immediately
And you can quickly launch it from swipe home button.

・quick and anytime launch
・You can write a memo while watching other application
・to be able to cooperate with other application

■quick and anytime launch
I start this application by swipe up home button.I start this application by pushing the button.

■You can write a memo while watching other application
You can take the memo
while reading an email
while watching SNS
while watching a browser.

■to be able to cooperate with other application
Map search
web search
Animation search
and more

This memo application is the fastest and most easily starts

Please Rate. and tell our support staff if there is anything we can do to help in any way.
Thank you for your time.

How to download Clover Memo LITE(notes/paint) APK at

Clover Memo is a memo pad application that can be used to create handwritten notes and pressure/speed-sensitive high-quality drawings and paintings. Choose from a large library of brushes and presets, or create your own!

If you use a stylus, please start by calibrating it in Gallery > Stylus > Calibration.
And set or disable cursor offset for use with a finger or stylus (Settings available in Gallery > Stylus: set to right or left-handed with stylus and without)
It is highly recommended that you click drag from the Gallery button up to the Options button to customise your preferences.


- A wide assortment of brushes, suitable for professional-quality detail work and finishing!
- Make your own perfect brush that responds to your own touch
- Pressure-sensitive drawing and painting with stylus button support (e.g. Galaxy Note S-Pen, etc)
- Infinite undo/redo limited only by device memory
- Infinite-expand or fixed canvas sizing (For best results, don't exceed double the device's screen resolution)
- Eyedropper tool
- Standard drawing tools, palette with opacity settings and bookmarkable colours for easy access
- Transform, resize and rotate images


- Go to Gallery > Options to set more preferences
- Customisable Clover interface - place hotkeys and button shortcuts wherever you want
- Set alpha/flow/colour and cursor circle appearance on a per-brush basis
- Pinch and stretch to zoom in and out
- Free rotate - press two fingers to the screen and turn
- Screen inversion
- Customise the background: Color, pattern, size, toggle BG zoom on/off
- Change the edit frame colour


- This version has two layers; an edit layer and an image layer that
you can switch between. Draw outlines on one layer, for example, and
colour on the other. Choose between different blending options such as
add, multiply, overlay and screen -- and many more
- Other layer functions: Paint over opacity adjustment, merge the edit
layer to the image layer, invert, inherit luminosity


- Android 2.1 or higher
- Two points of multi-touch
- Outside SD card


- Save 1000 files in up to 3 image galleries
- Colour palette saveslots: 5 (30 in full version)
- Clover customisable buttons: 15 (30 in full version)
- Export is locked to once daily (unlimited in full version)

Clover Memo is for feature reduction version of the Clover Paint, made ​​it easy to use even for beginners.
If you feel that lack of Note version features -- wanted many layers, cut and paste from the range selection and more advanced brush settings -- Please consider the purchase of Clover Paint.

this software is based in part on the work of the Independent JPEG Group

How to download Simple Notepad APK at

Just a simple notepad :)

You can:
Create notes (general and "urgent");
View notes;
Edit notes;
Delete notes;
Share notes;

what else do you need from the simple notepad?

P.S.: very tiny!

How to download Music Note(Memo) APK at

Since I cannot speak English, please allow, even if English is wrong.

Although it was named the "Music Note", it is a simple memo pad fundamentally.

Those who are not doing music can also use freely as an ordinary memo pad.

There is neither permission nor an advertisement.

Although there is only a minimum function, please use, if good.

How to download Text Memo(Widget) APK at

This is a very simple widget for a text memo.

Font size and color can be changed. Also background color can be changed on Android 2.2+.
A text can share, copy and clear from menu.
All memos are able to export to external storage, by launching this app from the drawer.

1x1, 1x2, 2x1, 2x2, 4x1, 4x2, 4x4 and 5x5 size are available.
NxN size (resizable) is available on Android 3.1+.
Lock screen widget is available on Android 4.2+.

English and Japanese language resources are included.
No ads.

How to install Memo Plus APK at

Memo Plus is simple and powerful memo app. You can memo for high priority memo, ideas, and etc.

Tested Device:
HTC Desire HD
SKTelecom IM690S
Galaxy Nexus

How to download Smart Memo APK at

SmartMemo is a tab-style memo pad.

SmartMemo can read/write text files in SD card and 5 memos in this app.
You can quickly switch files to edit, by tapping the tab upper the screen.

You can share the content to other apps from share menu.

In the setting screen, you can set font size, character-code and line-feed-code.

How to install Voice Memos APK at

With this app you can create voice record and set lines in places are important for you and your friends. After returning to the record you can navigate to important and marked places of record in a very simple way.
For create such markable line you can click on the +MARK button on above of the media progress view and coloured line will appear on the media progress view in the current place of progress thumb;

There are for your convenient you can clean all markable lines.

How to download Notepad Organizer 2018 APK at

- Search notes, drawings
- Automatically save notes
- Save images into SD in notepad folder
- Painting the choice of color and brush size
- The intensity of the brush saturation and color transparency
- Undo in painting
- Edit the name of the picture, or note
- Eraser is used to remove areas of color from the active layer or selection of this layer, leaving behind transparency.
- Supports plotting boards for sketching, like a graffiti in touch with choice of color, thickness, intensity
- The "Add Bookmark" will help you to put Desktop shortcut of your note or drawing as a reminder.
- Drawing, Color picker
- Photo notes drawing
- Photo notes text
- Voice note
- Reminders
- Shopping list
- Gallery notes
- Background color
- Backup/import/export to SD card
Automatic backup schedule daily / weekly /
- Video Notes
- Password Protection

* Product Description *
Notepad Organizer features two basic note taking formats, a lined-paper styled text option, and a checklist option. Add as many as you want to your master list, which appears on the app's home screen each time the program opens. This list may be viewed in traditional ascending order, in grid format, or by note.

- Taking a Note -
Serving as a simple word processing program, the text option allows for as many characters as you're willing to type. Once saved, you can edit, share, set a reminder, or check off or delete the note through your device's menu button. When checking off a text note, the app places a slash through the list's title, and this will be displayed on the main menu.

- Making To-do List or Shopping List -
In the checklist mode, you can add as many items as you'd like and arrange their order with drag buttons activated in the edit mode. After the list is finished and saved, you may check or uncheck each line on your list with a quick tap, which will toggle a line slash. If all items have been checked, then the list's title is slashed as well.

Notepad organizer is 100% Free

How to download Notepad APK at

This is a convenient and simple notepad.
Provides an easy way to write notes, lists of purchases. Voice input will help you make quick notes on the go. Entries can be organized by category. You can also set a password protecting your notes from prying eyes.

- Quick save
- Sort notes
- Search
- Password protection
- Voice input

• Support and development. The application is constantly updated and customer feedback into account when developing .
Thanks for your support!

• This application is a complete analog paid application "Notepad Pro", except for the presence of advertising.
If you liked the free app, you can support the project by purchasing this application.

How to install Simple memo pad - Nooote Free APK at

Nooote is a simple notepad with excellent operability, to browse properties.

■ Category Features
So easy to find the note can view the note list for each category.

■ keyword search function
You can find Notepad on multiple keywords separated by a space.

■ color label function
You can set the color label according to the application category, a memo.

■ Sort of a drag-and-drop
Category, the memo can be sorted in any order.

■ Replication feature category, and notes
Category, the memo can be easily replicated. Available as a specific category of boilerplate, and notes.

■ sharing features of Notepad
You may be able to send e-mail and other apps.

■ Switching the page by swiping
Be switched back and forth swipe categories, notes back and forth.

■ Setting
You can choose from 2 Light, the Dark theme.
You can choose from three home, category list, the memo list page at startup.
Category list, memo list, memo preview, edit screen Note You can set the font size for separately.

※ Free version has ads.
Are used to display the ad location information permissions, and network communication.

How to install Simple Memo APK at

Wife changed her mobile phone, asked me to write a simple sticky notes program for her.

Simple, no ads, supports four kinds of background color.

How to install Notepad with password FREE APK at

PASSWORD: Only you can open Notepad providing your master password.
AUTO-LOCK SCREEN: Lock the notes after some time of inactivity.
HIDE: All notes are hidden in the application internal memory and not visible for other person and apps.
ENCRYPTION: Notepad uses the military grade encryption AES 256 to encrypt your private notes. AES 256 encryption is approved by NSA for keeping top secret files.
FOLDERS: Any level of folders nesting.
SHARE: encrypted notes to your friend.
IMPORT/EXPORT: notes, images or any other files.
BACKUP: to SD card or Google Drive.
STORE: Notes, Photos, Web-docs. You can also import and keep safely any other file types.
ANTI THEFT: Optional. If your phone fell into the wrong hands, malicious users can not find the password out.
SIMPLE: friendly interface.

This app is just one piece of a series of "Safe Tools" apps for Android.

Please report any bugs to [email protected]

PRO version is available

How to download Lock-Hide Note APK at

Lock-Hide Note is a simple notepad app to record your sensitive information like password, bank details and personal notes.

No one can see the list of notes. All notes are password protected and hidden intelligently.

Public notes don't require any private key and is displayed at app's home screen.
The private notes are visible only if correct private key is entered. If you enter wrong key it won't say incorrect password and displays empty list of notes.
This way you can tell any random private key to anyone if he/she forced you to say password.

The number of notes hidden inside will not be known by anyone.

So you can create unlimited different set of diary with different password (Private Key)

This app is very light weight and runs quickly.

Currently it only asks for Internet permission only to show our ads. Your notes will not be shared by us or anyone.

Now your girlfriend, wife, friend can't force you to give password to open notes. You can simply answer there is no

Quick Features List
1 - Unlimited password and diary
2 - It never says password incorrect
3 - Multiple color option for each notes.
4 - No need Internet connection. Works Offline
5 - Instant Quick Search in title and messages
6- Options for Public & Private Notes
7- Read Only mode (Created notes cannot be edited and deleted)
8- Settings to adjust font size, hide buttons and many more.
9- Multiple color widgets on home screen
10- Can send/receive notes from other apps.

--- FAQ ---

Q: What if I forget password ?
A. There is no way to get it back. Password lost means notes are lost forever.

Q. Can I take backup of notes?
A. There is no option to backup notes but there are many apps in play store which backups database.

Q. Does it require internet?
A. No it does not need any internet connection to create notes but if connected advertisement will be shown.

Keywords : Notebook, NotePad, Notes, Task, Memo, text editor, Post It, notepad, memo pad, editor, journal, awesome, hide sms, hide message, hide, secure notepad , password, lock, hidden notepad , hidden notes , lock record, hide records, bank, secret, read only notepad

How to install Simple Memo Pad APK at

This app is really simple, easy memo.
You can take a memo ,categorize and color your memo easily.

Features :
- Take Voice Text memo.
- Take Text memo.
- Edit/Delete/Save memo
- Save memo automatically
- Edit/Delete/Save Category
- Edit Memo Backgroud Color and FontColor.
- Search memo by free word or Category
- Share memo.
- Categorize and color memo.
- File import/export

Requirements :
- Google voice search is required.

Permissions :
- full network access
- view network connections
use for Google voice search
- test access to protected storage
- modify or delete the contents of your USB storage
use File import/export

How to download NoteBook Free APK at

Features :-

+ Easy to use
+ No any ads
+ Simple interface
+ Send Note via Email,SMS
+ Create multiple notebooks with colorful book covers
+ Customizable book cover and title
+ Bookshelf support with different shelf styles
+ Change the theme of the application (Black or White)
+ Create Note with the title name
+ Introduce with new simple look like page view and animated menus
+ Create a note with - 1) Text Note 2) Finger drawing 3) Photo note
+ All Notepad features like
+ Modify, delete notes, delete all notes, help & update info
+ Sort notes by old notes first and new note first
+ Change font and size in notes writing
+ Support languages : English, Japanese and Korean
+ Search Notes (with recent search suggestion)
+ Export note as .txt and .pdf (English)

Details :-
It is simple and easy to use, you can write your personal notes, modify, delete notes, sort notes, search notes and send a note via Email,SMS.
Currently it is supporting three languages English, Japanese and Korean. Now you can report the any bugs, crash or any other error in this application you can report your error.
No limits for creation of notes, but you can create only 4 books in the free version. All features are packed within less than 2.0 MB size of apk file.

tags: note pad notepad notebook book drawing pdf textnote text easy free no ads japanese

How to download Notes (Super Simple Notes) APK at

Minimalist user interface, clean design, great experience.

You can adjust the text size with the volume buttons.

Use colors to organize notes. Optionally add labels to colors. Eight eye catching colors are included, and eight more are available as in-app purchases.

Widget is included. Optional dark theme. Add reminders to notes.

You can export your notes to Google Drive or to external storage (SD card). Importing will not create duplicates. Only new or updated notes will be imported. You can use Google Drive to synchronize notes between your devices.

Option to automatically backup to Google Drive.

How to install Awesome Note APK at

Awesome notes is a powerful text and voice note taking application with many great features.

If you are the person searching for then best Note taking app,then you will be greatly delighted using our awesome note taking application which is having unique features like voice notes,quick access,note highlight etc..
You can even customize the note appearance with themes,fonts and colors and can keep your notes secure with password protection.

We will be happy if you would contact us via App in the 'Menu -> About -> Mail us for bugs & suggestions'.

★ Now Enjoy the best note taking app functionality in marshmallow
★ Now you can highlight your notes with color you like.
★ Now you can Search your notes easily

**** FEATURES ****
★ Quick memo / notes(Can create note from any app)
★ To do / Checklist notes
★ Record Note if you want
★ Trash/recycle bin to recover accidentally deleted notes
★ Dynamic widget on launcher screen
★ Set up reminders for important events
★ Protect notes with a pattern
★ Sync notes online and restore it at any time.
★ Quick Access to take notes any time over any app
★ Organize notes with Grid, enhanced grid and List Views
★ Sync data between multiple devices
★ 4 Themes and 7 Different fonts to have a great look
★ You can take multiple backups to sdcard
★ Multi select feature
★ Schedule automatic backups, Backup management.
★ Highlight Important Notes
★ User Friendly and faster operations
★ Huge no of settings
★ Search for Memo title on Google
★ Share notes via SMS, E-mail, Bluetooth etc..

***Important Note****
In some android/kindle models we observed that syncing created duplicates. If sync has created duplicated notes, please delete duplicated notes(don't forget to delete from trash as well) and sync once again. The bug has been fixed on Jun 16th. Sorry for the inconvenience.

We are going to make app even more clever and awesome for upcoming versions. Here are some beta features which we are working.
******** Upcoming features **********
★ Day scheduler
★ Organize Memo by category and folder

Key Words : Awesome, search, plan, planner, protect, sync , password, lock, clever, diary, fast, voice , record , save , quick , access , calendar, customize , fonts , themes , alarm, recording, voice, check, to-do, task, d-day, memo, note, backup, restore, google keep, colornote, evernote, coolnote, onenote, notepad, memo, dairy, checklist, simplest, memorix

How to install Free Notes App Notepad APK at

Protect notes with password is totally easy. Our free notebook app has a lot of features

-New: Encrypted secure notes ! You can now encrypt the content of a note with 256 Bit encryption !
-New: Multifotos ! Add unlimited photos to your note now. You can slide images from right to left or left to right. Click on a single image to open the options menu !
- New:
- incoming SMS messages can be automatically saved in a note (settings)
- Insert contact in note
- Notes widget (new)
- Voice Recorder included
- Support for App Shortcuts (Only for user with Android >= 7.11 !!!
- Checklist included. You can use the checklist as shopping list too !

- Recording of a video is possible in a note! You can also click on the existing video to access the options
- Add location to your note using Google Maps places
- Insert a photo into a note.
- The app can now also receive images from other apps in a new note!

- Integrated alarm clock with music or alarm -. Fully compatible for Android 6,7+ - NEW
- Choose your own profile picture, change the default header image and change your name !
- Protect notes with password
- Now with todo list / events manager / Reminder App included with notification
- Drawing
- Calculator
- Import SMS in a note
- Skip password with fingerprint authentication (Samsung Galaxy phones - Galaxy S7 Edge )
- Search your notes
- Save your personal notes in different categories
- You can create new categories and rename existing ones
- You can copy the text to the clipboard and paste the text in another note
- It is possibile to share the notes with apps like Email, Whatsapp, Facebook and other services
- Our notes app can receive text notes from other apps too.
- It is possible to make a backup and also restore your data. The backup is stored locally on your phone
- You can use Voice to text function with google too.
- Also a qr scanner is integrated. So you can capture and open fast any qr code link within the notes app
- Printing of notes with HP-ePrint is also possible. At the moment only HP-Printer with HP-ePrint are supported

You need to install the HP-ePrint app too to use this function !

You can use your new notes app as a shopping list app too. Our notepad offers you many possiblities. Also you can use it fast as memo app for short notes to make

How to install Notes Now APK at

Notes Now is a perfect solution for quick notes,voice memos and snapshots all at one place. With an eye catching and user friendly interface we can quickly take notes,voice memos,reminders and snapshots at your finger tips. May it be a meeting ,a seminar,an appointment,a dairy, a to-do list you can quickly pen down your ideas. Notes Now lets you password protect your notes without anyone stealing your ideas.
Never let a thought escape your mind just because you do not have pen and paper around.

How to install Presenter & Remote Controller APK at

This application works only with installed PC software, which you can download from Google Drive.
The main purpose of this application is to control the Microsoft Power Point Presentation or OpenOffice Impress.
The second purpose is to use your mobile device as remote control of your PC.
Application is very intuitive and simple in use. It allows to control the PC by touchscreen, volume buttons and gyroscope sensors.

1. Presentation mode:
- Change slides by next and previous buttons in application
- Change slides by device volume buttons (depends of settings)
- Run presentation (F5)
- Stop presentation (Esc)
- Run presentation in actual slide (Shift + F5)
- Navigate laser pointer by touchpad control
- Navigate laser pointer by gyroscope sensors (if device supports it)
- Zooming PC screen by device volume buttons (depends of settings)
- Sets silent mode (vibrate mode) while application is working

2. Remote control mode:
- Move PC mouse cursor by touchpad control
- Move PC mouse cursor by gyroscope sensor
- Use mouse left and right buttons
- Zooming in and zooming out PC screen
- Change PC volume by volume buttons in smart phone
- Simulate PC keyboard from device keyboard

3. Other:
- Connection to the last connected device when application starts (depends of settings)
- Autostart of mouse mode (depends of settings)
- Autostart of gyroscope mode (depends of settings)
- Auto re-connecting after connection lost (depends of settings)

To use the bluetooth connection, you have to pair your Android Device with the PC firstly. If you will pair it properly, you have to choose your PC computer name from paired devices list.
If you want to use WiFi connection, your device and PC have to be connected to the same wireless network.
When it is done, you have to write an correct IP address and port number in WiFi connection settings, and then click OK or Connect button. IP address and port number is shown in PC software window. PC software after minimization is hidden to system tray.

- Operating system: Windows XP or newer
- Bluetooth or WiFi
- Installed server software on PC computer (download from Google Drive)

How to install Urdu Calendar 2020 APK at

This app brings you Calendar in Urdu language, Govt and Bank holidays, Islamic festivals, Urs markings of pious people (Aulia Allah)

- Urdu Daily Calendar 2018
- All Festivals, Celebrations, Govt holidays
- Urs Markings of pious people(Aulia allah)
- Important Islamic Dates included

How to install Calendar APK at

Provides an easy way to create reminders.
Dates for which there are events that are color-coded. Sound/vibration alerts for scheduled events.

• Support and development. The application is constantly updated and users' wishes are taken into account in the design.
Thank you for your support!

• This application is a complete analog paid application "Calendar Pro", except for the presence of advertising.
If you liked the free app, you can support the project by purchasing this application.

How to install Gardener's Lunar Calendar APK at

This schedule calculated in the same way as our ancestors, it is based only on the phases of the moon, and its status (increasing or decreasing).

Unlike other calendars that you can find, it does not take into account the up or down position of the moon, in fact, this parameter has no proven effect, and is not visible to the eye naked.

I hope that it will improve your garden yields, it works well for me.

How to download Islamic Prayer Time & Calendar APK at

This application is an all-in-one application that has the following main features:

Calendar (Gregorian Vs Hijri)
Prayer Time
Event Manager
Nearby Places(Mosques,Hala Stores,Halal Restaurants)
Quranic Duas & Authentic Hadees Duas
Weather and Moon phases

The application provides a monthly view of Gregorian Calendar and the respective Islamic Calendar(Hijri) (التقويم الهجري)
The Islamic calendar is based on a calculated lunar calendar "Ummul Qura"(أم القرى)
The application also provides a monthly view of Prayer Times(أوقات الصلاة) based on the user's current location and timezone in the same screen.


*Option to set Islamic(Hijri) day correction.

*Highlights the Islamic holidays/events in every month .

*Option to choose different calculation methods

*Prayer time notification option with system notification sound/Adhan(الأذان) selection.

*Choose media from device for the notification sound.You can play your favorite Adhan for each waqt.

*Option to automatically update location,search location and pick recently used locations

*Precise Qiblah with the accuracy indicator that alerts if the device needs calibration

*View all your calendar events in one place and create new events

*Search Nearby Places(Mosques,Halal Stores,Halal Restaurants)

*Shows weather details -current temperature, wind speed, humidity

* 56 Duas from Quran displayed in Indo/Pak arabic font.

* 31 Duas from Authentic Hadees(Muslim,Bukhari,Tirmidhi)

*Useful Home screen/Lock screen application (widget) that shows Gregorian/Hijri date,location,current prayer time(waqt) and the next prayer time.

*Application works without mobile data/internet connection and occupies very less storage and memory.

*Please follow the instructions given in this video below to calibrate the magnetic sensor for a precise Qiblah.

Facebook page :
iOS app:

Use this free application(no advertisements) and provide your feedback and suggestions to improve.

How to install Calendar and block notes APK at

You can write a diary on the calendar using this app.
With a user-friendly interface, Calendar and blocks notes makes it easy to manage recurrent events, daily work tasks. Never forget your wife's birthday. Never be late for important meetings.
It adds capabilities to your existing Android calendar, making scheduling easy. Create custom repeating events, create or delete multiple events at once, and easily search and replace. Need to schedule an appointment in 6 weeks? Calendar and block notes tells you the day, shows you your calendar, and allows you to add an event.
Current Capabilities:
Custom repeating events (e.g. second and fourth Fridays, last Wednesdays, all Tuesdays and Thursdays, every 10 days, etc.)
Add multiple days. Pick and choose dates from a calendar, enter the name, select the time. One click adds all of the events. This is great for scheduling sporting events or exams.
Delete multiple events. Just select them and click the trash can. This is perfect if you are going on vacation and want to delete all of your regularly-scheduled work events.

Find X days/weeks/months/years from now. Tired of counting the weeks on your calendar to schedule your next haircut? Calendar and block notes will tell you the date, show your current events, and allow you to add an event around that date.

View / Search your current events. It's easy to see all of your events and scroll forward or backwards in time.

Edit individual events

Select multiple events and replace the title, location, start or end time.

How to download WLC Biblical Calendar APK at - World's Last Chance is pleased to provide this unique application which correlates two different and distinct methods of time calculation in a user-friendly format: the solar Gregorian calendar and the lunar-solar (luni-solar) Biblical calendar. This one-of-a-kind program is not available anywhere else in the world.

• Lunar Sabbath Application
• It supplies a Lunar-Solar Biblical calendar with corresponding Gregorian dates.
• It provides a Gregorian calendar with corresponding Lunar-Solar Biblical calendar dates.
• It allows calculation of either the Lunar-Solar calendar or the Gregorian calendar into the future or the past with the Creator's Sabbaths and Feast Days marked on both calendars.
• The percentage of the moon's illumination is provided as well as times for sunrise, sunset, moonrise, and moonset.
• It provides accurate astronomical information for both the sun and the moon for your specific location.

The information provided here is invaluable for those who wish to honor their Maker by keeping His annual feasts and weekly Sabbaths holy. It shows future lunations so that work and school can be scheduled around Yahuwah's holy days.

NOTE: While every precaution has been taken to ensure the greatest possible accuracy, we must stress that this Luni-Solar Calendar Application is a GUIDE. It is not intended to be a substitute for prayerful study and careful observation. In HIS Service and Care, -The WLC Team

How to install Calendget APK at

This is a simple Calendar Widget with a launcher function.
By eliminating rich features (such as a calendar synchronization), it can operate on no permissions.
By tapping the column of the year/month, you can change the settings for this widget.

Widget size
- 4x3
- 3x2
- 2x2

Application launcher
- by tapping the calendar area, you can start the specified application

Setting parameters
- the application to launch
- start week of the calendar
- font size
- calendar/font color
- language (English/Japanese/German)

How to download Mulugu Astro - Panchangam 2020 APK at

Sri Mulugu Ramalingeswara Vara Prasad Sidhanthi is World Famous for his Astrology Predictions. Sri Mulugu Sidhanthi is the Asthana Jyothisha Sidhanthi for Sri Kalahasthi Devasthanams.His predictions are followed by lakhs of people through Vaartha News Daily, Maa TV and on

Mulugu Sidhanthi is the First Person to introduce Subhatidhi Calendar and Panchangam.

This App contains Calendar:-
Calendars are categorized as per Time Zones like
- Telugu Calendar 2018
- Chicago Telugu Calendar 2018
- Perth Telugu Calendar 2018
-Toronto Telugu Calendar 2018
- Los Angeles Telugu Calendar 2018.
Mulugu Astro version 1.17 realesed:(features)
Calendar display with Festivals dates and UI Changes
This Calendar predicts the auspicious and inauspicious timings like Muhurtham, Durmuhurtham, Rahu Kalam
etc., for different States and Country.

Weekly RaasiPhalalu as Youtube Videos.

Videos available with Weekly and Yearly Predictions for respective Zodiac Signs by Sri Mulugu Ramalingeswara Vara Prasad Sidhanthi.
For More Details and Personal Predictions log on to .

How to install Chinese Calendar APK at

Chinese Calendar: Lunar Calendar Converter, Auspicious Days, Holidays, Zodiac Years

Chinese Lunar Calendar with Auspicious Events
Gregorian-Chinese Calendar Convert
Chinese Baby Gender Calendar Predictor
Find Chinese Auspicious Days

How to install bengali calendar 2020 APK at

Bangla Calendar 2018 app is useful for people of West Bengal and Bengali speaking people across the globe. This app intends to bring you information on Bangla Calendar, Bangla Daily Panjika, All Festivals and West Bengal Government Holidays.
Calendar in Bengali Language
• Bengali Calendar with notepad
• Calendar with full Panjika
• Easy accessible calendar
• Bengali 1425 Calendar
• Bangla 1425 Calendar
• Best Indian Bangla Calendar
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bangla calendar download

How to download Malaysia Calendar 2020 - HD APK at

Malaysia Lunar Calendar 2018 comprises of all the important dates for Malaysians. It has all the festivals and culture events date. As a multicultural nation, there is just too many festive events to remember (Hari Raya, Chinese New Year, Deepavali/Diwali)!
In addition, this Malaysia Calendar consists of all holiday dates for Malaysians such as public holidays, state holidays and school holidays.

Here is what we have in pack for you:
- Calendar with traditional (跑马日历/月份牌) wall hanging design
- Combination of Chinese lunar, Indian lunisolar (Tamil) and Muslim lunar calendar
- Malaysian public, state and school holidays (cuti sekolah, 学校假期)
- Aggregated a list of long weekend public holidays for you to plan your vacation/trip
- Important dates like Sultan's (Agong) birthday
- Keep track of the important dates for your culture (festive and cultural events)
- Check out monthly payment schedule for public employees
- Available for year 2016 and 2017 and 2018
- filter holidays base on region and month
- Simple design
- Smooth user experience
- Optimised APK size

How to download Unusual holiday calendar APK at

Everyone knows traditional holidays like January 6th - Epiphany or St. Valentines Day on 14th of February, but March 23rd, July 18th, or October 30th? All of these days, like almost every day of the year, are holidays! Some are really unusual, and thanks to this app, You can discover all of them!

Based on Nonsensopedia.

Andrzej Chmiel (Andret)
Michał Janiak (deyanix)

How to download Smooth Calendar APK at

Smooth Calendar is a simple and good looking calendar widget. It is highly configurable and can display any number of upcoming events. You can easily adapt it to match the look of the rest of your device, such as colour, font style, icon etc. Works with the sync providers on your phone and thereby supports Google Calendar, Exchange, Facebook etc.

Please note, it is a widget, this means that you need to add it to your home screen as stated in the thank you message. Giving it one star and stating in the comments that it doesn't work is just silly.

If you buy the premium version and the features don't unlock, please restart your device.

How to download App Usage Tracker APK at

Ever wondered for how much time you use that Facebook app? Is your facebook usage increasing or decreasing?

This App Usage Tracker app tracks what all apps are getting used on the device, and depicts the same in a graphical format. The usage stats can be exported out as well.

Note: This app starts tracking only when it is first launched after install / upgrade. Also, this app doesn't ask for INTERNET permission, so it cannot upload any usage data automatically without your consent.

Features include:

- Get to know what all apps that are not used and can be removed to save space.
- Monitor regularly which apps are used often.
- Usage detail can be exported and/or saved on the device. - The exported details can be sent through installed e-mail service as attachment(Needs an SD Card/Storage).
- Daily notifications with the most used app.
- Disable tracking for certain apps.
- App tracking stops when the phone is locked.
- The usage data can be exported in the form of csv file, which could be sent through mail.
- Older usage data get cleaned up regularly if configured.
- Consumes very less battery.
- Very light weight tracking mechanism.

How to use the app:
- As soon as the app is launched for the first time, the app usage tracking begins.
- For the first launch of the app, the usage report will be empty.
- On the main page, the usage duration can be selected, after which app usage info would be shown.
- Tap on a particular app name in the list, will open up a time-series graph depicting the usage pattern.
- Long press on the app name would show a popup menu using which the app can be launched or uninstalled.
- The circular button on top, can be used for refreshing the usage for selected duration.

Settings details:
- The Usage Tracking can be enabled or disabled.
- The duration of retention for tracking data would be used to clean up older usage data.
- The accuracy of the tracking can also be controlled. There is a tradeoff here. If fine grain accuracy is required it would eat up more CPU and battery. Other levels would be little bit less accurate but would be fair on CPU and battery.
- The default e-mail id on which the mail needs to be sent can also be configured.
- The daily notification is enabled by default. This would trigger a notification automatically at 9 PM with the most used app of the day.
- By default, uninstalled apps would not be shown in the usage report.

Not supported yet:
1. Multi-user support.
2. Multi-window tracking.
3. Facebook chat head tracking.

Procedure to export usage through e-mail:

1. Providing e-mail id in "Email id for export" setting is optional. If provided then the e-mail id would be pre-populated when sending app usage through e-mail.
2. Select the tracking duration on the main page for which usage report need to be generated and send.
3. Click on "Mail" button on top action bar. This will trigger a window listing down all the apps on the device using which the usage can be exported/send/updated.
4. Select the appropriate app to export. If it is an email provider, then the e-mail id provided in Step 1 would be pre-populated. If not, provide the e-mail id on which the e-mail need to be sent.

This app is not endorsed or certified by Facebook. All Facebook(TM) logos and trademarks displayed on this app are property of Facebook.

How to download Photo Slideshow With Music APK at

Slideshow Maker App Allows Users To Make different Movies With Many Themes

There are Many Things than Only Slideshow, Its a Complete Package For Image & Video Editor

Provided Many Image Editing Tools Inside the App to Enhance Selected Individual Images For Slideshow Making

Easily Add Audio Track of Your Favourite Music or Trim the Favourite Part of Full Audio Simply With Music Trim Tool Within App

Photo Slideshow Maker With Music Provides You Many Latest Themes For For Image Slideshow, Apply Many of Different themes to Create Your Photo Slideshow Movie & See Preview For All Different theme,

Simple Photo Sliding Looks Boaring , There Are Something Available to Make Your Photo Slideshow Movie Interesting

Image Editing Tools Available Inside App

You Just Have to Simply Pickup All your Images from gallery Which you Want to Use For Movie Making

After That You Can Choice Sequence Of All the Photos You Have Selected Or Can Be Re Arrange Afterwards

Next Edit Each of Image as You Like With Editing tool Supported by The App, Apply Different Filters , Set Brightness & Contrast , Add Text & Stickers To express your Emoji for Photos , Add other editing function to enhance photo

Save The Edited Photo Which Replace Existing photo in App

Add Some Frames like Love frames, friendship frames , Fuuny Frames To the Video File

Save Your Creative Photo Slideshow With Music & Share Short Video Clips on Every Social Plateforms

Set as Your Status & Story & Post On Your Timeline

Image Source :
Created by Solominphoto -

How to download SMS BackUp! APK at

SMS BackUp! lets you back up your SMS conversations in very simple way in well-designed chat bubbles HTML format right to your internal device storage. You can then easily send and share them wherever you want. Also whenever you want to save your conversations, this application is ready to serve its purpose and satisfy your demand. Selling your old phone? Don't let the part of your life fade away and save it into the bubbles! SMS BackUp! can.

How to install Gallery APK at

Gallery app is built for organizing your photo and video gallery in a way that is completely protected for your eyes only and at completely your discretion for sharing. You may call the Gallery - Phone Storage App as gallery photo editor as well as an intelligent photo album maker on your android phone. In fact you can install a smart HD gallery organizer in your phone by downloading the Gallery- Quick gallery collection app, which will literally substitute the built-in-phone gallery.

How to use the app Gallery for hiding your Secret photo album and videos?

Once you download your free gallery photo editor app Gallery, you may start enjoying a lot of organizing capabilities like,

• You will get to organize all your privet photo album and secret videos according to date, time, event, as well as adding location to these snaps.
• The cloud gallery app will work as your marshmallow gallery or lollipop gallery according to your phone model: it will perfume like your gallery locker.
• You can create Facebook photo album and let your friends enjoy the beautiful photo collection
• You will get to integrate the gallery with Google Picasa and you can store all your favorite snaps in cloud storage or in safe cloud gallery
• You can create unlimited numbers of photo albums and you can place the private photos into these albums under your gallery secret vault at your fingertips.

Download the Beautiful 3D gallery app for free and enjoy excellent photo and video organizer facility on your android phone. Once downloaded, the app will work as Smart Gallery Photo Viewer and Gallery Video Viewer in a hassle free user experience from Gallery Vault.

Gallery - Phone Storage App is built with several interesting features. Check the features before you download the gallery photo editor app the Gallery and start enjoying your secret photo gallery and album.

• You can lock your photo gallery HD and album by setting unique password
• Once you feel, you can change your gallery lock password for your enhanced privacy
• You can store unlimited photos and can use zoom in zoom out photo filters
• You can customize your gallery pro with special photos and background rotation: you will get to make separate albums for your HD photo storage,
• You can do crop photo view
• You may use super imposed filtered effect with special photo effects and utmost professional look,
• Customize and rotate image for better result for better gallery view.
• You can customise your simple gallery background color.
• You can share your gallery in social networking sites.

There are lot more features of gallery photo editor app…download and explore the world of Gallery all free for you.

Download the app Gallery and start enjoying the privilege of organizing a photo and video storage gallery of your personal choice. Organizing your photo and video gallery was never a fun before without this organizer app.

How to install Deleted Photo Recovery 2018 APK at

Deleted Photo Recovery 2018:

Deleted Photo Recovery 2018:Ever deleted photos by accident? The Photo Recovery App attempts to recover all lost, deleted, or hidden photos on your device. No root required.

Deleted Photo Recovery 2018:This Free Photo Recovery App includes many features such as 2 difference recovery algorithms, advanced file browsing, recovered image preview, file uploading and transfer.

Deleted Photo Recovery 2018:Have you ever deleted photos by accident or intentionally or even formatted your memory card ? The Photo Recovery is powerful App that attempts to recover all lost, deleted, or hidden photos on your device. You can now retrieve all of your deleted photos in just a few minutes without the need of ROOT !
Deleted photo recovery can be recover be from your memory card or internal memory it so similar to disk digger photo recovery.

Deleted Photo Recovery 2018:This Photo Recovery app works just like the recycle bin on your windows or mac desktop computer.

Deleted Photo Recovery 2018:You can upload your recovered files directly to Google Drive, Dropbox, or send them via email. The app also allows you to save the files to a different local folder on your device.

✓ User friendly UI this SD card recovery app is simply awesome
✓ Scan all storage including SD Card & internal storage
✓ Nice UI Design
✓ Fast, Performance
✓ Need not Backup data!
✓ Support all types: jpg,jpeg,png
✓ Recovery Photo:- Recover deleted photos with a click on a button.

After installing and opening the application, it will start scanning your phone directories and sub directories looking for deleted or erased pictures and add them to its list. This operation can consume time depending on your storage size and your phone’s performance. Just after that a new interface with deleted photos previews will show up, all photo are divided by folders. You can choose each one separately and start looking inside it and restore your images from there.
Your valuable feedback and suggestions are appreciated. Please write us, we will consider them.
And if you enjoy using our app, your rating and reviews are appreciated too!

Thank you!

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Video Download and deleted Recover
Movie Download and delete Recover
3gp,mp4 video download and delete Recover
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How to install Shortcut for Storage Settings APK at

Because my phone (Sony Xperia V) have support for USB-OTG but do not have a quick way to unmount an attached USB device, I made this project.
IMPORTANT 1: This application do not add support for USB hosting to your devices!
IMPORTANT 2: This was suppose to be used on Sony Xperia V phones with Android 4.2, others are not supported, because I do not have other devices. Use it carefully and be aware about possible issues.

If you encounter android.permission.MOUNT_UNMOUNT_FILESYSTEMS exception then the application can not be used to unmount the external media, use only as a shortcut to Settings. Only from the Settings will be possible to unmount external devices.
This exception appear on newest Android version due to new security restrictions, I can not bypass that, but you can try to root your device and then convert this application to a system application (I can not guarantee that will work on all devices, I can not test it on other devices than my personal phone).

The sources are available here:

If you connect an USB mass storage device to a device with Android which support USB-OTG on the notification bar will be displayed a notification to access the Storage Settings.

On some devices is possible to quick mount and unmount attached storage by select quick mount/unmount on the Notification Type(remember on some devices this cannot be made without root)
If this new feature is crashing, please unplug any USB device attached and select "Create a notification shortcut to default Storage Settings..." from Notification Type.

This application will not add to your device host support, read device manual to see if the device support USB-OTG. In some cases, the USB-OTG could be enabled by using a custom ROM.

Unfortunately I do not have others phones to test this application, so sorry for any inconvenience.
- If the shortcut remain on the notification bar, use the "Toggle notification" from the application to close it.
- After each update please unplug any USB storage attached and open the application, also press the "Toggle notification" to enable and then to disable the notification shortcut. In that way you will have a cleanup settings.

This application will not always mount back an unmounted USB storage device, that's because sometime the Android system is not able to process that request. I made the implementation but is not always successfully.
The user can select an application to be launched, preferable a file manager, when a storage is mounted.

Thank you for using this application!

I'm a simple Java developer with some basic Android knowledge. I made this application for my own proposes and I want to share with other users.
Unfortunately I don't have knowledge or money to make translations for other languages.
Thank you for your support and feedback!

How to install Backblaze APK at

Backblaze Mobile for Android is a free app to view, download, and share any files that you have backed up to your Backblaze Online Backup account. Access files from all your backed up computers even if they are offline or turned off.

Access all files backed up to Backblaze
Search for specific files and download them to your Android device
Share files via text, email, etc.
Backblaze Mobile is a companion app for Backblaze Online Backup, an award-winning automatic online backup service that backs up unlimited data for just $5/month. Try Backblaze Online Backup free on your Mac or PC by visiting

Backblaze Online Backup:
* Over 100,000,000 GB of data backed
* Customers in 175 countries
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How to download Internal Storage Widget APK at

Available Internal Memory Widget

This is a home screen widget that shows the available internal memory of your Android phone. Simple and clean.

Is shows your available internal memory in a text field and a progress bar. you can customize the text color to your liking.
It updates every half hour and on widget click (please allow some time for refresh).

Please suggest new features and layouts!
I'm searching for screen shots of this application, e-mail me if you want your's to appear here!

How to download Autotransfer PC APK at

When the phone accidentally was fallen into the water, broken or infected with the Trojan or virus, your phone's data is likely to be lost, so you need to back up your phone's content to the computer. When you use other backup software, you may experience the hassle of a backup process that backup process suddenly breaks down, and our software corrects this and makes your backup simpler and faster. The automatic backup feature can automatically back up your phone's content to your computer without remembering that it should be backed up. Photos and videos occupy a huge mobile phone space, AutoTransfer PC can help you delete the backed-up files with one-click. You can also transfer files from your computer to your phone at any time. AutoTransfer PC is free to use. Just install our Windows software on your computer and install our android app on your phone, then you can transfer files between computer and your phone.

How to download Storage Shortcut APK at

Storage Shortcut helps to go to storage settings directly.
It can skip all the hassles, helps alot to overview the storage capacity and to clear the storage cache from the device.
It is very light weight and fast.
Quick way to mount unmount external storage, OTG, Memory card (sd card).
It acts like a widget.
Hassleless direct storage shortcut for Marshmallow and other devices.
* Clear cache marshmallow

How to download JS Backup Photo【ex- JS Backup Viewer】 APK at

This is a viewer application linked to the JS Backup App, which exceeds over 5 million downloads!

JS Backup Photo is an application that enables quick and easy searching from vast number of photos and videos.
The photos and videos backed up to cloud via JS Backup will be sorted into geographical states photos are taken or tags such as wedding from image analysis.
It can solve problems such as unable to find much needed photos after scrolling forever in the gallery app.

■ Main Features ■

■【Location Tab】 Automatically sort based on location photos are taken
Pictures taken in Japan will be shown in "Japan" category and pictures taken in New York will be shown in "New York" category.
This automatic sort is based on the GPS location information attached on the photos.
*Please turn on the location tracking service when taking photos.

■【Pickup Tab】Automatically sort based on category
Pictures are automatically grouped into different categories.
Pictures of firework will be shown in "Fireworks" category, pictures of animals in "Animal" and pictures of wedding in "Wedding" categories.
This automatic sort is utilizes AI technologies including image and text recognition.

■Linking wiith Google Calendar
By entering Google account that has events registered on Google Calendar, more specific categories can be shown.

■ Introduction of New Features ■

【Category for pictures taken at "Home"】
By entering Home address, a new category grouping pictures taken at Home will be added

【New "Pet" Category】
By entering Home address, a new category grouping Pet pictures taken at Home will be added

【Custom Tag Editing】
Easily add and edit tags to photos and create custom groupings of photos

【Support for Data Storage BOX】
Data Storage BOX cloud by NTT Docomo is now supported
To use the feature, please update JS Backup to version above v4.0.0
Please update if you are using an older version of JS Backup

■ Attention ■
*Android N Users: Please turn off Data Saver feature while using this App.

*Some features of this Application does not work without the installation of JS Backup version 3.6.4(released 2016/5/18).

 Please update your JS Backup if you are using a previous version.

■ Supported OS version ■
Android OS 4.0 / 4.1 / 4.2 / 4.3 / 4.4 / 5.0 / 5.1 / 6.0

How to download Prinbiz APK at

Key features

*Fast printing, seamless experience
*Secure WiFi connection
*Supports multiple photo sources (smartphone camera, smartphone album, memory card)
*Supports ID photo printing and editing (biometric lines, filters and color adjustments)
*Supports photo editing (borders, filters, photo and color adjustments)
*Supports English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish
*Glossy and matte surface options
*Supports multiple photo selection
*Supports Android 4.0.3 and above
*Supports HiTi photo printers P520L, P750L, P310W, P530D, P525L
*Supports Ad-hoc Mode and Infra Mode
*Supports printer firmware update
*More features coming soon!

How to install DSLR HD Zoom Camera APK at

DSLR HD Zoom Camera

Professional Ultra Full HD DSLR Camera and video application is prepared for you.
With up-to-date features, up-to-date design, up-to-date content and new style zooming camera and video application with you.
DSLR Camera : Blur Effect is an easy to use and powerful photo editor and collage maker!
Add emoticons to your photos with Emojis smiles and smiles and popular tags.

DSLR HD Zoom Camera has a simple user interface with a powerful photo editor that gives you everything to create amazing collage of your photos.

DSLR HD Zoom Camera instantly with this powerful Photo Studio app, which is one of the best photo editing tool in android. Get the best photography art in your photos with large number of amazing photo effects.

DSLR Camera : Blur Effect photo effect lets you to create amazing collages using your photos, cool stickers, backgrounds,sticker and text with fun fonts.

DSLR HD Zoom Camera Explore the unique features of this pic editing app to edit pics in numerous ways. What makes this pic editor app special is the variety of options it offers for pic editing.

DSLR HD Zoom Camera photo effect add New effects & filters will be ready. Numerous amazing filters with artistic styles and artwork effects, easily turn your photos into artworks

DSLR Camera Blur Backround Photo editor app is your ultimate Blur effect app. Now, you don't need a DSLR camera or you don't need be a professional photographer to make a DSLR Style Blur Background effect on your Photo.

DSLR Camera Blur Background app has lots of photo blurring,bokeh tools. Using them you can easily make your own DSLR Bokeh Effect. It has manual and shape blur features. Use your finger and touch on unwanted part of your photo that you want to blur and keep your special part focused on.

This Blur pic editor has auto blur image background and manual point blur filter effects options. Choose picture from gallery or take picture from camera. To get auto blur background image go to shape blur section. Adjust blur level with the blurriness seekbar. You can also adjust brush size.


- Multiple photos with various layouts
- Choose Best Layout
- Create a Amazing photo collage quickly
- Then Add Text, Emotions, Smiles, Cliparts, Stickers, and Text to your photos
- Then choose photo From your Gallery
- see it laid out in a cool collage
- Edit it to make it your own
- Simple touch gestures to rotate, resize
- Lots of Frames, Backgrounds and Stickers to choose from
- Easy to add text or cool fonts
- Also Apply colour filters effect, Blur photo effect and most famous PIP Camera effect on your photo
- Add photo pattern from various Backgrounds for your image
- Decorate your collage with smiles, stickers and emojis
- Available Brush For Eraser and colours
- Save photo into your SD card
- Share your Collage photo on social media like Insta, whatsapp, skype, facebook, gmail etc.
- Use without Internet Connection

DSLR HD Camera : 4K HD Ultra Camera helps you to capture and immortalize your moments with HD image capture. suitable to be applied to the filter prism of art, and produce a work of art that is more beautiful and DSLR HD Camera 1080p 2018 iso celia.

An excellent DSLR HD Camera : 4K HD Ultra Camera that you can use all its contents and features for free. Professional Camera Full iso featured and completely free celia Camera app for Android phones and tablets.

Thank You....

How to download Thermal Night Vision Color Filter Effect Camera APK at

Night Vision Thermal Color Filter Effect is a App turning your Camera Vision with Thermal Colors. Changing bright pixels up the color line into yellow and red ones and darker pixels in lilac and blue, Night Vision Thermal Color Filter Effect turns your view in a heat and cold detector simulation. Use the Night Vision Goggles Button to activate the Thermal Effect Filter. Go through the instructions and press the flashlight button, if you want to use the bright flashlight in addition. Use this Night Vision Thermal Filter if you want to turn into a Color View or use the flashlight and watch through Camera if you walk by night to not stumble about anything on the ground now!

How to install Pixel Maker APK at

A pixel art editor built from the ground up specifically for Android and touch interfaces.

Note: this app is under active development. If you find a feature is missing, chances are it's coming soon. Contact support to help me prioritize important features first. Thanks!

- double-finger zoom
- double-finger pan/scroll
- pencil tool
- fill tool
- eraser tool
- eyedrop tool
- square and magic wand selection tools
- cut/copy/paste/invert and move selection
- color picker
- palette management (add/remove, move up/down, load)
- built-in palettes like DawnBringer's DB16 and DB32 and Arne's 8, 16 and 64 color palettes
- supporting .pal (JASC PAL) palette file format
- import palette from existing image
- single tap to toggle pixel color to fix mistakes
- unlimited undo/redo
- 18 color palette
- saving to SD card in PNG format
- grid that can be toggled on/off
- checkered background to show transparent pixels
- preview window with 1:1 and 2:1 modes
- color settings for image background, preview background and grid color
- settings for showing/hiding the preview window and the grid

This app also contains a lot of minor usability improvements:
- when using the pen or eraser, tapping again on a single pixel you've changed to undo it to its previous color
- when using the fill (bucket) tool, dragging will switch to pencil
- when the eraser is selected, changing color will switch to pencil
- when drawing using the pencil, the app will interpolate between tap event locations to draw an uninterrupted line
- tap anywhere outside of the selection to apply it

Feel free to email me if you can think of more usability changes to streamline your pixel art creation process.

Free version supports canvas sizes from 8x8 to 32x16 pixels.

PRO version only features:
- canvas size from 8 to 512 pixels wide or tall
- loading existing images from SD card
- changing alpha value and entering hex values for color picker
- saving palettes

This app uses icons from Pixel art in screenshots are RPG icons from
Many thanks to Arne and DawnBringer for their awesome palettes!

How to install frame photo - photo collage APK at

★ frame photo - photo collage is a powerful collage maker for you to create amazing collages using your photos, text with cool fonts and frames.
★ Photo Collage is the best collage maker and photo editor that helps you combine multiple photos with various frame patterns and photo grids, then share them at a time!
★ With Photo Collage you can add new frames to your favorite photos
Choose photo from gallery and select a frame and generate your photo. Enjoy the best photo frames in App Store.
With "frame photo - photo collage" you can add new frames to your favorite photos
Photo Frame editor is packed with templates, text with fun fonts, photo effects, backgrounds, stickers, grid and layout options, emojis and exciting photo editor tools to make your photos extra special, really beautiful photo. Spice up your photo using stickers, or get creative with effects, using Photo Frame!

Key Features:
+ 100+ layouts of frames to choose from!
+ Easy to change border colors,BG and patterns!
+ Simple touch gestures to rotate, resize
+ Lots of backgrounds and stickers to choose from!
+ Easy to add TEXT or STICKERS!
+ A full-featured photo editor included!
+ Easy to use UI
+ Share to social network

How to install Photo Collage Maker - Grid Maker APK at

Photo collage maker - Grid Maker is a great application that will help you to create memorable photos.
Enjoy live photo editing to transform your face shimmer with a variety of color effects. You might be surprised at what the Photo collage maker application does.
Discover thephoto collage maker application, you will be free to create your own photo with the lovely stickers with splendid accessories.

Key Feature of photo collage maker - Grid Maker:
*Collate photos according to photo collage
* Create as scrapbook with scrapbook.
+ Photo editor with Blur, Cascade
+ Sitcker, emojis, frames
- Text with collage
Many types of artistic text.
+ The color of the text eye catching.
+ Align text easily.
- Background
+ Background diversity with many topics: love, flowers ...
+ You will create great photo backdrops.
- Sticker
+ Cute cosplay characters such as cats, laurel wreaths.
+ Makeup with funny smileys.
- Manipulation with 1 photo
+ You can crop the image to your liking
+ Lightening feature, texture creates a professional portrait photo
+ With a collection of over 40 frames.

How to install NoCrop for Instagram Story APK at

Tired of getting your photo cropped on Instagram Story?
Now you can... NoCrop for Instagram Story is an app which allows you to post your image without getting cropped by Instagram Story. It has a simple UI and easy understandable.
Share every photo no matter what size and orientation it has.

How you can do it?

1- Open an Image by pressing the "Select new Image" button.
2- Select your image from the gallery
3- Then you should see a text in bottom that says "Image loaded and resized successfully...."
4- Now you can press the "Save Image" icon
5- Go to Instagram, Stories section and post it


1. This app is not affiliated with Instagram.
2. Please report by mail any issues before giving a bad rating.

How to download Reduce Image Size, Reduce Photo Size, Resize Photo APK at

Reduce image size in 3 simple steps without changing the resolution! It will save you a lot of storage and data (MB) when sharing.

Reduce image size in the most easy & fast way. This app (reduce image size) is very useful for sending images via Email, WhatsApp, Facebook and more.

Reduce image size with this app in a simple easy way without changing the resolution.
Reduce image size from 10% to 90%, you decide how much the image should be reduced in it's file size.
After your image file size is reduced you can choose to save the image and/or share it via Email, WhatsApp, Facebook and more.

- Reduce image size / reduce image file size
- Crop photo (optional)
- Convert photo (optional)
- Resize photo (optional)
- Reduce the file size of multiple images at the same time
- Save & share your images

1. Press “Reduce image size” on homescreen
2. Select the image(s) you want to reduce in file size
3. Define the compression rate and click reduce image

- You took a selfie and now you want to share it with your friends but you want to reduce size of the image because you have limited MB's/KB's. Example: Reduce image size from 2MB to 200KB.

- If you want to reduce image size to desired percent size of original. Example: reduce 1MB image to 20% of its size.

- You don't know much about technical details but you just want to reduce the image size. Use this app to reduce image size without changing the image resolution.

- You captured a screenshot but its file size is high. Start our app and reduce the screenshot so you can share it as a light image via Email and etc.

If you have any questions and/or feedback for the Reduce Image Size app contact us at [email protected]

How to install EasyDownloader for Instagram™ APK at

With this app you can save pictures and videos directly from:

Instagram app (photos and videos)

How to use :
1. Make sure You have Instagram app installed.
2. Open EasyDawnloader app
3. Open Instagram app go to: "Copy Share URL"
4. Enjoy!

The main features are as follows:

1. Download mode
2. Full screen mode (pinch to zoom support)
3. Quick access to Instagram app (Notification bar Android 4.1+)
4. Quick access to Downloads app (Notification bar Android 4.1+)
5. One folder for user
6. Set picture as wallpaper
7. Home screen post shortcuts

If you like this app, please take a moment to rate it. Thank you!

Save folder for pictures:

Save folder for videos:

1) Private profiles hide their share URL
2) We do not encourage user to reupload photos or videos!

How to install Lock screen - PIN and Pattern screen Lock APK at

You have to just enable pin lock in settings in this application
and create own password for unlock phone screen.

The best lock screen application, to help you protect your privacy, prevent others invade your phone illegally.

Some applications do not perform the origin of the HOME button, BACK, RECENT while this application can do that.

Some applications do not protect your privacy when just a phone call to your phone, your phone will automatically open to allow strangers intrusion.

* Features
• Lock screen pattern
• Lock screen password
• You can change wallpaper from screen lock app
• Many different types of backgrounds to choose from, these wallpapers are exquisite
design, beautiful.
• Set password with PIN or Pattern Lock
• High security, prevent accessing your phone without PIN or Pattern Security.
• User can change background of lock screen
• Multiple wallpaper to choose, you can choose your own wallpaper from gallery too.
• Consume less memory and battery,simple and clean design password lock screen
• The application is really simple and easy to use, you just select function allows key,
then enter password so that your device is protected.

We always try to bring you the greatest convenience.
Thank you for using this screen lock.
More information, contact us [email protected]

How to download Knock Lock Screen APK at

Knock Key Locker

You may have a more secure lock screen with the application.

You can select between 3-8 to knock the key.

You can specify the location of the field to knock the lock screen.

You can choose to turn off animation.

more secure lock screen with this application.

thank you.

I welcome your comments and suggestions.

How to download Butterfly Lock Screen Plus APK at

One of the best and beautiful zipper lock screen. Butterfly lover really like and love this beautiful lock screen.
Butterfly Zipper Lock Screen is a free android application available on google play store.
Butterfly Zipper Lock Screen contain beautiful Butterfly wallpaper.
If you want to decorate your Android mobile device screen more gorgeous and attractive with cute Butterfly.
Then download butterfly locker application for free of charge. Butterfly lock screen makes your home screen
more attractive. Enjoy the wonderful image of butterfly .

--- Features of Butterfly locker :
- Free butterfly lock screen application for every one
- Adorable and attractive butterfly wallpaper
- Easy to unlock the lock
- Setting is available for enable and disable the lock screen
- Latest and new application of 2017
- Zipper screen lock unlock animation

--- How to use Butterfly lock screen ?
- Download and install Butterfly zipper lock screen for free
- From setting enable the lock screen
- Tap on zip and slide it downward, the butterfly screen lock unlock with the nice and realistic effect

Download and install Butterfly locker the latest free application of 2017.
Zipper lock screen is free and contains ads to support developers.

Enjoy using butterfly screen lock and give your feedback...! Thanks
Regards : Fingertap Software Solution

This zipperlock is simulator app. Zipper lock does not lock home button.
This app is just for decorating the home screen.
The lockscreen unlocked by animating the zip.

How to install Lock Screen HD Wallpapers APK at

You are really love beautiful HD Wallpapers?
You prefer using android but really love Lock Screen OS9 Style?
You need an security application to protect your device?
Lock Screen HD Wallpapers is the best choose for you!

★ ★ ★ Amazing Features ★ ★ ★

- Simulate OS9 lock screen and keyboard password
- Slide to easily unlock your phone with exquisite animation
- Set PIN with keypad lock to enhance screen lock security, block HOME/MENU/BACK key, no one can access your phone without password.
- Customize your lock screen with multiple beautiful anime wallpapers, nature wallpapers, cute cats, couple love, beautiful girl, kung fu panda wallpapers, super cars, Marvel heroes, spiderman wallpapers and Ironman in Civil war, Avengers or Flash HD wallpapers
- Customize your phone background wallpapers
- Newest beautiful wallpapers HD library and always update
- Slide To Unlock, you can custom slide text, put your name, your lover's name or your favorite slogan
- Display device signal strength, battery strength, datetime
- Consume less memory and battery, simple and clean design.
- Easy to use, fit all device screen with the best quality
- Start lock screen after turn off 6s

★ ★ ★ How to Use ★ ★ ★
- Open the app settings, touch "Enable lock Screen" to enable it (default settings)
- Touch "Set Passcode" and choose your passcode (four digit numeric code)
- Update your Passcode by touch "Change Passcode"
- Switch to different beautiful backgrounds by touch "Set LockScreen Wallpaper" and preview it.
- Click to "> slide to unlock" to custom your lock message.

★ ★ ★ Upcoming features ★ ★ ★
- Select your cool wallpapers from your photo library
- Separate wallpapers into diffirent categories
- Addition more os9 cute anime wallpapers like Pokemon, Dragon ball, kung fu panda, Live Wallpapers
- Addition Avengers, Spiderman, Ironman in Marvel Civil war full HD wallpapers
- Auto size your custom slogan to fit the screen
- Customize datetime format
- Quick access to camera, flash light, volume, wifi state, bluetooth, bightness when screen locked
- Receive incoming call and new message notification
- Upgrade performance and animation slide phone to unlock
- Create backgrounds HD’s Flickr group where you can share and download your cool backgrounds wallpapers
- Daily updates of free and awesome wallpapers
- ... and more upcoming exciting ideas :)

Also available for Ipad and Iphone
Wallpapers are so beautiful, high quality and high resolution
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How to download Flower Door Lock - Screen Lock APK at

Flower Door screen lock is very Colorful presentation of your Phone. It secures your phone with interactive design and colors. we redesign screen locks with flowers and attractive design which gives you best user experience.
Download Flowers Door lock for free for fun!

Flowers Door lock screen is World’s best designing experience which feels like flowers blossoming, Flowers locker provides you very elegant way to unlock screen which gives blossom effect, Flowers lock is very unique design with tranquility sound, when its unlock looks like paradise fresh flowers, and door opens like flower blossoms.

Flowers door demonstrated on more than a few android device for the first-rate person expertise, vine lock is secrecy of your cellphone, we've test security of your cellphone reveal in every side, excellent residence monitor locker ever, nice door lock display you've got skilled, exceptional animation with real tranquility sound outcome and really attractive pattern lock.

kawaii door screen lock is advance Shining and Amazingly door lock with best security locker ever,girls screen lock is developed for android lovers, girls screen lock app is free for all android lovers. baby door locker allows you to set pattern locking for your phone and you should remember pattern every times {you require|you will need to unlock phone case|usually its not possible to unlock Flowers door lock.

✿ Beautiful and stunning Interface
✿ Battery status
✿ SMS alerts
✿ Call alerts
✿ Date and time
✿ Enable/Disable Lock in Setting menu
✿ Change Royal door opening sound
✿ Security guaranteed
✿ Best Phone Security Guard
✿ Stylish Diamond effects
✿ Wooden door Design
✿ Very easy to use
✿ Fully Free of cost
✿ No Privacy Assault
✿ No one can hack your lock sequence
✿ Realistic Sound Effect
✿ Door HD Graphics
✿ Diamond door lock screen is compatible with every android device
✿ Royal Diamond Design
✿ Time Formate can be changed

How to use:
Enable Free Flowers door screen lock from Setting screen.
Set Password pattern and remember it.

How to unlock:

Enter your password Pattern when phone screen locked
Push door knob to open it.



if you have any problems while installing or using the app, please contact our apps developer team at email: “[email protected]”. We will contact with you and solve the difficulties as soon as possible.

Please give your precious feedback so that we make it more entertaining and useful security lock screen for you guys, Your feedback and suggestion will be highly appreciated! Thanks..!!

If you like the app, please help us rate 5 star. Thanks.

How to install Teddy Bear Pattern Lock Screen APK at

The all new latest teddy bear pattern lock screen is here to give your phone a ravishing look. Refresh the look of your phone by downloading this free of cost application that is pattern lock screen. An amazing collection of wallpapers for a teddy bear pattern screen Lock. If you are a teddy bear lover you would definitely love the application "teddy bear Pattern Screen Lock".

A very elegant way to unlock screen which provides date and time information. Teddy bear Pattern screen lock and is made for the people who are much concerned with the high lock security for their phone as it maximize your lock security. You can enable and disable the pattern screen lock from settings. You first have to set a unique pattern for your phone. You have to drag your finger along at least four dots and set the pattern and use it every time you wish to unlock your phone. Keep your data safe and out of reach of other people. No abuse of personnel data is possible with this Pattern Lock Screen.

Several different wallpapers are provided by the application. You can set any wallpaper on your lock screen background as per your desire and mood.
teddy bear Pattern Screen Lock provides best and high definition image qualities.

teddy bear Pattern Screen Lock is compatible with almost every android device. Its also tested on various android devices i.e android tablets and android based mobiles phones. All the actions can be performed very easily without any confusion. Reliability is guaranteed of teddy bear Pattern Screen Lock. Pattern Locker is specially designed in a way that it will definitely work with all new devices and android versions too.

To experience a coherent usage, you are advised to disable the default phone lock. For this, you can tap on the "Disable Default Lock" Option from the Settings of the application "teddy bear Pattern Locker." It will move you to security lock screen settings of your device. From there you can disable the default lock. By doing this you will just have to enter a single pattern of screen lock to get access of your device. Else wise, you will have to unlock multiple locks. First, the pattern of lock screen and then the default lock of your device.


~ Enable/Disable the application from the settings.
~ Change teddy bear wallpapers from settings
~ Date and Time displayed on Lock Screen
~ FREE for everyone.
~ Finest security lock screen
~ No privacy assault
~ Share app with your friends and family

You can appreciate us and suggest us if there are any improvements that can be made to pattern locker. You can also tell us via email about any issues that you are facing while using the application. We will help you in any way possible. Please give your precious feedback so that we make improvement and provide you a useful tool with awesome effects. Your suggestions and feedback will be highly appreciated
Thanks and Teddy bear Enjoy Pattern Lock Screen.

How to download Pattern lock screen APK at

Pattern lock screen is free lock screen app on Android mobile, your privacy protection
With pattern lock screen protects your Android phone, secure and customizable Lock Screen App for free with various Beautiful Live Wallpaper.
With pattern lock screen you can use passwords such as squares, trigangles, letters, etc… you also use numbers as passwords for your mobile phone
We support "Slide to unlock" on your lock screen, Set lock pattern with your favourite photos, images from gallery, Set custom background, theme, wallpaper for your lockscreen, Set pattern photo/avatar with your own photo
We support the flashlight on the lock screen

We also support some types of lock screen as : Lock screen password, Lock screen password framework of , Pin lock screen….
Really simple and easy to use our Pattern lock screen
Let's Go and Download this cool Screen Lock.

We will update constantly to bring the best benefits to users

if you love this photo love locker application, please give 5 stars to encourage developers.

How to download Lock Screen Off: Quick Lock APK at

Lock Screen Off: Quick Lock fastest to lock and off screen!

Very simple, very small, very useful!
Lock and off Screen by one touch the icon!

This app uses the Device Administrator permission. To use app please activevate device administrator to Lock screen.

If you want to uninstall "Lock Screen Off: Quick Lock", you need to deactivate "Lock Screen Off: Quick Lock" before ("Settings—>Security—>Device administrators" to deactivate "Lock Screen Off: Quick Lock").

Lock Screen Off: Quick Lock is the best application for lock screen.

How to install Lock screen pattern APK at

Lock screen pattern
The best lock screen
This lock screen is very safe and high security
Simple, easy to use, high security
Beautiful wallpapers

This lock screen pattern is very nice, fast, simple,lower capacity and very easy to use.
Create lock patterns to protect your phone.
Here are some of the key functions of the application.
★ This app help generate security patterns.
★ A lot of beautiful wallpapers to choose
★ This lock screen allows to use wallpaper from Your gallery
★ Lockscreen, You Can create patterns with any length
★ Display real time clock and date in lock screen.
★ Custom HD background wallpaper .
★ Disable HOME/MENU/BACK key in Lock screen,so no one can access your phone without right password.
★ Fast, simple, smooth, high security and easy to use

Please email us if your device is not supported,we will try our best to support it.

How to install Lock Screen App APK at

'Lock Screen App' can lock your device easily.

## ↓↓Scroll down↓↓ to read Notes on Uninstall. ##

Do you feel inconvenient to lock your device using the power button?

Are your afraid of wearing out the power button? (My n1 was repaired coz of that :< )

'Lock Screen App' is a tiny app that can help you lock easily (without power button).

Features :
•Lock device with one touch
(Same effect as pressing the power button)
•Not a widget so it does not run as service in the background
•Auto-kill itself after locking to save your Battery & Memory
•Tiny in size (<100k)

Features (Donation Version Only):
•Little bit faster
•Lock by long-pressing search button **not work on xpad/apad and device without search key**
•Get updates earlier

★★ Please buy the donation version to support the dev! ★★
(You could find it using 'View more applications'/ the link in the app's settings page)

Thank you! :D

This app uses the Device Administrator permission.

@@Compatibility [email protected]@

1.New / Updated Moto devices may not be supported

Moto disallows lock screen in their OS updates, so it would not work on moto devices after updates and new device like Droid 3. I have reported it to moto, but they did not agree to fix!

2. For device running Android 4.X, sometimes flashing (screen on then off again) may happen, try to enable 'Force Lock' in Lock Screen Settings to fix it.

3.It has been tested to work on Galaxy Nexus and Android Simulators (2.2,2.3, 4.0.2, 4.0.4, 4.1, 4.2 & 4.3)
However, the dev cannot guarantee that it could run / uninstall on all devices [coz I don't have all the devices].

If you encounter problem with you device, feel free to drop me an email!

### How to uninstall? ###
Locking Screen in Android requires the user of device administration function, you must deactivate device administration *BEFORE* uninstall to avoid error!

To do this:
•Go to "Lock Screen Settings" (in launcher) -> "Remove Device Administrator"
~See screenshots~
Alternatively, you may do it via
•Go to Settings -> Location & security (or Security) -> Select device administrators -> Uncheck this app.

After that, uninstall it in Play Store, in case of error during uninstall in Play Store, do it at Settings->Apps->Lock Screen-->Uninstall

[To use other hardware keys to unlock your device, try 'Widget Locker' / 'No Lock' app (not developed by me)]

How to download Unicorn Pin Lock Screen APK at

If you are a puppy dog lover you would definitely love the application "Puppy Pin Screen Lock". The all new latest cute Puppy Dog Pin lock screen is here to give your phone a ravishing look. You can refresh the look of your phone by downloading this free of cost application that is puppy dog Pin locker. You just have to swipe and enter pin code as previously set Pin and your phone will give you access to the content of your phone. It is an easy and secure way to protect your phone data.

App Flow:

When you open "Puppy Pin lock screen" app.

Setting Screen will Open. Enable or Disable lock screen checkbox. When your check enable for the first time your are moved to next screen where you can set the Pin as per your desire. Your Pin must cover at least 4 digit.

To experience a coherent usage, you are advised to disable the default phone lock. For this, you can tap on the "Disable Default Lock" Option from the Settings of the application "puppy Pin lock screen." It will move you to security lock screen settings of your device. From there you can disable the default lock. By doing this you will just have to enter a single Pin of puppy screen lock to get access of your device. Else wise, you will have to unlock multiple locks. First, the Pin of puppy lock screen and then the default lock of your device.

You can also change the background of the lock screen. You are provided with several beautiful and mesmerizing cute puppy wallpapers in the application other than the default background.


~ Enable/Disable the application from the settings.
~ Change wallpapers from settings
~ Date and Time displayed on Lock Screen
~ FREE for everyone.
~ Finest security lock screen
~ No privacy assault

How to set Lock

~ Enable your puppy Pin screen lock from setting screen
~ Set the Pin and remember it

How to unlock

~ Swipe Left to Right
~ Enter your Pin correctly to Unlock

You can appreciate us and suggest us if there are any improvements that can be made to puppy Pin locker. You can also tell us via email about any issues that you are facing while using the application. We will help you in any way possible. Please give your precious feedback so that we make improvement and provide you a useful tool with awesome effects. Your suggestions and feedback will be highly appreciated!

Thanks and Enjoy puppy Pin lock screen

How to install Jbak Keyboard APK at

If you don't like new dark popup window with letter - you can change it in Settings - Appearance - last section "Show keys preview"

Jbak keyboard contains all you need for comfortable text input.
Keyboard is very small but has many functions and settings. Here you can find many keyboard layouts for more than 60 languages. For 30 languages you can download dictionary and it gives additional features: text input using gestures, word corrections.
Voice text input offers several results and supports manual input of punctuation marks - so you can dictate large texts without errors.
With help of special tables you can enter over 60,000 symbols and over 1000 emoticons. In Pro-version you can create your own sets of symbols and emoticons.
Keyboard also contains list of texts from clipboard, for quick pasting into any text field.
After entering password in any text box you can hit "Save" on top panel - and you can enter this password later in one click. In free version you can save only two passwords, Pro-version has no restrictions.
After installation you need to run application. Press first menu item - to activate keyboard. Then press first menu item again to select active keyboard. Also here you can change design, size of keyboard, keyboard layout, sound, vibro and much more.

How to download Audio Profiles - Sound Manager and Scheduler APK at

Add audio profiles / sound profile (volume, vibration, ringtone, specific contacts and specific apps management). Full control of Priority Calls and Priority Notifications!

Follow us on Twitter for latest news and full support.


• Manage your Do Not Disturb preferences for each profile (from Android M)
• Notification widget to switch between profiles (you can deactivate it)
• Quick settings tile for switch between profiles (from Android N)
• Add schedules for each audio / sound profile
• Separate calls from notifications (any Android) using Priority Calls and Priority Notifications
• Priority calls for each profile: Hidden numbers, unknown numbers, Google groups and individual contacts (sound, vibration and ringtone)
• Priority notifications for each profile: Control your apps notifications (ringtone, volume and vibration pattern). Also when the screen is off or on
• Control all your ringtones (hidden numbers, unknown numbers and your contacts) within only 1 screen
• Headphones feature (when plugged in: change profile icon, media volume and/or profile). This is also useful for knowing that you really have your headphones connected.
• Desktop widget

Non-free features (UNLOCKED VERSION) includes:

• Timer: Activate a profile for certain amount of time without being overridden by the Scheduler or others (perfect for meetings and movies)
• Tasker plugin


• Check our guide at
• For Silent mode on Lollipop please read the instructions at

Therefore, if you like the way you can control your sounds, calls, notifications, schedules, headphones, volumes, ringtones, vibration... And, definitely, have the control of your audio / sound settings in your phone, I would like to ask you to rate this app with 5 stars to help me in order to keep improving it.

If you want to discuss/suggest new features, do not hesitate to send me a mail!

How to install Volume Notification APK at

Access your device's sound sliders straight from the notification drawer!

Featuring quick settings for Android N and a discrete notification that matches your launcher for Android 4.1 and above. You'll only notice that it's there when you need it.

This tight little app becomes particularly useful when you want to keep or share any media streaming during a voice call. Or simply when access to physical buttons is limited. Or you just fancy a full touch device.

But it can also be a life saver, when you need to quickly toggle that background audio. Never wished you had it? Well, now you do!

This application is open source and does not require any special permissions.

Please feel free to file any issues or feature requests. Your feedback is always greatly appreciated!

** All custom theme's supported color names will be listed here:

How to download Dingless - Notification Sounds APK at

Dingless is an absurdly simple notification manager that solves a problem you probably never realized existed. Notification sounds or vibrations aren’t necessary when you are already looking at your screen or listening to music. Are they? Why getting noisy sounds when watching your youtube videos, chatting with your friends, streaming music to your bluetooth device or doing some sports?

Dingless is a notifications manager, that does the following:


1) New ! Driving mode widget. Do not disturb while driving,
Don't let others disturb you with text notifications while driving. Did you know that 5 seconds is the minimal amount of attention that a driver who texts takes away from the road.

2) Eliminates notification sound alerts while using your smartphone. Alerts will be restored automatically once the screen is switched off.
It gives you the ability to control your vibrations along with sound notifications and get rid of the unnecessary ones.

3) Pre-set time lapses between two successive notification sound while you are away from your smartphone.
a) If you have a rush of notification sound within a certain time frame, only one alert will be played.
b) Control how often you need to be notified when smartphone is being charged or nearby. Pre-set time is defined in app settings.

4) Music mode disables sound notifications while listening to your music or streaming from your favorite channels.


For Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger or Viber, notification sound are great to draw your attention when you are away from your phone, but are they really useful when you are already looking at your screen? Moreover, have you ever been tired of receiving multiple notification sound in a short timespan? This might get particularly annoying for yourself and your surroundings. Dingless is a simple application that runs in the background and offers you the solution to these problems.

With Dingless there is no need to silence your phone anymore, or totally switch off notification sound in order to avoid annoying alerts coming from your chatting application like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger or Viber. Be discrete, Go Dingless!

***Works best with***
Facebook Messenger

How to install Blank Icon/Widget APK at

Blank Icon is a completely transparent app icon for homescreen customization and testing purposes. Blank Icon also includes Blank Widgets that can be used to customize the homescreen. Check out these amazing features!

Amazing Features:
✓ Most blank and transparent app in the app store
✓ Invisible app icon and widget
✓ Blank Widgets help customize homescreen
✓ Use blank icons as placeholders to add additional screens to your launcher
✓ Prevent newly installed apps from messing up your app layout
✓ Generate a transparent PNG file you can use to hide app icons (supported launchers only)
✓ Prank your friends by placing invisible widgets on their homescreen

NOTE: The new Adaptive Icons introduced in Android Oreo makes the app icon white and not transparent. The only way to create a blank icon placeholder is to use Blank Widgets. (applies to Android 8.0+ and Samsung users)

NOTE: Blank Icon does not hide apps. Blank Icon can only hide app icons if your phone's launcher supports setting transparent PNG images as app icons.

Where you can find us:
Twitter -

How to download ZeroPacket Offline Browser APK at

This application saves websites, you can browse even the websites in the offline.

[How to use]
1.Start the browser. Then, open the page you want to save.
2.Select the menu of your browser. [More]→[Share page]→[ZeroPacket Browser]
3.Start the ZeroPacket Browser. Then, open the saved page.
4.If you want to refresh the page, press [Update all] Button.
5.If you want to save the link page, press [Edit page]→[Page range] Menu.

[Recommended page]
New York Times : :
NBC News :
Bloomberg Businessweek :
NBC Sports :
Yahoo! News : :
Gizmode :

[Edit page]
The name to be displayed in the list.
2.Page range
The default value is "This page". When "Link Depth 1", "Link Depth 2" and "Link Depth 3" is selected, to save a linked page from a specified page. However, update time will be longer.
3.Cache Size
Specify the maximum size of the storage capacity. When the image in the page that you saved does not appear, please increase this size.
specify the tag at the page that you save.
specify the useragent.

[browser menu]
When you are browsing the page that you saved, press the menu button or long tap, you can do the following.
1.Edit page
Open"edit page" at described above.
Share this page to other application.
Open this page in the browser .

[Main Preferences]
1.Display order
Specify the display order of the list. The default value is ”Entry”.
2.Cache Folder
When you want to save to SD card,change this folder. If you have changed, please remove yourself before-folder.
Create the backup data.When you restore data in a different terminal, please copy the Cache Folder.
Restore from the backup data.
5.Wi-Fi Connection only
Warn when it is detected non-wifi communication. However, it is not in perfect check.
6.Delete all data
Delete all data that you save.note:The backup data are deleted, too.

1.Enable AutoUpdate
Off: default value. Update nothing.
On: Update the page at the time you specify on the following.
Specify the time to automatically update.
Check ON the day of the week to automatic update.
Specify the tag that automatically update.

*If the automatic update fails at Wi-Fi, please check the following settings.
Setting -> W-Fi -> Advanced ->Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep -> Always

How to install Read Web Offline Free APK at

Download in PDF or HTML a website is very easy.

Read Web Offline allows you to download web pages and store them on your mobile or tablet (including images), then you can read them without being connected, also much faster than reading online through the internal viewer android html.

This application is completely free, you will need storage space on your android, especially if you download the images.

Android 2.1+. English / Spanish / Catala

If you like this app without ADS:

How to download Download Video Downloader Free APK at

TVD:Tube Video Downloader - MP4, MP3
Best tube video downloader to download and save shared tube videos , tube mp3 and more
Tube Video Downloader is NOT YouTube Downloader, because of youtube term of servie
★★ Just 3 sec should be video download ★★
1. Select the video you want to watch from your Internet browser
2. Select [TVD - Tube Video Downloader].
3. save completed!

[Tube Video Downloader Mate] download videos from Internet up to 500% faster then other video downloader on the market.

[Tube Video Downloader Mate]- is Videos and Songs/Music Downloader, You can download hd video/mp4 and song/mp3 files to local, is the best app to download your favorite videos! Let's enjoy downloading your favorite mp3 and videos on Internet.

# [Tube Video Downloader Mate] is NOT YouTube Downloader, because of youtube term of servie
★★Use in-app browser in video download ★★
Step 1:
Browse to the video on the internet with the integrated web browser.
Step 2:
Press the play video button. If this did not find the video then play the video and press the fullscreen button.
When the video is found a popup will open, select download button and download.

★★Use apps share to download video ★★
You can start download by pressing the file you want to download in your web browser. In some cases you might need to long press the link and choose "Share Link" followed by "Video Downloader Mate".
###Supported Apps:
Facebook , Instagram , Ted, Vimeo, Tumblr, 9GAG...
• Facebook( Browse Facebook, Login and browse your wall, simple click "Share ..." -> "Tube Video Downloader ")
• Instagram (Open Instagram Apps and enter video content interface, click "Share ..." -> "Tube Video Downloader ")
• Ted(Open Instagram Apps and enter video content interface, click "Share ..." -> "Tube Video Downloader ")
• Tumblr(Open Instagram Apps and enter video content interface, click "Share ..." -> "Tube Video Downloader ")
• Vimeo(Open Instagram Apps and enter video content interface, click "Share ..." -> "Tube Video Downloader ")
• instagram(Open Instagram Apps and enter video content interface, click "Share ..." -> "Tube Video Downloader ")

### FAQ###
● Can I download YouTube videos?
No! downloading YouTube content is not permitted by its terms of service

● Where are my downloads stored ?
Downloads are automatically added to your Gallery and are stored into your "download" directory (in this folder: /storage/emulated/0/VideoDownloader/download). For Android 3.2 and above, downloads appears in your phone's download manager too.

###Built-in Browser:
- Advanced media downloader;
- Easy sending file to downloader;
- Download mp3 mp4 video from websites;
- Easy downloader for all types of files;
- Download accelerator for social networking;

###Powerful Downloader for Android:
- Downloading only through the internet on Wi-Fi;
- Boost downloader for 2G, 3G and 4G networks;
- Download files in parallel parts to increase and accelerate the transfer speed.
- Accelerated downloading by using multithreading (4 parts)
- Interception of links from android browsers and clipboard;
- Download files in background and resume after failure;
- Downloader for images, documents, archives and programs;
- Super fast downloading
- Live download progress bar for each running download.
- Awesome download manager and smart video detection feature.
- Single tap downloads, play the video and press the download icon that pops up on the screen.
- Download all videos in background.
- Video downloader and music downloader;
- Support for large files download.
- Support all video formats such as MPK, AVI, MP4, MKV, FLV, WMV, MPG.

* Notice: Downloading files that are protected by copyright is prohibited and regulated by the laws of the country where you live. We assume no responsibility for any misuse of this application !

How to download Earthquake news, alert, alarm APK at

Similar App:
Earthquake Alert!,Earthquakes,eQuake - Earthquake Alerts,LastQuake,Earthquake Network,EarthQuake App,Earthquakes Tracker,Earthquake Safety Tips,Terremoti Italia,AFAD Deprem,Deprem Bilgi Sistemi,Anlık Deprem,Titreşim Ölçer,Anlık Depremler,Zelzele,Deprem Raporu,Volcanoes & Earthquakes,Son Depremler

Earthquake news, alert, alarm Recommendation:
Place the Earthquakes App on furniture, düring the earthquakes monitoring.

This app is designed to prevent danger from earthquakes and human Protect!
You can share our app by WhatsApp with their friends

Our app uses a physical sensor, additionally a differential-oriented software sensor generate at realtime the earthquake warnings.

The program provides a real-time protection for earthquakes and tsunamis. You just need to start the protection and the program works as a sensitive seismograph with alarm.
If they can, it wishes the application also issue a tsunami warning.

The advantage of the application is to monitor while you sleep, the sensitivity is so high that even those quakes are registered you do not notice yourself. The phenomenon how the animals feel earthquakes before man notices it is given in this application.

Among other things, you can also track the history of the latest earthquakes in a list and create your own analysis.

Earthquakes in other Languages:
Erdbebenwarnung,Erdbebenwarnsystem,Erdbeben Alarm,Erdbeben Warnsystem,Erdbeben Warnung,Deprem ,Earthquakes,Esrthquakes,Earthwuakes,Terremoto,earthquake,Erdbeben,aardbeving, lurrikara,tërmet,zemljotres,Linog,tranbleman,tè gempa bumi,jarðskjálfti,terratrèmol,potres terremot, cutremur,jordskalv,lindu,zilzila,daeargryn,Σεισμός,tremblement de terre,girgizar kasa,maanjäristys,aardbewing,tërmet,երկրաշարժ,zəlzələ,земетресение,地震,भूकंप,大地震,зілзала,지진,земјотрес,Газар,хөдлөлт,भूकम्प,землетрясение,Земљотрес,заминларза,แผ่นดินไหว,động đất,daeargryn,землятрус, zilzal,zelzele , deprem quakes,earthquakes,templor,terremotos,seismo,seismic,erdbeben,depremler,sismos,deprem

How to download Voice Recorder APK at

-a handful and easy use phone recorder
-can replay the record through any phone’s media player if it exists
-can delete, share, rename and check the detail of the record
-support different audio quality(Default/normal/high/super)
-support the amr and mp3 format
If have any suggestion, just leave a message here so I can improve it.

How to download Smart Voice Recorder APK at

Smart Voice Recorder is a a High Quality,professional, fun, and easy to use voice recorder.Recording meetings, lectures, and personal notes in any where and any time if you need.

- Record voice and that also shows the time when recording.
- This audio recoder Support recording in the background.
- Displays the recording status in the notification bar.
- It's incredibly easy manage your recordings. Support for folders. Everything is also accessible via your device's external storage.
- Timer recording
- High quality sound recording, up to 44.100Hz, 16bits/sample
- Send/Share a recording file
- Rename your recording.
- Delete your recording right from the app.

- Record lectures and you can review them.
- Record how you sing,a best tape recorders or music record.
- You can also record how you play the guitar and other musical instruments.
- Business meeting recording.
- Record your conversation when interviews someone to save time in writing.
- Record snoring at night to show your partner for fun.

How to download Sound Wave APK at

A very basic application that shows the sound wave of whatever it hears. You can see what sound looks like from what is picked up by your microphone. Behaves like a sound oscilloscope.

Entertain and teach young kids as they watch the screen change according to the noises they make.


Check out Sound Wave Pro (, it has more features than Sound Wave and includes Live Wallpaper support!

This app does not record any audio.

Full source code can be found here:

Keywords: audio, wave, oscilloscope, microphone, visualize, sound

How to install Sound Recorder APK at

Voice Recorder app is a simple voice recording application.
Get a high-quality voice recording application now.
Because it supports MP4 file, it is easy to check on a general PC.
Sharing feature allows you to share anywhere on your smartphone.

How to install Recorder(MP3, WAV) - QuickRec APK at

Recording App, Recorder app is quick and easy with your QuickRec !!
Let it find that when I need a voice recorder.

★ quick and easy recording to attractive applications, voice recorder - the 'QuickRec'.
★ only once - a recorder capable of recording only touch the icon ★. !!!
 << ★ recommended tips: Those who installed the first time (or after the update)★ >>
Interchangeable those settings in the Preferences to record user-specific customized settings optimized
After reading conducted a test recording approximately 10-60 seconds is recommended that you use.

[※ Note: Preferences> SampleRate, BitRate setting]
↓↓ The smaller the value of the stored file size is getting smaller recording quality is also lower. ↓↓
↑↑ value is significantly larger file size and storage are also high-quality recording. ↑↑
※ Now we can go up towards the 100 million cumulative downloads !!
※ I sincerely thank you so much. (ㅠ. ㅠ)

But it is also a lot of applications (apps) that function,
Once uncomplicated comfort is a must'll use frequently!

QuickRec is
★ If you set the "Setting Auto Start"
However ~! With only one click app is very nice ^^ recording is completed;

★★ When set to "Enable flight mode"
The recording without interruption, such as telephone and letter.

★★★ MP3, WAV recorded files support.

How attractive is uncomplicated while the basics
Now, try recording a fast and easy QuickRec !!

Classes, meetings, music, call (speakerphone is used), etc. If you need to record,
After removing the smartphone QuickRec Write buds ~ Ugh !!! If you run ends.

Storage Location (recording file): SD card /com.shinshow.quickrec/
(※ In the case of the Galaxy series it is stored in the internal memory.)

Improvements or complaints, do not hesitate if you have any errors are reported
Please e-mail will allow you to actively reflect.

For information on the error of complaints
- Handset species: ex) Galaxy S6
- Android version: ex) 5.0
- QuickRec version: ex) v2.6.1b1
- QuickRec setting: ex)Auto Start, WAV, disable AGC ...
- Details: ex) wav recording application on startup Force ended.
Please send the contents of such would be greatly appreciated.

(Please send by e-mail Settings screen to capture the better.)
★ too simple feedback is difficult to measure. (ㅠㅠ) ★

Messages that encourage developers to force the other highly welcome.

★ has opened a cafe for people to communicate with the user. ★
Inquiries, suggestions, know-how hwalyongbeop Own shares (to show off) and it does not matter any more.
Please take advantage of a lot. !!!!

[QuickRec official cafe]

■■■ Features ■■■
> One Touch (One Touch) Record
> Automatic Recording / Storage
> Automatic recording ends (timer function)
> Recording of phone / text rejected (flight mode)
> Record file sharing / sending
> Recording file playback / pause / stop
> Hangul / English / Japanese menu support
> Supported file formats: amr, 3gp, wav, mp3

※ For a long time recording "Recording of the notification (icon) displays" check recommended !!

How to download Digital Recorder MP3 APK at

Record sound, voice, in MP3 format.

Download and start recording. Fully customizable MP3 settings such as Bit rate, Sample rate, Stereo-Mono mode.

With the digital recorder you can:
• Record sounds or Voice Recorder
• Voice memos
• Play recordings from the playback list
• Background recording
• Make notes or comments on recordings
• Share or send recordings
• Delete recordings
• Unlimited record time and file size

Visit our Frequent Ask Questions (FAQ) and product page:

If you're experiencing problems or errors, please email or contact us: [email protected]

How to download Voice Recorder – Sound Cutter APK at

Voice Recorder – Sound Cutter
Voice recorder - Sound Cutter application is totally free. It is simple and easy to use. You can reliably record your meetings, personal notes, speeches, lectures, songs. There is no time limits. This application can record most of your sound and voice. You can record a business meeting, a lecture, an interview.

You can use it as a regular dictaphone for record voice notes and memos, business meetings, interviews, lectures, speeches, concerts, sleep talking :) or anything else.
This audio recorder works well on smartphones and tablets, with and without external storage.

NOTE: This app is not call recorder. May not work properly on some handsets. User interface not optimized for tablets yet. Recordings in this format cannot be sent via text/sms/mms.

- Automatic and manual sensitivity control for Skip silence mode (Beta)
- Live audio spectrum analyzer
- Wave/pcm encoding with adjustable sample rate (8-44 kHz)
- Recording in background (even when display is off)
- Microphone gain calibration tool
- Save/pause/resume/cancel recording process control
- Storage and directory change
- Remaining recording time showed on home screen, limited only by available space on your storage (and tech. limit 2GB per file)
- Easy to use recordings list
- Send/share a recording via email, whatsapp, dropbox, etc.
- Set a recording as an ringtone, alarm or notification in one click
- Mp3 encoding with adjustable sample rate (8-44 kHz)
- Recording in background (even when display is off)
- Voice Recorder – Sound Cutter microphone gain calibration tool
- Save/pause/resume/cancel recording process control
- Voice Recorder – Sound Cutter send/share a recording via email, sms, mms, facebook, whatsapp, dropbox, etc.

Hope you love this application.

How to install Sound Recorder Shortcut APK at

Shortcut to launch the default android Sound Recorder app.
Most of the phones have the default Sound Recorder app but is not shown in the Apps Drawer.

How to download The Best MP3 Voice Recorder APK at

The Best MP3 Voice Recorder is a very simple voice recorder. You don't need to do any settings. This application can help you record sound and music from your microphone and store them into a MP3 file with the best quality(320 kbps) or the very nearly best quality(~256kbps).

If you want to check the quality of mp3 files, you can use Audacity to help you do that.

To get more information, check out our website:

How to install Violin Tuner Free APK at

If you are in love with music and you want to play but your violin is not tuned good, here you have the application which can help you to fix it. With Violin tuner free you can tune your violin anytime, anywhere. Easy to use, this app will make your violin sound perfectly.

Violin tuner free is an tool made for the standard GDAE violin tuning.
How it works
Tap the button which represent the string you want to hear and after that use your ear to get the perfect harmony with your violin sound.
So, focus on your instrument and this app will help you to get accurate sounds for your violin.
Good Luck!

How to install Tuner - nTune Free APK at

The "nTune" is a pitch tuner application used for tuning music instruments. It can be used to measure the audio frequency from 20 Hz to 10 KHz. It is designed for non-Western music and any temperament tuning system, such as Arabic, Indian and Thai tuning system, that allow you to create your own scale and define tone names in any languages you prefer. The scale is shown as the equal temperament system along with Western music 12-ET system.

Features :
- sends or receives the sound
- measures the fundamental frequency of the tone from 20 Hz to 10 KHz
- tests the tones having beats up to 3 tones
- redefines base frequency, octave scale and base ratio
- redefines the frequency to tone names in any languages
- shifts all tones to be higher or lower,
Limitations :
- May not work on the low speed device.
- Duration of tuning signal must be at least 200 milliseconds.

This app has ad banners.

How to install Guitar Tuner HIT APK at

Free online guitar tuner App. Easy to use guitar tuner app. Just use your phone. You can set your guitar string.

How to install Guitar Tuner 2018 APK at

Very easy for new version 2018, guitar, bass, ukulele, electric or accountic guitar, violin etc.

Chromatic Guitar Tuner is a fast, accurate and easy-to-use app offering pro level of tuning precision!

The app features different tuning modes, a list of standard and alternative guitar and ukulele tunings, complete with extra tools for beginners and pros.
It’s totally free!

How to install Real Piano 2018 APK at

Real Piano 2018

Play a Real Piano on your android mobile phone and enjoy a beautiful Music.

Digital Piano with Grand Piano, Electric Piano, Synth, Organ, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Electric Bass, Synth Bass, Strings, Horns, Clav, Harpsichord, Toy Organ, Banjo, Accordion, Sitar, Vibraphone, Flute, Vocals and Sax sounds.

Through six different instruments you will gain different experiences. Your childs will learn how to play piano with playing the songs in this game.

Play the real Piano on your mobile phones. Its a perfect Piano simulator app for music and Piano lovers. Best for Piano learners and the professionals. We have tried to provide you natural and real sound quality of ever cord and notes on the Piano.

You can easily play this Piano by pressing the piano keys in the app. You can make awesome music with this Piano simulator app.

This could be your 1st step to learn the Piano.

- Full 88 key piano keyboard;
- Magic Tiles and Magic Keys mini games;
- 9 Different piano keyboards and musical instruments: Piano keyboard, Grand Piano, Organ, Harpsichord, Accordion, Electric Guitar, Harp, Cello Pizzicato, Vintage piano;
- Single or Dual scrollable keyboard;
- Free piano songs;
- Popular and classic piano songs;
- Piano record feature - record and share your plays;
- Piano HD.
- Fun and interactive tutor to teach you
- Gaming, Learning and Freestyle modes
- Fast and Responsive
- Best of studio sound quality (Realistic Sounds)
- 6 Full Octaves (Key/Note Types)
- Audio Record and Playback
- Share Recordings with friends & family
- Music / Track Playback
- Touch Pressure detection
- Beautiful Animations
- Piano Perfect 2018
- Tiles Magic 3 2018
- My Super Piano 2018
- Tiles Music Games Piano Free - Keyboard Magic 2018
- Magic Tiles Piano 2018
- Piani Piano 2018
- My Phone Piano 2018
- Free Melody Piano 2018
- Pink Piano Tiles 2018
- Real Piano 2018
- Awesome Piano 2018
- Piano Real Teacher 2018
- My Virtual Piano 2018
- Best 2018 Piano
- Beautiful Piano 2018

For pianists, keyboardists, musician, performers, artists, amateurs or beginners!
Enhance your fun with different musical instruments(Piano, Flute, Organ, Guitar).

Thanks for Support...

How to install ORG Electric Drum Pad APK at

ORG Electric Drum Pad is a free virtual drum kit simulator app that holds all types of drums required by a true drummer! Bass, snare, percussion instruments, electric pad and more!

Every professional drummer knows that practicing drums regularly is a way to success. Applications Electronic Drum Beat Pad 10 works to create music and songs in different styles. A unique soundtrack and sound design style is different.
New Feature of ORG Electric Drum Pad

✔ Volume control, to diversify your music.
✔ Electro Drum Pads works even offline.
✔ You can adjust all sounds with different volume as you like.
✔ Fade-in & fade-out effects, to make professional beats.
✔ Save all your beats & music with fading effects.
✔ Electro Music Drum Pads is free to download.
✔ Support share tracks on social network.
✔ Share beats, share music, share fun!
✔ Most downloaded Electro Drum Pads app for android.
ORG Electric Drum Pad interpretation will make your music sound as a producer of popular EDM! This is a beat app for drum pads, EDM pads. Playing on the road with signs of professional studio and collaborate with friends! Now you can record your rhythms created. Here you can make music in beat maker go where beats app in making music with music pad to launch pad. Electronic Drum Beat Pad 24 Applications has option allows you to discover your sound design style.
To play, simply tap your fingers on the drum. And drum sounds are played simultaneously. Choose a weight heavy volume as needed. It sounds like real drums.

ORG Electric Drum Pad Features:

✔ With different types of high-quality samples.
✔ Make your own music tracks, train your finger drumming skills .
✔ Mix many sounds and melodies in real time.
✔ Record the music you created.
✔ Support share to YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Google+
✔ Totally 48 pads.

✔ Volume control, to diversify your music.
✔ Electro Drum Pads works even offline.
✔ You can adjust all sounds with different volume as you like.
✔ Fade-in & fade-out effects, to make professional beats.
✔ Save all your beats & music with fading effects.
✔ Electro Music Drum Pads is free to download.
✔ Support share tracks on social network.
✔ Share beats, share music, share fun!
✔ Most downloaded Electro Drum Pads app for android.

ORG Electric Drum Pad music styles

* Dubstep
* drums
* Trap
* Hip Hop
* Electro
* Techno
* Jazz
* Drum
* Bass
* Loop
* Synth
* Percussion
* Melodic
* Lead
* Vocal
ORG Electric Drum Pad high quality studio sound. This option allows you to discover your sound design like professional studio sound.

There is a number of popular songs that you can play along with to improve your beat. Just pick one of your favorite drum sets, choose a song and start playing.

ORG Electric Drum Pad to help you design and imagination. Sound design or music. Ideal for those who begin to design sound. It can be easy to use and allows you to evolve in terms of design and style of music. Download and become a music maker.

Thank You………!!

How to install Multimedia - mix audio video APK at

It's FREE!!!

This application is for changing background music of a video. Using this video editor you can add or mix any audio to a video. You can mix audio with video, cut audio for as ringtone, convert video to audio, merge audio for as ringtone
★ How to use:

**Mix audio with video**
- Select video file to sdcard
- Select audio file to sdcard
- Set name for output file
- Click button Mix and play file after.
- File is saved in folder /sdcard/MixAudioVideo

**Cut audio for as ringtone**
- Select audio file to sdcard
- Select start time and end time of audio file output
- Set name for output file
- Click button Cut and play file after

**Convert video to audio**
- Select video file to sdcard
- Set name for output file
- Click button Convert and play file after

**Merge audio for as ringtone**
- Select multiple audio file to sdcard (more than 1 file)
- Set name for output file
- Click button Merge and play file after

Use app and share for your friend if you like it. Have fun!!

How to download Karaoke Connect APK at

songs search/select/control app for ACNOS karaoke players of Soncamedia
* smart search: can quickly input 1st-letter (PingYing) or full words of song title, composer or artist (with avatar), support search by index, languages, genres, MIDI/KTV/REMIX filters, ...
* Wi-Fi connect to all Karaoke Full HD 1080P, KTV Karaoke Wifi & MINI Karaoke Wifi models
* full control karaoke features of connected player: song book, 1st-Reserved, karaoke music tuning, set scoring/greetings, change into dance mode, ...
* WIFI VIDEO: directly sync/show the playing song of connected player on the app screen for singing together
* easy lyrics view, look-up song index and add to Favorite List
* auto find and update song data on internet

How to download AudioCleanup APK at

Free up storage by cleaning up your messy audio library!

1. This App searches the music library for duplicate songs by searching for similar track length and title/filename/foldername strings. The results are listed, and users may select and delete files.
2. It can delete all album art images from audio files with ID3.2+ audio tag.

- supports most audio formats
- adjustable tolerances for the fuzzy comparison

keywords: music, audio, library, collection, free, space, storage, mp3, id3, album art, album cover, clear, clean, remove, delete, optimize, cleanup

How to install AutoPlay Bluetooth&Headphones APK at

Push a widget starts bluetooth connect to a device and start play from a app.
Connect headphones Auto Play starts to play.
With a NFC Tag everything works without pushing the widget.
Individual settings for different bluetooth devices
Long click to delete individual bluetooth device

After connecting bluetooth or headphones are different settings to trigger:
- Set volume
- Start app
- Play music from start app

A NFC tag can be used for different mobilephones when Auto Play is installed.
NFC will only readed when screen is unlocked or Smart Lock is active. NFC is nice in a car.

Auto Play connect every mobile phone to this bluetooth device when this device is in the list of this phone.
If start music is selected, Auto Play checks the connecting bluetooth device can play music (A2DP) and only then the musicapp will be started.

Tested with
- Music player , Spotify , Deezer , Napster
- Amazon Music , Google Play Music , Poweramp

Tested cars and devices:
- BMW , VW Volkswagen , Audi
- Mercedes , Ford , Chevrolet
- JBL , Teufel , Beats , Sennheiser

This app consists of 18,000 lines code.
If you have any problems or bugs, we would be glad, if you send a message directly and if you like Auto Play, please write a review.
Thank you.

How to install Bluetooth App. Launcher (Free) APK at

Most feature rich app on the market!
This application allows you to automatically launch other applications when your Android device makes a BT (BT = Bluetooth) connection. It can also launch apps when a wired headset is plugged into the phone jack. In addition to this the application keeps track of the last known latitude and longitude where your Android disconnected from your BT device (only if GPS was enabled at that time). Works great with Pandora. (Note: This app can only launch another application but will not interact with the opened application)
Search Terms:Bluetooth Launch, Application Launch, Application Start, Car Mode, Stay Awake, Unlock Screen, Keyguard, Brightness, Volume, Delay

How to install Alarm Clock Radio FREE APK at

You wanna wake up to radio music streams?
This alarm clock radio app is absolutely FREE, it offers you a variety of streams with every kinds of music!

How about chillout, lounge, rnb, rock, techno, kpop, relaxing sounds, local radio stations etc?
Choose your favourite stream for each day!

This app is free, so don't hesitate and get your alarm clock radio on your mobile phone!

If you like this app, please rate it and share it.

Important info:
You don't need to worry about the alarm not going off, if the stream is broken. You will then hear a standard alarm tone.

Some radio streams are not as reliable as others, so please be aware that we cannot guarantee the availability on those streams.

If you encounter any problems, please contact us under the following email-address, so we can fix it:
[email protected]

Please be aware that we do not own or provide any of the radio streams. Therefore we do not take responsibility for any content of these streams.

How to download Umi - musical alarm clock ☝ APK at

Use music as alarm ✌️
Simply create an alarm, pick a song from your phone and enjoy your favorite music every time you need to wake up!

Better listening experience for your ear

How to download SpotCommander APK at

This product is not developed, endorsed or certified in any way by Spotify. Spotify is the registered trade mark of the Spotify Group.

The most intuitive and feature-rich remote control for for Linux, NOT Windows or Mac OS X.

NOTE: SpotCommander must be installed on the computer first:

* Launch and Quit
* Now Playing
* Control playback
* Transfer playback to other devices and control them
* Seek in currently playing track
* Toggle shuffle and repeat
* Adjust volume
* Playlists
* Library
* Browse
* Search
* Artists
* Albums
* Recently Played
* Queue with additional actions
* Lyrics
* Share to social networks
* Touch gestures
* Keyboard shortcuts
* Android app with additional features
* Fullscreen on iOS
* Desktop notifications
* Responsive design
* Suspend and shut down computer

* Hardware buttons support
* Keep screen on
* Pause on incoming call
* Pause on outgoing call
* Flip to pause
* Shake to skip
* Notification with playback controls
* Widgets
* Android Wear app and notification
* Share to other apps

* In-app purchases: To be able do donate to the developer
* Wi-Fi connection information: To be able to scan your network for your SpotCommander installation, check if Wi-Fi is enabled and check if the current network has changed
* Device ID & call information: To support the features Pause On Incoming/Outgoing Calls

SpotCommander is non-commercial free software with open source code, uses of content freely available on the Internet and is licensed under The GNU General Public License, version 3.

Developed by Ole Jon Bjørkum.

How to download Playlist Manager APK at

Playlist Manager is designed to allow for ease of management of any of a users Spotify playlists.


Quickly create multi-playlists that contain multiple of your own and other peoples playlists. Then whenever any of the playlists update your multi-playlist will update as well. Duplicate tracks are also taken care of so you can make the best multi-playlists for any genre or occasion without worry of the same tracks playing.

Easily drag tracks to reorder and swipe them away to delete.
Unfortunately the basic Spotify app for android doesnt allow for fast deletion or reordering of a playlists tracks, so I took it upon myself to implement it here in Managr.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This application is not an alternative for Spotify and will NOT allow you to stream music from your Spotify library. It is only for creation and management of playlists

How to download Pandora FMS Event Viewer APK at

Read events from your Pandora FMS from your Android device. Validate, search and get realtime event notification.

This app will work only with:

* Pandora FMS 4.0.3
* Pandora FMS 4.1
* Pandora FMS 4.1.1
* Pandora FMS 5.0 SP2

Pandora FMS is a system monitoring tool which help you to detect problems in your servers and applications of your IT architecture. With Pandora FMS Event Viewer you can check your events everywhere.

How to install Volume Calculator APK at

This App calculates the the volume of 3D shapes. The unit is irrelevant, as long as all measurements are entered in the same unit.

The user interface was designed in such a way to minimize interaction with the app. For instance, the result is calculated as you are typing values into the available fields.

Calculates the volumes of the following 3D shapes.

Frustum Cone
Frustum Pyramid
Hexagonal Prism
Hollow Cylinder
Cylinder Sphere
Spherical Cap
Spherical Sector
Spherical Zone

How to install Cute Calculator which can also calculate discount APK at

You will want to use every day .
Because there is a charm calculator.

"Easy discount calculation function " is also equipped with.
So , you can use this calculator at the time of shopping.

recommended for such a person♪•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦
■I want to use the cute calculator !
■I love cute things
■I love cats ♡
■I like the calculator only basic functions
■I am not good at a discount of calculation (・ω・`)

How to install Steam Calculator APK at

App for calculating the thermodynamic steam properties. This is more usable than thermodynamic tables.

Based on IAPWS-IF97

Calculation allows the following Input:

( Pressure, Temperature ) ->
( Pressure, Specific Enthalpy ) ->
( Pressure, Specific Entropy ) ->
( Pressure, Vapour Fraction ) ->
( Specific Enthalpy, Specific Entropy ) ->
( Temperature, Specific Entropy ) ->
( Temperature, Density ) ->
( Temperature, Specific Volume ) ->
( Temperature, Vapour Fraction ) ->

Output contains up to 22 Steam properties

How to download Interest Calculator APK at

Interest calculator is a simple application which can calculate simple interest of your amount with your rate and with your time.

you must enter amount on which interest is calculated and interest rate and you have to select two dates for time period of your amount to calculate interest.

this app calculate days, months and years between two days and show you how many days, months and years are between two dates and also show interest amount and total amount.

this app has simple user interface and everyone can use it very is user friendly.

Please Rate It and Comment If you have any problem with this app....

How to install Nickzom Calculator APK at

Nickzom Calculator solves calculations and shows the steps on Mathematics, Physics, Engineering and Unit Conversions.
The goal is to provide you with solutions and steps to your calculations alongside a basic and scientific calculator.
It presents the formula, equations, parameters, operations, steps and answer to your calculation.

How to install Pressure Drop Calculator APK at

Calculates pressure drop (head loss) of a fluid, in straight circular pipes due to friction. Input parameters for this app is pipe diameter, lenght of pipe, pipe roughness (app includes default values for widely used pipes), flow rate in several expressions, and physical properties of the flow medium). At first the Darcy friction factor f,is calculated depending upon the type of flow that exist in the pipe. So, if Reynolds number is less than 2000 (laminar flow), the f=64/Re formula is used to calculate the friction factor f. If Reynolds number is more than 2000 (transition or turbulent flow), an approximation of the Colebrook equation (Swamee-Jain equation) is used in order to calculate friction factor f. Then Darcy-Weisbach equation is used finally to calculate the pressure loss.

How to download (DEMO) APK at

DEMO Version: For testing the app. All works; a random remaining numbers of days is showns instead the real remaining numbers of days.

A Countdown Widget that shows you how many days are left over until a specifiy date, e.g.
to provide diploma, days left until end of year. So you are able to get an overview und get a remembrance that time is running up.

The app is configurated through a config file(folder: .../App_xxxoff/config.txt). Here you can edit a start and end date.
According to you mobile phone the Update manager is called( most each 30min.-45min.) and the data is read in again and shown/updated.
Date format: YYYY-MM-DD

How to download Flash on Call and SMS: Automatic flash alert 2018 APK at

Are you worried about missing a call, sms, battery alert or notification? well, with the new Flash on Call and sms app your problem is solved. You can get flashlight Led Alert with call or Sms on your phone. This Flash call alert app is made to solve all the problem of missing call sms alert. This app is design to notify you by flashlight with call and sms. Flash On Call and SMS is a smart and Amazing application available on the Google Play Store. Flash on Call and SMS app gives flash alerts on incoming calls and SMS with the flash blink of your device flash light. The flash light will start blinking if you enabled alerts on Call and sms.

Flash on Call and Flash on SMS application will use your device camera flashlight to start blinking when you are receiving a call or an SMS. This most brightest Flash blink app is a very useful application for those users who are mostly busy in meetings or work in places where they have to keep their mobile phones silent such as hospitals etc. Flash on Call and SMS will make your life easier by letting you know about every call and SMS through flash blinks, that if your mobile device is mostly silent you are bound to miss.

This Flash on call and SMS will notify you via mobile phone’s back light flash alerts , the back side flashlight will blink giving incoming call alerts and sms alerts. LED call and sms blink LED indicator. See the blinking flash alert notifications when phone rings with an incoming call or incoming text message.

Smart Features:

★Turn On/Off Flash on Call and sms application with single Tap
★Camera flash alert notification with incoming call and SMS
★Turn On/Off Flash on Call and SMS in normal mode
★Turn On/Off Flash on Call and SMS in Vibrate mode
★Ultimate Flash alert Intervals for sms adjustment.
★Ultimate flash alert timings adjustment.
★Set number of flashes alerts notification on incoming call and sms
★This Led flashlight alerts and ringing flashlight helps you to not miss any call or sms
★Clap For Light On/Off Control Super-Bright Flashlight
★ Flash on Call and SMS enable you to set battery threshold for low battery consumption

Flash on Call and SMS will give you flash notifications which are useful at many times. Flashlight alert helps people at night when your android phone is on vibrate or mute. Fully customizable flashlight ! A cool flashlight alerts or flash alerts application.
When you receive a call, new text message, the flash will blink with this flash alerts. Flash alerts, flash blinking on call and sms message is a low memory consumption app. You can use this application as flash blink on notifications, flash alerts, flash alerts on call, flash alerts on sms, Brightest Flash light on call and sms. The fach flashlight led torch application without go inside the app again and again. Flash alerts blinking 2 on call and sms message has a compact size.

Use LED flash on call and sms when:
• You have to keep your phone on silent but still need to know who's texting (movie theatres, plays, baby sleeping, etc.)
• You need to identify caller but can't turn your phone on ( in a conference or meeting )
• You're in a noisy location and can't hear your ringtone (coffee shops, parties)

Led flashlight alerts on call and sms message will give you led color flash alerts notifications which are very useful at many times like in hospital, meeting or a night walk. Get the brightest LED flashlight alerts. Download Now ! Flash alert will flash when you will get a message or when you will get a call. Flash alert on call sms message app is FREE to install and does not consume large amount of battery.

We love to hear from Flash on Call and SMS light fans, If you have any question or suggestion about Flash on Call and SMS please contact us [email protected]

Thank you for your support

How to download Date (Days) Calculator APK at

The program performs mathematical manipulations with dates. Suitable for calculating the number of days spent by the patient in the hospital, as well as for similar calculations (bed occupancy in hotels and so on). Can be very useful for quick calculations in the absence of the sight of the calendar. Using the program you can find out how many days you live, how much is left up to important dates and more

- Calculating the difference between dates
- Time before or after the selected date
- Add or subtract days from selected date
- Pregnancy Calculator: What is the expected date of birth? The first, second or third trimester of pregnancy?
- The calculation of the exact age
- Add notes to calendar (PRO-version)

The application is available in the following languages:
- English
- Russian
- German
- Spanish
- Italian
- Portuguese

Any suggestions, inquiries are welcomed by e-mail to [email protected] with the "Android- DaysCalculator" mark in the subject line.

Please, help us to make the application available in your own language.

How to install Calculator Scientific APK at

This calculator math retains the natural display, which means that you can enter equations and expressions exactly as written. Fractions, radicals, expressions with p, and calculus function templates are all there. Exact answers can include fractions, square roots, and coefficients of p.
i love to save you time and effort. I remember all your operations and leave you the choice to see them again when you want, which makes me the ideal tool to add receipts, keep your accounts or even calculate taxes. In addition, if you quit the application to do something else, your data is kept for next time. No need to type the same operation twice.
we have a nice design for this calculator scientific its very easy for using and different calculator you can using like a statistics calculator.
with the calculate include GST, calculate simple and advanced math functions in an ergonomic application.


- Algebra calculator.
- Supports most of the features of fx 500, fx500, JX570ms, 570vnplus, 991es plus, 991ms, fx570esplus, fx-82 or TI-30XB, fx 4500, 82ms, 82es, fx-82AU PLUS II, 100AU, fx 4500pa, 991ex, fx 260.
- Display of memory keys.
- Choose between a simple or complete keyboard.
- Option pour activer / désactiver le mode vibrations.
- Displays operator symbols when calculating.
- Haptic feedback.
- Result history.
- Copy the clipboard calculation result by touching the display area.
"we hope to download this scientific calculator it will not take much of your cell phone space."

How to download Voice Recorder - Sound Recorder PRO APK at

This app makes it easy to record audio using your Android smartphone or tablet. Easy to use interface gives you all the options you would ever want or need from a sound recorder such as record, stop recording, pause, skip silence, recording settings and many other functions.
Use sound and voice recorder in business meetings, for voice memos, record how you sing or play instrument.
- HD digital audio recording
- Easy to use material design interface
- Skip silence
- Live audio spectrum analyzer
- Pause recording
- Record in background even when display is off
- Save, cancel, delete recordings
- Play, pause, stop, delete, share recordings
- Output in mp3 file format
- Record with internal or external microphone
- Time displayed to monitor your recording time
- Name recording file names any way you like or use different automatic file naming
- Share recordings
- Select your preferred recording quality from 8kHz to 41.1kHz
- Change where recordings are saved
- Calibrate microphone (AGC – auto gain control)
- Pause during phone calls
- Recording notification
- Keep screen on while recording
- Switches your phone to silent during recording

How to download Reminder app free APK at

You can use our app as a daily task manager, shopping list, to to list, notes reminder or voice reminder app with alarm notification, medicine reminder app, drink water reminder app and many other thinks to manage your daily tasks may maybe as a pills reminder too


- Reminder app with notification an the possibility to set the intervall of the reminder
- Make normale notes reminders
- Capture a picture with a new reminder
- Voice recording is also supported if you want to add a voice note to your reminder

How to install RPM And Pulley Diam Calculator APK at

Leave blank the box of the desired data.
Note: For Gears Enter the Number of Teeth Instead of Diameters

How to download CFT calculator - cubic feet APK at

Calculate the Cubic feet using three options and save it to the file and share the report via mail for printing.

Feet and Inches(13.7*7.5*4.5)
In Meter and also using only Inches

How to download List Calculator APK at

Now you only need to enter a number, the total Po .. !! @@

* Surprising and convenient input
- Price entered as two of the keyboard and suryangreul
- Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, = no input required.
- Automatic calculation of the total units
- Automatic calculation of the total sum

* Convenience features
- The existing calculation stores
- Delete line
- Delete Page
- Support output according to the currency (1,000, 100.34)

* Related searches
Calculator, easy input, auto-calculator, currency, price calculator, fun calculator, convenient calculator, converter amazing

How to download Wifi Analyzer-Home Networking tools APK at

Wifi Analyzer- Wifi Admin tools is one of the most robust networking utilities on google play. With this wifi analyzer you will have many IP tools for monitoring your home or office's wired or wireless network signal info.

Key functions:

• Wifi analyzer Reconnaissance page features:

1) Scan network
2) Whois data
3) IP blacklist checker
4) Port Scanner
5) MAC address lookup
6) DNS lookup
7) Traceroute
8) Ping

• Network Scanning Page features:

1) Displays Wifi signal strength and wifi speed!
2) Test internet connections
3) Display Public IP address
4) Encryption, Frequency, MAC address, DHCP, and DHCP lease
5) Wireless access points (WAP, AP)
6) Access point graphs and charts
7) Display ALL connections made to your android device

24 Hour Support
Because of the wide range of tools within this wifi analyzer, I offer free support to both new and professionals with any questions or concerns. I try to respond within 24 hours, please email [email protected]

How to download Base, E-Juice und Liquid Calculator APK at

Mixing is so easy. Calculate the amounts of base, nicotine and aroma in the simplest way.
Whether 50/50 or other conditions.
Mix CBD with nicotine or thin it.
No matter if you mix in milliliters or with the scales.
No matter if you use ready-made base, or mix PG and VG separately.
No matter what shots you take and how much nicotine you want.
You have two shots and want to know how much base you need to get to your desired strength? In a second you have the solution.
You mix different flavors in your base? You have also calculated that in seconds.
Calculate Shake & Vape Liquids.
Make default settings that are automatically inserted in each calculation.
Save your favorite recipes and have them always and everywhere.

How to download Pulley Calculator APK at

Use this calculator to calculate :

1. Length of belt required between two pulleys.
2. Pulley ratio.
3. Belt speed per minute.
4. Pulley gap.

How to download Speak n Talk Calculator Lite APK at

*Your favorite speaking calculator is now updated with a brand new look, a calculation history view, and mute function!*

--First uninstall and then install the new update if you are experiencing problems with the update process.

To do 1+1 say: one plus one
To do 1-1 say: one minus one
To do 1x1 say: one times one
To do 1/1 say: one divided by one

Ever wanted to tell a calculator to do a calculation with just your voice? or wanted to listen to the calculation to make sure you have entered the correct calculation? Speak n Talk Calculator can do that for you!

Speak n Talk Calculator can recognize spoken compounded mathematical equations. For example, you can say what's negative 2 plus 2 times 5 divided 3 minus 4 point 5, -2+2*5/3-4.5? and Speak n Talk Calculator will respond with the correct result. But Wait there is more, you can also use the number keys to type in equations as well! Speak n Talk Calculator can even tell you jokes, just say "Tell me a Joke"

Let the Speak n Talk Calculator do the Math and Speaking for you!

How to install Concrete Mix Calculator APK at

Cement Recipes is an app designed for people who want to prepare concrete, mortar and plaster but do not know or remember the mixing ratios of the required materials. With Cement Recipes app the only need to calculate quite accurately the materials for concrete, mortar and plaster is to enter a few data like dimensions, concrete strength, brick dimensions etc. and at the push of a button you have the amount of materials for the particular job.

-Concrete Components
-Mortar Components
-Plaster Components

This app is for informational purposes only and is not to be construed as explicit engineering advice, or professional engineering services. The author disclaims any and all responsibility for the application of the calculations made by this app.

How to download Scientific Calculator 995 APK at

Scientific Calculator 995 (sc-995) has general calculator function.
And it has 76 kinds of functions, binary/octal/hexadecimal calculation, complete mathematical calculation.

[Math Functions]

- Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide
- Correct Order of Operations (M, D, A, S)
- Constant Feature
- Parenthesis
- Change Sign (+/-)
- X^2/Square Root
- X^3/Cube Root
- Exponents (^key)/Powers of 10
- xth Root
- Pi
- Percent Calculations


- Fraction <> Decimal, Decimal <> Fraction
- Improper Fraction <> Mixed Number
- Simplification


- Sin, Cos, Tan & Inverse
- Hyperbolic Functions
- Converts between DEG, RAD, GRAD


- Mean, Sum, # Elements
- Standard Deviation
- Log, Ln, Inverse Log, Exponential
- nPr, cPr, x!
- Random Number Generator

[Additional Math Functions]

- DMS <> DD Conversions
- Number Bases - Dec, Hex, Oct, Binary
- Polar <> Rectangular Conversions
- Boolean Logic Operations

[User's Guide]

- Include user's guide


This software includes the work that is distributed in the Apache License 2.0.
- MathJax --

How to download VAPEknead: Vape calculator APK at

The most useful app for vape engaged in self-kneading

I suggest you enjoy a vape calculator without advertising and other fees.

Every vaper who engages in the Self-kneading knows how difficult it is to calculate the amount of all the ingredients for perfect liquid for vaping
. Therefore, the most simple and convenient mobile application for fans of vape was created. I did it for myself, so I realized all my needs, which I did not find in other similar applications.
You can specify in the calculator:
- Liquid volume at the outlet
- Required nicotine content
- Required content of propylene glycol (PG)
- The required glycerin content (VG)
- Unlimited amount of flavors
By clicking the "Calculator" button, you will learn what and how much you need to mix to get the finished liquid to your taste.

The main advantage is that it is possible to calculate the dosage with insulin syringes (in which 40 divisions are equal to 1 ml). That is, for small doses for samplers.
And also, at your request, only the last recipe is preserved or not. Saving several recipes is planned in the next versions.

If you have something uncomfortable or incomprehensible please write in the comments.
I will try to fix it or implement it in future versions.

How to install Triangle Calculator APK at

This calculator is designed to give the two unknown factors in a right triangle, assuming two factors are known.
Again, this right triangle calculator works when you fill in 2 fields in the triangle angles, or the triangle sides. Angle C and angle 3 cannot be entered.

The Right-angled Triangles Calculator

You must enter at least two values to do the calculation

How to download Real Citizen Calculator APK at

Use smart calculator for business problem, maths calculation problem solve and any other calculation problem solve easy.

Features Here You Get:-

- Simple and Smart Calculator interface
- Easy Calculation
- All operators gives perfect calculation
- Easy to use
- Free For All
- Percentages
- Memories
- Use Anywhere and Any place

Real Citizen Calculator application has been designed and engineered for easy operation at any level. Which gives perfect solution for any query.

How to install Steel Bars Calculator APK at

- Use the app to calculate area of cross section/circumference/weight/cost, for steel bars.
- Range of number of bars from 1 to 30.
- Range of diameters from 5 mm to 38 mm.
- Calculate the total area/weight/cost of different rebar no., diameter, length.
- Add/remove to the selected rebars list and get the updated total area/weight/cost.
- Reset the total area/weight/cost to start new selections.

How to install Calculator with Sound APK at

This calculator app produces different sounds when you touch buttons. This makes it easier to recognize which button you are touching, and changes calculation into amusing experience.
Also, the special functions to calculate taxes and discounts really help your shopping.

[Touch sounds]
- Select sound (phone and acoustic guitar)
- Assign each button a sound as you like
- Turn on/off sounds

[Discount calculation]
- Quick calculation by touching 12 buttons with discount percentages
- Display both the final price and the amount of money saved
- Input the final price into an expression and continue to calculate

[Tax calculation]
- Calculate a tax with one click
- Display the amount of a tax

- Save an expression, the date and time each time you touch the '=' button or 'TAX' buttons.
- Delete the history one by one
- Delete the entire history
- Input expressions from the history into the main screen and continue to calculate
- Copy expressions to clipboard
- Share expressions

- Tax rate (the default value is 8%)
- Way of rounding the amount of taxes
- Way of rounding discounts
- Do not save history
- Keep screen on

Icon made by Picol from

How to install Concrete calculator - cement:sand:gravel:water APK at

The application (available in english and russian) calculates the exact proportions, volume and weight of cement, water, sand and gravel for making concrete with desired characteristics *:
- compressive firmness - classes B7,5..B30 or mark M100..M400
- Mobility (density) of the concrete mix - P1..P5
- Frost-resistance - F50..F1000
- Watertightness - W2..W20
* classes and marks are given in accordance with russian standards

Proportions can be calculated for the concrete on the basis of:
- Gravel and sand
- Only sand
- Ready mix of sand and gravel (S/G mix)

The calculation considers the possibility of using waterreduction additives.

You can send calculation results to your email.

While using the app you will be asked to specify the characteristics of cement, sand and gravel. The basic values (cement mark, empty space between grains of gravel and sand) are necessary to specify - otherwise the calculation accuracy will not be high. But you can leave the default values for other features. The help is offered to specify each feature, which says how to find out or calculate the required value.

Finally, you will get proportions (eg, 1:0,5:1,5:3), liters and kilograms required to make desirable concrete. You can recalculate the liters and kilograms, for example, to bring them to choosen volume of concrete mix.

The application will also check whether desired frost-resistance and watertightness are achievable with given values of the components. It will suggest what kind of additional additives (airinvolving, waterproofing, sealing) should be introduced in the concrete mix if required.

You can get the cost of 1 m3 (1000 liters) of concrete also by specifing the cost of cement, gravel and sand in your region

The application uses the algorithms of calculation proportions of concrete components suggested in the books of the Soviet and Russian concrete scientists - Dvorkin, Sizov, Izotov, Gorchakov, Davidson.

This algorithms are the theoretical basis for the initial selection of the proportions of components only. It is necessary to assess the mobility (thickness) of the concrete mix after making trial mixture. If the mixture has turned too liquid - reduce the amount of cement and water by 5%. If the mixture is too thick - increase cement and water by 5%.

The application offers proportions of components for desired firmness with reliability of 95% and coefficient of variation of firmness of 13,5%. This means a large stock of safety. However, in order to be assured in terms of firmness, frost-resistance and watertightness, it is necessary to make concrete samples and test them in the laboratory. Thereafter, if necessary, adjust the proportions of the components. Application author does not give a 100% guarantee and is not responsible for difference between the actual characteristics of concrete designs and those, which were specified in the app. The application should be used for searching of initial proportions only.

Concrete proportions calculation is devided into two actions. Firstly, the water-cement ratio required to obtain the desired concrete firmness is calculated. Secondly, the water demand of concrete mix and the ratio of filling the empty space between the gravel grains by sand and cement paste is determined considering desired mobility level of the mixture. The higher the required mobility, the greater the volumes of sand, water and cement.

In case of concrete prepared on the basis of sand (without gravel) the ratio of filling the empty space between the sand grains by cement paste is determined.

Calculation of concrete prepared on the basis of ready sand and gravel mix combines both of these algorithms. However, since the application is requesting a few characteristics of S/G mix, the calculation of such type of concrete is the least accurate. So it is not recommended to use S/G mix in the most cases.

How to download Math Calculator APK at

Scientific calculator for math, physics, economics and many more! With most important mathematical functions:

- arithmetic and trigonometric functions
- store multiple values in memory
- universal, physical and technical constants
- history of calculations
- float, fixed and scientific mode

Very easy and fast tool for school, college and work!

How to download Pipe Guide Calculator APK at

Pipe Guide Calculator is the perfect tool for those who want all necessary computations in one place.
The app gives you the most useful calculation that you need for pipe fitting.
Pipe Guide Calculator eliminates all the tables and the best of all: you save time in your work.

Created by a welder for welders.

How to download Plutocalc Water and Wastewater APK at

Plutocalc is the most complete and popular calculator for water treatment, wastewater, hydraulics, environmental chemistry and unit conversions. Plutocalc calculations were carefully tuned to require minimal inputs and provide accurate results based in the latest advances of science.

- 101 solvers
- 2538+ different calculations
- Internal databases for chemicals and standards
- Results as you type
- Multiple languages: English, Portuguese and Spanish
- 100% offline, no data connection required

Solver list:

- Angle
- Area
- Conductivity and resistivity
- Density and concentration
- Energy
- Flow - mass
- Flow - volumetric
- Flux and rates
- Forces
- Hardness in water
- Length
- Mass
- Power
- Pressure
- Speed
- Temperature
- Time
- Volume

- Buffer tank capacity
- Cylinder volume
- Cone volume
- Cube volume
- Circle properties (radius, diameter, perimeter and area)
- Horizontal cylindrical tank volume
- Triangle properties with sides/angles determination
- Municipal plants capacity
- Nominal pipe sizes and wall thickness
- Sieve sizes according
- Rainfall volume

Energy and power
- Head loss in pipes
- Open channels or partially filled pipes
- Orifice plates with incompressible fluids
- Parshall flumes flow measurement
- Rectangular flumes flow measurement
- Flow adjustment for dosing/metering pumps
- Pump power and energy consumption
- Blowers and compressors power and energy consumption
- Mixing velocity gradient
- Reynolds number and speed

- Boiler water quality and blowdown
- CO2 conductivity
- Periodic table of elements with oxidation states
- Ionic Balance
- TOC, COD and KMnO4 relations
- Langlier Saturation Index - LSI
- Silt Density Index - SDI
- Modified Fouling Index - MFI
- Sludge Volume Index - SVI

- Chemical dosing flow, mass and concentrations
- Dry chemical dosing flow
- Chemical solutions density database
- Water properties (viscosity, density, pH, conductivity)
- Gases properties (density and molecular weight)
- Oxygen solubility in water
- Multiple streams blending
- Specific gravity, Baumé, Brix and API relations

Adsorption and Ion Exchange
- Sorption/Exchange capacity
- Empty Bed Contact Time and BV/h
- Ion Exchange regeneration
- Ion Exchange softener design

Filters and membranes
- Cylindrical filter rate and speed
- Microfiltration / Ultrafiltration comparison and normalization
- Reverse Osmosis membranes and datasheets comparison
- Reverse Osmosis plant normalization and performance
- RO / NF skid designer
- Recovery
- Recovery for membranes in series
- Normalized permeability
- Granular media head loss (sand, resins, anthracite, carbon and custom)
- Granular media backwash expansion rate

- Equilibrium for Carbonates, Ammonia, Sulfates, Boron, Sulfides, Silica, Phosphates and Nitrous Acid
- Disinfection with Chlorine, Chlorine Dioxide, Chloramines and Ozone
- Disinfection with Chlorine for Giardia Cysts
- Disinfection with UV
- Iron oxidation and precipitation
- Manganese oxidation and precipitation
- Sludge from chemicals
- Food-to-microorganisms ratio - F/M
- Ultimate BOD

- Surface loading rate - circular
- Surface loading rate - rectangular
- Hydraulic retention time - HRT
- Solids retention time - SRT
- Solids loading rate
- Volumetric solids loading rate
- Return activated sludge recycle - RAS
- Discrete sedimentation
- Sludge concentration and mass
- Sludge age

- Ordinary annuity
- Annuity due
- Compound annual growth rate - CAGR
- Interest rate conversions
- Simple interest

Please visit for other versions of this app

No user data will be collected or sent by Plutocalc.

How to install Odisha Land Records Info APK at

This app helps you to get your land related information in odisha state

With the help of following steps you can get your ROR


1 ) Select district
2 ) Select Tahashil
3 ) Select village
4 ) Select RI Circle

Select Khatiya/Plot/Tenant

How to download Radioactive Decay Calculator APK at

A simple calculator to calculate radioactive decay for a variety of radionuclides. Activities may be entered in Bq or Ci and conversions between these units is possible within the app. Many common radionuclides, especially those used in Nuclear Medicine and Positron Emission Tomography (PET), are predefined in the app. Users may add and save additional radionuclides and define the half-life.

The decay calculator allows the user to enter a radionuclide, reference date and reference time. The current activity is displayed and updated for radioactive decay in real time. In addition, a specified date and time can be entered and the decay corrected activity at this time will also be shown.

Users working in Nuclear Medicine departments and Radiopharmacy labs will find this decay calculator useful.

Please Note: This calculator is provided as is, without any guarantees or warranty. Although the author has tested the application and believes it to be accurate, the author is not liable for any damage or losses of any kind caused by the use or misuse of this application.

• Real time calculation of radioactive decay and display of current activity
• Calculation of activity at a specified date and time
• Database of radionuclides commonly used in Nuclear Medicine (Co-57, Cr-51, Cs-137, Ga-67, I-123, I-131, In-111, Lu-177, Mo-99, P-32, Ra-223, Se-75, Sm-153, Sr-89, Tc-99m, Tl-201, Y-90) and Positron Emission Tomography (C-11, Cu-64, F-18, Ga-68, Ge-68, N-13, O-15, Rb-82)
• Add new radionuclides
• Edit user defined radionuclides
• Convert between Becquerels and Curies

Please report any bugs to the author.

How to install Thermometer APK at

Simple thermometer measures ambient temperature inside and outside .
Accurate thermometer shows outdoor and indoor temperature.
- For a better precision, thermometer uses integrated sensor to measure inside temperature.
- Localisation allows to get outside temperature.
- Measures units are celsius, fahrenheit and kelvin.
- Indicates weather conditions as icons.
- Hygrometer measures humidity
- Several languages support : English, French, Spanish, German, arabic, japenese, dutch, russian, italian, chinese and portuguese.
- Simple and easy to use.

How to install Doctor App APK at

No. 1 Mobile App for Doctor,Hospital & more searching
Doctor App is the application that provides all information for health and related services such as Doctor,Hospital,Medical Store etc.

- Find doctors near you based on your current location.
- Search for doctors based on their Speciality, Clinic name or Doctor name.
- Doctor information with Contact Details
- Hospital information with Contact Details
- Get Blood Bank information
- Home health,IVF Centers,Medical store details
- Emergency Contact Details
- Book your doctor's appointment by using our special " Book Appointment" feature
- Get Special News for Health and Medicine
- Visit Doctor App to get latest Job for your profile
- Contact for any emergency to our 24 * 7 helpline
- Medical Tourism support

You can select clinic specializing in:
- Dentists
- Dermatologists
- Psychiatrists
- Share Doctor visiting card
- Gynecologists
- Sexologists
- Spa & Wellness
- And many more.

How to install Free Maps Ruler APK at

Free Maps Ruler allows you to easily measure the distance and the area between selected points on a map. All you need to do is just add a bunch of points on a map using the red marker button from the top application menu. After that the distance or area calculation is done automatically and the result is displayed in the left top corner. The viewfinder in the middle of the map should help you determine where exactly you are placing the makers. No GPS position acquisition is required, all markers can be added manually. The search option allows you to find any location in the world just by typing its name into the input filed, after that, found location will by directly displayed in the center of the map.

How to measure the distance/area?
1. Find the location on the map manually (by moving the map and zooming) or use the search option from the top menu. Search option allows you to just type the name of any city, street, landmark etc. in the world and it will be displayed in the center of the map.
2. Use the red marker form the top menu to add many markers on the map. They may represent your route in case of distance measurement or the boundary of your estate in case of area measurement.
3. The distance/area calculation result will be displayed in the left top corner of the screen.

Additional features
1. If you press the Settings button you can customize the application behavior.
2. From the Settings menu you can change the type of measurement – area/distance.
3. You can change also the metric system: meters/miles.
4. You can change the map type: hybrid (satellite image with street names)/satellite/road.
5. Viewfinder can be turned on/off using the viewfinder button from the top menu.
6. You can move markers using your finger to adjust them to a specific position.
7. You can tap on each marker to see the details.
8. You can remove each marker in marker details window.
9. The last location search result will be displayed at the next application startup.
10. You can create an account to save your measurements and browse them later on.
11. You can browse

How to download Charts APK at

Navigraph Charts is the easy way for flight simulator enthusiasts to search, view and organize IFR airport and enroute charts. The charts are provided by Jeppesen and cover over 6,800 airports worldwide and are always up-to-date.

You will experience the following with Navigraph Charts App:

- Worldwide and current Jeppesen IFR charts: 6,800+ airports covered
- Moving maps: showing your simulator's aircraft position on the charts in real time
- Night mode: Dark theme version of the charts for low ambient light conditions
- Flight organization: Collect charts for departure, destination and alternates in a single place
- Chart color coding and pinboards: Easily filter specific chart types and pin charts for quick access
- Interactive enroute charts: Click and search airports, waypoints, navaids, airways, controlled and restricted airspaces, FIRs/UIRs, holding patterns and more
- Route visualization: Show your flights route on the enroute charts

You must be a Navigraph user subscribing to Navigraph Charts for full access to this application. If you're not a subscriber yet, you may login to view demo airports Alicante, Spain (LEAL) and Ontario, CA, US (KONT).

An active Internet connection is required when using the app - no offline mode.


How to download Speedometer GPS digital APK at

Speedometer is a speedometer for Android based on your Smartphone GPS showing speed in real time, but also other important data.

You can use this app on your vehicle, when cycling , when you run, when you sail on a boat, when you fly in an airplane, etc ...

Information displayed :

- Current speed (mph , km / h , m / s )
- GPS Compass
- Distance traveled (km , m , mi, d )
- GPS Altitude ( m, ft)
- Coordinates: Latitude, longitude (decimal , degrees, minutes , seconds)

To measure the distance from any point tap in the screen and reset distance to zero.

Includes two themes that can be changed in the settings :

- Light Theme (day )
- Dark Theme ( night)

How to install Canada Topo APK at

Canada Topo is designed to display the National Topographic System (NTS) grid for Canada and display topographic maps published by the government. It also acts as a basic GPS, offering tracking and waypoint functions as well as GPX/KML export. Search for addresses and cities, measure areas and distances, and easily view locations in Google Earth, Google Maps, or other maps applications. Because this app downloads and stores topographic maps on local storage, topo maps are available for offline use.

Topographic maps are large images, so this app may run slowly on older phones. Long press the map to get started downloading maps!

How to install Color Flash Light Alert Calls, SMS APK at

Did you look before how to know a notification by color flashlight alerts comes from with application without touch the phone and save battery and ignore notifications alerts you don’t like and get flash light alert on call and sms whatsapp.
Use our color flashlight apps to get all notifications with color flashlight for all apps with flash alerts second, to have notified in upcoming call or sms, you will have alert for all notification, now you can do that, just install color flashlight Notification flash alerts second !!
it’s the best color flashlight for android phone! Set on multiple flash alerts second options and color lights for many apps by using 8 color lights to set : Yellow, green, blue, red, white, purple, pink by choosing the color you get next notified with colorful flash alerts second on messages and calling to get amazing phone effects.
All you need to do is install color flashlight Notification Color app and select flash light alert on call and sms whatsapp an app to enable color flashlight for, All apps are supported!!
How to use:
1-Star the application.
2-Manage the app to get color lights flashing you want by flash alerts second! 
Phone color alert free to get now easily to impress your family with color flash alerts second.

Features of color flashlight Notification Color app:
- color flashlight for all your apps, WhatsApp, messenger, facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Viber, imo, ...
- Color blinking alert on call, flash alerts second for all your incoming calls.
- color flashlight alert when you get a text message.
- Inside phone alert lights, for all you system notifications.
- color flashlight Notification Color app can be set to work in different phone modes.
- Call and text messages color flashlight without the internet,flash light alert on call and sms whatsapp install color flashlight Notification Color app.
New and exclusive in color flashlight Notification Color app:
- You can set the number of LED color flashlight per message.
- You can regulate blinking frequency for your LED color flashlight per application.
- You can switch flash alerts OFF and ON on your locked devices to save battery life.
this color flashlight Notification Color app does not change your phone back flash light color, it gave you front LED color notifications

How to install Color Flash Light Alert Call & SMS APK at

Use our flash colors apps to get all notifications with flash colors for all apps with alert lights, to get notified in upcoming call or sms also with this feature apps you be able to get alert lights for all notification, then the alerts on call and sms for your android phone get a fast blinking and alert flashlight, it’s the best flash colors for android phone!
Set on multiple flash alerts options and alert lights for many apps by using 8 color alert lights to set
Yellow, green, blue, red, white, purple, pink by choosing the color you get next notified with color light flash alerts on messages and calling to get amazing phone effects.
How to use:
1-Star the app.
2-Manage the app to get alert lights flashing you want! 
Phone color light alert free to get now easily to impress your family with flash colors .
Recent changes:
new icon
flash blinking precision
bug fixed
more devices supported
Color coming soon,
Flat Design,
Battery Friendly,
Color LED Notification Soon,
Fix Major Bugs
-Flash colors on Incoming Call 
-Flash colors on Incoming SMS
-Flash colors on Incoming Call without ringtones
-Flash colors on other test notifications like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc
-Test flashlight alert from app
This App works only with mobiles that have LED Light notifications.


Color Flash Light Alert Call & SMS

How to install WarDroid - Warframe Tracker APK at

** This application is in no way affiliated with Digital Extremes. All information used is property of Digital Extremes. **

This app is no longer actively maintained, and may break occasionally.

Warning: Due to changes made by the game developer, new items introduced in U16 and later will not have their correct names until manually corrected.

Current features:
• Alert tracker (PC/PS4/Xbox)
• News tracker (PC only)
• Invasion tracker (PC/PS4/Xbox)
• Item/credit/planet filters and push notifications for alerts and invasions (PC/PS4/Xbox)
• Dark Sectors tracker (PC/PS4/Xbox)

• Accounts/Receive data - Required by Google Cloud Messaging for push notifications.
• Network access - Access data required for the app.
• Vibration - Provide vibrations for notifications.
• Prevent phone from sleeping - Allow the app to process notifications.

Web based tracker:

How to download AISPilot APK at

AISPilot is a gps navigator with support for AIS (Automatic Identification System). It works with offline maps from OpenSeaMap project.
The application provides real-time AIS data , supporting different sources, WIFI and Bluetooth AIS devices, GPS Bluetooth and Built-in GPS.
Highlighted Features:
- Real time AIS data
- Offline maps based on Open Sea Map project.
- Download of OpenStreetMap maps of every country in the world
- Conection to AIS transponders.
- Vessels monitoring in Real Time.
- Customizing the displayed informatión.
- Record of Tracks
- Record of Point of interests
- GPX Routes Navigation ascending or descending
- Meeting and overtake points
- CPA and TCPA calculations

How to download Ringing Flashlight notifications on call and sms APK at

Ringing Flashlight on call and SMS and message alerts application. Helpful application when your smartphone is not in your reach or you are somewhere in very big crowd or noisy place like music party or somewhere in a place where your phone should be silent like meetings, mosque, church and temple so you can use Free beautiful flash alert on call sms message application and get notify from any messenger with its all very simple and beautiful interface and very easy to use design. Free beautiful Ringing Flashlight application will simply notify you about your call sms message from any messenger like facebook, whatsapp, viber, tango, badoo, imo and all other user installed applications through flashlight starts blinking.

Free beautiful flashlight alert on call sms message application will blink/alert the camera LED flashlight and notify with camera flash alert notification for call and SMS message notification alerts. Flash alert on call and Flash alert on SMS give you blinking flash alert notifications.

【Best thing in Ringing Flashlight is】
✔ Turn the flash blinking ON or OFF with a single one tap widget on your home screen.
✔ Ringing Flashlight alert on call and sms messenger is available in more then 200 countries.
✔ Ringing Flashlight alerts on call and sms is available in more then 80 different languages.
✔ Ringing Flashlight blink alert on call and sms messenger does not disturb during a call.
✔ Flashlight alert on call and sms messenger is a low memory consumption app.
✔ Blink alert on call and sms messenger does not slow your smartphone
✔ Flashlight alert on call and sms message has a compact size.

【Available Features in Ringing flash alert:】
★ Turn the Ringing Flashlight notification ON or OFF with a single one tap button inside the application.
★ Flashlight alert and notification On Incoming Calls.
★ Flash notification On Incoming message.
★ For call adjustment put interval in falsh alert and notification application.
★ Ringing flashlight alert Intervals for sms adjustment.
★ Flash alert timings adjustment.
★ Flash alert intervals adjustment for other applications like facebook, youtube, viber, whatsapp, tango, badoo, google+, twitter, imo, skype etc.

Application Usage:
★ Free Beautiful Ringing Flashlight alert on call and SMS and message alerts application in Silent Mode.
★ Ringing Flashlight on call and SMS and message alerts application in Normal Mode.
★ Free Beautiful Flash alert on call and SMS and message alerts application in Vibrate Mode.
★ Free Beautiful Flash alert on call and SMS and message alerts application in Meetings.
★ Free Ringing Flashlight alert on call and SMS and message alerts application in Hospitals.
★ Beautiful led flash alert application give alerts in Mosques.
★ Free Beautiful led flash alert application give alerts in churches.
★ Free Beautiful led flashlight alert application give alerts in temple.
★ Test ringing flashlight alert button will check if flashlight of your mobile is blinking or not

Led flash on call and sms and messenger will give you led flash alerts notifications which are very useful at many times like in hospital, meeting or a night walk. Get the brightest LED flash alerts. Download Now ! Flash alert will flash when you will get a message or when you will get a call. Ringing Flashlight notification on call and message app is FREE to install and does not consume large amount of battery and better then any color flashlight.

Note: Flashlight ringing alert will not work for other application on devices having operating system below than 4.3

If you like the app, rate us 5 ★★★★★ and share the love in reviews.
If found an issue, report to us via email.
Thank you for your support

How to download Internet Speed Meter -Smart APK at

- Real time speed update in status bar and notification.
- Daily traffic usage in notification.
- Internet Speed Meter is an Internet Speed and usage monitor for your smartphone.
- Separate stats for Mobile network and WiFi network.
- Reset Data-used Mobile and WI-Fi internet 30 Days Total Traffic.
- Live Internet Speed Monitors Your Traffic Data For The Last 30 days
- Compatible with all types of network (3G,4G & LTE, WiFi).
- Not consume Battery.
- Network speed meter on lock screen
- shows your internet provider's name and units
- Real-time graphs show connection consistency.
- Internet Speed Meter Notification Dialog Appears When You Tap The Notification Having
- Internet And WiFi Download And Upload Speed Show
- Graph To Monitor Last Minute Internet Activity.
- Today's App Usage For Mobile And WiFi Total Data.
- Real-time Speed Of Running Applications.

Warning: Do not move this app to SD card. It will stop (Force close) when you remove the card.

Smart Internet Speed Meter Download And Enjoy......!

How to install Fake Notifications APK at

It doesn't matter, if you need developer tool, or just easy way to troll your friend, Fake Notifications will be always there to help you!

★ Easily and highly customizable configuration for creating your very own notifications
★ Rich gallery of icons
★ Choose any color of your notification and LED you wish
★ Delays - you can delay your notifications, so they will be displayed later
★ Fresh and clean Material design

★ Full network access, view network connections
→ This permission is essential in order to display ads (don't worry, only 1 ad in 30 minutes!)
★ Control vibrations
→ This permission is essential in order to vibrate with your device while displaying notification
★ Read external storage
→ On some devices (mostly LG) this permission is required in order to set ringtone of notification

"Feature graphic's" wallpaper source:

How to install Flash Notification Alerts, Alert Notification APK at

Tested on 600+ devices and downloaded by 290000+ users.

Free Beautiful Flash alert on call and SMS and message alerts application. Helpful application when your smartphone is not in your reach or you are somewhere in very big crowd or noisy place like music party or somewhere in a place where your phone should be silent like meetings, mosque, church and temple so you can use Free beautiful flash alert on call sms message application with its all very simple and beautiful interface and very easy to use design. Free beautiful flash alert on call sms message application will simply notify you about your call sms message through flashlight starts blinking.

Free beautiful flash alert on call sms message application will blink/alert the camera LED flashlight and notify with camera flash alert notification for call and SMS message notification alerts. Flash alert on call and Flash alert on SMS give you blinking flash alert notifications.

【Best thing in flash alert is】
✔ Turn the flash blinking ON or OFF with a single one tap widget on your home screen.
✔ Flashlight alert on call and sms message is available in more then 200 countries.
✔ Flashlight alert on call and sms message is available in more then 80 different languages.
✔ Flashlight alert on call and sms message is a low memory consumption app.
✔ Blink alert on call and sms message does not disturb during a call.
✔ Blink alert on call and sms message does not slow your smartphone
✔ Blink alert on call and sms message automatically creates a widget to turn on and off the settings of the application without go inside the app again and again.
✔ Flash alert on call and sms message has a compact size.
✔ Flash alert on call and sms message has more then 290000+ downloads in no time.

Available Features in flash alert:
★ Turn the flash alert blinking ON or OFF with a single one tap button inside the application.
★ Flash alert On Incoming Calls.
★ Flash alert On Incoming SMS.
★ Flash alert Intervals for call adjustment.
★ Flash alert Intervals for sms adjustment.
★ Flash alert timings adjustment.

Application Usage:
★ Free Beautiful Flash alert on call and SMS and message alerts application in Silent Mode.
★ Free Beautiful Flash alert on call and SMS and message alerts application in Normal Mode.
★ Free Beautiful Flash alert on call and SMS and message alerts application in Vibrate Mode.
★ Free Beautiful Flash alert on call and SMS and message alerts application in Meetings.
★ Free Beautiful Flash alert on call and SMS and message alerts application in Hospitals.
★ Free Beautiful led flash alert application give alerts in Mosques.
★ Free Beautiful led flash alert application give alerts in churches.
★ Free Beautiful led flash alert application give alerts in temple.
★ Test flashlight alert button will check if flashlight of your mobile is blinking or not

Led flash alerts on call and sms message will give you led flash alerts notifications which are very useful at many times like in hospital, meeting or a night walk. Get the brightest LED flash alerts. Download Now ! Flash alert will flash when you will get a message or when you will get a call. Flash alert on call sms message app is FREE to install and does not consume large amount of battery.

If you like the app, rate us 5 ★★★★★ and share the love in reviews.
If found an issue, report to us via email.
Thank you for your support

How to download Spoken notifications APK at

Spoken notifications let you listen to your email, whatsapp, text messages and know who's calling even with your phone locked.

Voice Commands lets you control your device, make calls, and send text messages.

This app uses the Device Administrator permission.
You can enable it to lock device when some applications (incomming calls, clock, alarms) unlock it.

This service captures phone notifications and uses the text-to-speech tool (TTS TextToSpeech) to inform them in spoken form.(brief or detailed)

Pre-set voice commands in Spanish or English only using Android voice recognition (Google Voice Search)..
(answer, hang up, text to , call to, hour or find in Google).

Use of power keys, volume, headset button and shake to control functionality quickly and easily.

★ Use settings to enable / disable each notification.
You can also choose the audio mode where they will be spoken (headset, speakers, always or none) for short or detailed notifications.

★ Remember to activate from the program menu or from the device configuration the accessibility WDService to receive spoken notifications.

★ Remember to set the voice playback language.
(Settings->language and input->Text-to-speech output)

• Spoken notifications for incoming calls and SMS.
• Voice notifications for applications (gmail, mail, whatsapp, facebook, hangout, etc).
• Predefined voice commands.
• Notifications for signal, airplane mode, battery, location and Wi-Fi or data connection.
• Geo information - location.
• Emergency activation (S.O.S) by voice command (send text message with location).
• Control by orders received by SMS (only for authorized and emergency numbers).
• Answering calls and sending SMS by voice commands.
• Searches on Google when one of the voice commands is not recognized.
• Alert notifications about the status of the phone (no service, low battery, no connection, etc.).
• Set notifications spoken by speakers, headsets or bluetooth.
• Notifications can be configured as brief or detailed (read a complete email or whatsapp or just your sender).

Speech Commands / Voice Command examples:
call to , answer , hang up , wake me uo at , text to , date , hour , radio , music , open app, send location to , replay , phone status , ok google and more...

You can use any text-to-speech application, example IVONA.

Online Help

How to download Flash Alerts APK at

Flash Alerts will give you flash notifications which are very useful at many times. Blinks the flash light of mobile device. Which alerts you for a call or text message arrived. Fully customizable flashlight! Easy customizable flash duration and flash frequency.

- Blink led flash alerts on Call, ringing flashlight
- Blink led flash alerts on Text message
- Blink led flash alerts on new App notification
- You can turn on or turn off service by manual over device status sound mode as Ring, Vibrate or Silent mode
- Allow change speed of flash light alert
- Turn off flash alerts when battery low, help you save battery

If you like the app, rate us 5 ★★★★★ and share the love in reviews.

How to install Colonial Flag App APK at

Many ask for a mobile resource to help them properly display the American Flag. There are different circumstances and events to fly the flag. In most cases, it is a personal choice and the flag can be flown everyday.

This mobile app provides details on proper flag etiquette and suggested dates to fly the flag. Status and instructions on flying the flag at half staff are also provided. Other useful resources will enhance your flag experience.

It is your country, your flag, fly it!

This mobile app provides the following functionality:

-- Notifications for half staff alerts and other flag holidays delivered to your mobile phone
-- List of holidays recommended for flying the flag
-- Information on flag etiquette, caring for the flag, proper display of the flag and flag ceremonies
-- Resources for contacting us, shopping for flags, and reaching out via social media
-- Gallery of flags, events and ability to submit your own photos of flag events

How to install Seer (Silence Notifications) APK at

Introducing Seer (Silence Everything Except Ringer) for Android.

In Android 4.0+ there is no way to have separate volumes for Ringer and Notifications.
Because of this your sleep may be disturbed at night by unwanted email, text or message of any kind.

Seer allows you to overcome this limitation by turning notification volume to silence and still allows all incoming calls to ring your phone.
What Seer does is silence all sounds except ringer so you will never miss a important phone call again.
It comes with a widget as well so you can quickly enable or disable by just one click from the home screen.
Enjoy quiet nights now!

- Let's you set the volume level for incoming calls
- Manual toggle to turn Seer on/off when you want
- Schedule Control. Automatically silence your phone
- Charge Mode. Silence your phone when you're charging at night

How to install Route Drive Navigation, Maps & Live Traffic Alerts APK at

Route Drive Navigation, Maps & Live Traffic Alerts is a free navigation app that provides turn by turn navigation during driving to reach to your desired destination. It provides navigation with voice direction so that you can listen to the navigation while driving your car. Searching for voice navigation that find road, navigation with voice directions, live navigation maps & street view, earth maps live gps, find out car parking and much more in this great gps navigation apps. GPS navigation offline maps & directions show the street view of the route that you take to reach the destination. Navigation direction app also lets users to know the estimated time of arrival ESA at a place along with the shortest possible route available with minimum traffic.

This transportation app updates the driver about the traffic alerts, it tells on which route there is more traffic and at which route there is less traffic, so that users can avoid rusty traffic and reach the destination as soon as possible. Navigation apps free. GPS altimeter, American maps, Traffic information apps. Offline maps with GPS free. Offline navigator for driving. GPS locator and tracker app offline. Road maps of USA offline. Tracker car gps navigation system. Gps route finder maps navigation. Navigator for driving offline. Traffic live map.

Voice GPS driving directions, GPS navigation offline tells you the kilometers that you will travel to reach the destination along with the arrival time. Pub world live earth maps navigation and tracking apps. You can plan your trips without any hassle using this transportation app you select the route you want to take to reach at a place. Waze gps maps traffic alerts and live navigation. Gps navigator with voice has maps of all the countries of the world, you can change location and select a new location and its map will open automatically that you can follow.

Live Traffic: It gives the information of live traffic of the roads that how much traffic a route has and how much time you will take to reach at a place.
Places nearby: While driving it gives you information about the nearby places like restaurants, café, hospitals, atm, pharmacies, parks, grocery stores, petrol pumps, schools, universities, bus stops, cinema etc.
Traveling data: This navigation direction route app records the data of your traveling, and saves the frequently visiting places for future assistance.
Street view maps: It shows 3D maps of the streets.
Car Tracker: Tracker car Gps navigation system helps to track the car on the map and allows sharing the location of the car with your friends or family.
Speedometer: This offline navigation system acts like speedometer, it measures the speed and also warns about the speed limits of different roads.
Rerouting: In case if you miss to take a turn then this navigation app will automatically reroute itself to reach the destination.
Weather forecast: It gives information related to the weather, tells the temperature etc.

How to install Macau Bus Guide & Offline Map APK at

Macau EasyGo, a fast way to check Macau bus routes and stops info OFFLINE!

Find us on facebook:

More offline functions:
- Point-to-point Route Planning,
- GPS Tracking.
(P.S.: All your track will NOT be uploaded automatically.)

** Still hesitating? Download it now!
Leave your comment if you have any advice, Thank you!

The permission needed:
[ Location ] for all location-base function, such as GPS Tracking.
[ Photos/Media/Files ] for saving tracks.
[ Other ] for Next Stop Reporter and update checking.

How to download Local Map : Maps, Directions , GPS & Navigation APK at

Must have app for travellers
LOCAL MAP has all the features which user need while traveling or searching a places around you.
it gives best result to users in most of scenario.
it consist of different pages that have several feature combined together to provide great user experience.
With the help of this app you can search all “LOCAL MAP” around you and also MAP where you can’t reach.
Type and Search any coordinate across the world.
Search any LOCAL MAP and can set it as your temporary current location. After that you can search around it and explore that locations.
Save any location to have offline view of that places.
LOCAL MAP help you find nearby location with greater accuracy.

Explore the app to know its feature in details.

How to download Driving Voice Navigation & GPS Route Tracker APK at

Driving Voice Navigation & GPS Route tracker having maps with voice directions for driving and keeps you away from complicated navigation systems with voice gps driving directions gps navigation maps keeps conveniently the usage of easy navigation with turn by turn guideline of every route navigator for driving with voice and make its more easy for user to arrive his destination point with in minimum time. Use this Driving Voice Navigation & GPS Route tracker app to look for factors of interests and nearby places like museums, eating places, malls and so on with gps route finder. With gps route tracker save your places, gps area and get voice guided turn by turn and lots more to the saved places. Check location in specific towns that you plan to go to. Places are stored from map with route mapper address and latitude and longitude coordinates.

With Driving Voice Navigation & GPS Route tracker a gps voice navigation & maps and a voice navigation set a navigation alarm with one contact navigation to a stored location share a region or a navigation via text messaging with your family, friends and your love once. Get Korea navigation, Dubai navigation map, car navigation and maritime navigation maps of nations and towns all around the global. Enjoy the beautiful 3D street-view of your vacation spot with this Driving Voice Navigation & GPS Route tracker app
Seeking for territorial map,maps, GPRS navigation freeor get information about police car locator, nearby live map, gps accuracy, navigator free, navigator for driving and car driving road map and facts such as pictures of famous places from all around the world get this app now and enjoy 3D panoramic view of every signal place from all over the world which you wish to visit get panoramic perspectives of the interior of different points of interest inclusive of restaurants and hotels on the way


**Free truck navigation along gps & navigation
**Navigation system with perfect gps navigation that talks
**Traffic route finder 3D view
**Delivery routing with circuits route planner
**Hidden maps with best map my route UK
**Way finder
**GPS route finder with voice
**Route elevation
**Finder gps
**Track distance on map,
**Run tracking app track run tracking app along with detail information that (How far did I run and map my run route etc.)

On Driving Voice Navigation & GPS Route tracker the maps are stored directly in your device thus avoiding extra expenses for data. The application is capable of gps, tracking, aa route planner, gps map, map app, gps tracker, car track, and location tracker, mobile tracker navigating to a zip code, house number or an address book contact.

Avoid complications of different navigation apps use Driving Voice Navigation & GPS Route tracker navigation search for points of hobby around saved places

How to install GPS Navigation & Route Finder APK at

This app helps you to find the distance and traveling time between two locations through GPS & network. GPS Navigation Route Finder is very simple app that helps you to do not waste your time and allows user to find nearby places.
GPS Route Tracker allows users to find nearby places like ATMs, Banks Hotels, Schools, University, Cafe, Post office, Airports and Police station etc. find any place with using route finder nearby feature.
Just install this multi featured GPS Navigation Route Finder app and tap on the map and get route navigation direction and time with distance. You can easily get your current locations. You can share your location with your friend using social media apps. Tap on the map and share location with friends, family or loved ones.
GPS Map Route Tracker allows user to navigate destination via search maps and gives different types of traveling modes with accurate distance and duration.
It is best and very helpful GPS Location Route Finder app for android users. just install and enjoy this multi featured app.
GPS Navigation & Route Finder Features:
Find easiest and fastest route for your destination
Get exact driving route and real-time direction for wherever you want to go
Share your current location very simply by one click
Find useful nearby places like ATM, Hospitals, Police Station and Banks etc.
GPS Navigation Route Finder having a different type of traveling mode
Find real time driving, cycling and walking routes
Draw Route between two different locations and find accurate distance and duration
Search and find any address or place in map
Travel around the world and navigate using any way of transportation
Simple and very easy to use
GPS location tracker app is completely free
Stunning and user-friendly interface

How to download Navigation Voice Route Directions & GPS Maps APK at

One of the best GPS route finder with offline gps voice navigation apps for daily travelers and those who plan for long trips get this app.
Voice Gps Navigation is a gps navigation-drive with voice map & traffic get the updated maps of all the places from all over the world with updated routes. Have you ever want to track your outdoor activities? App will keep the track of all the waypoint between your journeys and make a complete traveler history of your journey app provide gps route maps voice navigation & direction guide through voice gps driving directions gps navigation.
Voice Gps Navigation is an ideal app with voice navigation having google map with gps tracker for your outdoor navigational needs it makes gps navigating of every trail to a specific point and tracking your outdoor activities very simple way with map my ride feature. It will keep track of your activities with gps map a maps app and allow you to easily navigate to backcountry coordinates with open street map view ranger.
Voice Gps Navigation with mappe back track is one of the only tracking applications pf coordinate to sync data between your current locations to destination point using tracker tower.


**Create personal trip map
**Detail trip history saver
**Android navigation app offline
**Famous places
**Google maps turn by turn
**Nearby places
**Pedestrian map
**Talking gps voice navigation for a car
**Walking map
**Auto route tracker
**Direction google maps
**Turn by Turn navigation
**Location sharing
**Google maps verbal driving
**Live street view with 360 panorama camera view
**Google navigation map view

Navigation Voice Route Directions & GPS Maps support hiking offline map with gps map my walk tracker keep monitor and navigate running, walking, and biking to track your route with gps tracking route guidance good countryside explore guidance nav free app for military navigational application.

Voice Gps Navigation also provide:
• Track your direction car location/route of your activity with gps tracking route planned
• Store favorite locations with trip view transit
• Take planned GPS static observations and gps tracker for business to average current location for more accurate waypoints
• Map measuring tools allow you to measure area and distance on the map
• Draw or drop pins to measure.

Navigation Voice Route Directions & GPS Maps is the best free navigation app for android with voice directions having panoramic feature that easily navigate to waypoints with the waypoint guide on the compass. Add fully editable 3D messages transit drive waypoints on the fly to your current track either manually or from your favorite locations. Add a vector as a waypoint with angle and distance. 

How to download Live Navigation Voice GPS, Maps & Traffic Alerts APK at

Live Navigation Voice GPS, Maps & Traffic Alerts is the most amazing best GPS navigation app with GPS maps traffic alerts and live navigation Tagalog. Get this GPS map traffic alerts & live navigation free app a live navigation you can rely on. This app navigates any place from all over the world with optimizing shortest paths along with world live street view GPS maps navigation. Let start your travel with this Live Navigation Voice GPS, Maps & Traffic Alerts with amazing direction guide and trip maps that lead you safely towards your destination with an without an internet connection. The app includes high-quality 3D maps with map box that are stored on your GPS handheld device that leads you towards any place from all over the world includes GPS live maps navigation and route direction free. With tomtom GPS navigation with live traffic, you will escape the traffic jam points or find the best parking spot or get alternate routes where there is less traffic with its map and traffic alerts feature get this GPS maps traffic alerts & live navigation a GPS app. Live GPS street view & driving navigation the best GPS for a car with live navigation map that will keep tracking the car location a GPS tracker always track out your car current location and giving you alerts about its location as well app provide speed limit and speed camera warnings about your car. California Car navigation system is built in such a way that monitor every small movement of your car so you can keep your eye on your car with drop cam.

Live navigation for android with live navigation map is always ready to guide you with clear direction, reliable offline maps and powerful trip planning having a gourmet map with google earth download google.

Live Navigation Voice GPS, Maps & Traffic Alerts is a great navigation app with copilot live GPS navigation free GPS app for every driver a car GPS with GPS maps free GPS no matter if you travel daily or drive professionally or need directions to get to your destination. Download this live navigation GPS google maps with live map traffic alerts app today and explore any place from anywhere.

Live Navigation Voice GPS, Maps & Traffic Alerts Features:
-- GPS Route Finder & Transit
-- Maps Navigation Live
-- Maps Navigation & Traffic
-- Offline map and navigation app
-- Address location
-- TrafficM8 Traffic, Maps, GPS, Random Blocked Traffic
-- Navigation Traffic, GPS, Maps and Guide
-- Driving Directions, Gps Navigation, Earth Maps
-- Live maps satellite street view
-- 3D street view gps navigation system
-- Live traffic and weather
-- Navigation with Live traffic
-- Live map view from satellite
-- Cycling map, Biker map, walking map and pedestrian map

Live Navigation Voice GPS, Maps & Traffic Alerts a live navigation GPS is combined with copilot live GPS download and serve many purposes in our daily navigation like map with traffic alerts and live traffic navigation etc. Drivers use live navigation and live GPS navigation GPS when navigating streets, pedestrians use GPS on mobile devices to navigate walking paths. GPS devices are being used for live navigation map navigation with live traffic and to monitor human movement and movement of other object where you attach this navigation system. In addition, many recreational uses such as route tracker, hiking, gps directions use this app to track locations.

How to install Navigation Direction Offline Route Maps Tracker APK at

The free Navigation Application that helps you to find the best, fastest and accurate route offline as well as online. So going to an unknown place, take our navigation maps along and you will never get lost or stuck in traffic. Offline maps of all the countries in the world along voice navigation that helps you to drive easily while getting directions. It tells you about all the alternate route options available with estimated time of arrival so that you can map your route by selecting shortest and fastest route along withstop, improvement, recent, uses, accuracy and closer. This route planner app also tells you about the kilometers & ETAs you are going to travel and average liters of fuel you will need.

Travel history of user will be saved automatically in the app so that user can quickly select workplace with Arugula, plat, dish, pointer, like, distinct, found, I gmailor home and previous route will be appeared automatically. Driving direction helps you to locate your car on the map and route finder shows different routes available. Transit gps navigation with a growing number of satisfies users and providing hassle, finest, built, attractive, section, condition, Aja, accident, thoughtfull, circulation, bene, Brett, helping, orientation, , precise, critique, fault, Cardin Ali, display, oriented, ditch, aficionado, jug, glimpse, bantu, azimuth, nth, dipper, magneto, feral, culpa, frigid, Mena, Alana, ouster, Nord, Pyle and kava. Organize your drive thoughts with navigation direction offline route maps tracker app and keep all your memos organized by choosing from a list of labels. Navigation direction offline route maps tracker app will create a custom label of your own mapturn. Get rid from location finder you simply add up your desire location and app will help you to reached desire location with all of updated shortest paths. Supports multitasking feature often helpful to track somewhere unknown paths and prevent wrong guidance. App is a fast, smart and undemanding which will avoid complexity of route finder.

Navigation Features:

This gps maps application has following features:
** Offline maps: This app works without internet connection, so you can use it anywhere.
** Transportation App: Gps navigator can be used by any source of transportation you are using whether by walking, car, bus or bicycle.
** Voice guided direction: It’s a Gps navigation that talks. It lets you know correct directions with names of places and street numbers.
** Place Finder: Its acts like a place finder, it lets you find all the nearby places, restaurants, café, mosque, ATM, banks, schools, hospitals, bus stops, outlets, air ports, malls, gas stations etc.
** Route sharing: It lets you share your current position on a map, estimated time of arrival and the route you choose.
** Speed limit information: It helps you maintain your speed within the speed limit of every area.
** Traffic details: It lets you know which route has minimum traffic and you can travel faster.
** Top rated restaurants: It also guides you about the reviews of restaurants and opening hours.
** Relocate the route: In case of road closures or barriers driving route will be automatically relocate the route.
** Street view maps: This navigation app provides street view as well to better understand the location.
** Track my drive: It helps you to send tracker to your family for safety purposes.
** Weather Forecast: This also acts like a weather forecaster and tells you about the weather conditions and how it will affect your drive.
** Hiking maps: You can get your direction during hiking as well.

Extensive map database with high quality maps. Turn-by-turn voice guidance with a large register of languages.

How to download GPS Waypoints APK at

Multi-purpose mapping and surveying tool for both professional and personal use. It can be used for land surveying, emergency events mapping, infrastructure maintenance and also personal outdoor activities, such as hiking, walking, orienteering and travelling.

The application collects Waypoints (such as points of interest) and Paths (sequence of points) to perform mapping and surveying activities. The Waypoints are acquired with accuracy information and can be tagged with user's specific information. The Paths acquired on the field allows measuring distances and, if closed, they will form polygons for measuring areas and perimeters. Both Waypoints and Paths can be exported to a KML, GPX and CSV file and thus be processed externally with a geospatial tool.

The application uses the internal GPS receiver from the mobile device (typically with accuracies>3m) or, alternatively, allows professional users attaining better accuracies with a Bluetooth external GNSS receiver (e.g. <1m). See below the list with external receivers supported.

The application includes the following features:
- Acquire positioning, navigation and precision information;
- Provide details of the visible satellites (GPS, GLONASS, BEIDOU and other);
- Create Waypoints with accuracy information, geotag them and convert coordinates into a human-readable address (reverse geocoding);
- Import Waypoints from geographic coordinates (lat, long) or alternatively search for a street address/point of interest (geocoding)
- Create Paths from multiple acquired points and get distances between them;
- Get directions and distances from current position to Waypoints and Paths
- Export Waypoints/Paths to KML and GPX file format;
- Share data with other applications (e.g. Dropbox/Google Drive).

The Premium subscription include two professional features:
- Backup and restore user’s data (it allows transfer data from one handset to another)
- Export Waypoints and Paths to CSV file format

In addition to the usage of your internal mobile receiver, the current version is known to work with the following external receivers:
- Navilock BT-821G (tested by Bluecover)
- Qstarz BT-Q818XT (tested by Bluecover)
- Bad Elf GNSS Surveyor (reported by users)
If you successfully tested the application with another external receiver please provide us your feedback as a user or manufacturer in order to extend this list.

For further information check our site

How to download APFT Calculator w/ Score Log APK at

This application can calculate your Army Physical Fitness Score based on the APFT standards listed in FM 21-20.

You can now log your scores with the app as well.

-Record Score
-Log Score
-Extended Scale Score
-Alternate Events
-Displays Min/Max
-Share score

If you like my app please purchase the ad-free version.

How to install Made in Where? APK at

This application reads or scans bar code to recognize where the product made in (product origin). It requires Barcode Scanner application installation on device to scan the barcode (you can get it from:

How to download Onexox Season Pass APK at

This application is developed to allow Onexox users to receive notifications related to Season Pass current promotions directly to their smartphones. Latest update related to Onexox and daily promotions of Season Pass will be delivered directly to this application. Upon receipt of the notification, users only need to open the application to see the latest updates and continue to make purchases via SMS if they are interested in the promotion.

In addition, this application also provides users to buy any existing Season Pass packages available using SMS. Users can also check their balance via USSD (* 132 #) directly from this application, or check the Season Pass via SMS. To enable data from the Season Pass, users only need to select data amount to be activated and an SMS will be sent to activate data.

To fulfill the slogan buy, keep, use or share, the application also provides the facility to share your Season Pass easily without the need to memorize or type in the code. You only have to select the phone number of your friend, select the data or the talks times in minute or number of SMS that is intended to be shared and this application will provide SMS to be sent to no 22111. In fact, you can send directly from this application.

** Caution **
If you are a dual sim smartphone or having difficulty sending SMS from the application directly, you can choose to send an SMS from your phone SMS application.

** Disclaimer **
Onexox Season Pass application is third-party apps developed in collaboration with Onexox Crew Dealer Group to help Onexox user purchase or use Onexox Season Pass as determined by XOX. This application just sends SMS based on what was set up by XOX and we do not MANAGE how SMS will be processed or replied to your phone. You can check the SMS log sent in the phone SMS main apps.

How to install E-Liquid Calculator APK at

E-Liquid Calculator is an easy to use e-liquid recipe calculator and manager for all your e-liquid needs!

* Unlimited flavors
* Make notes on your e-juice recipes
* Save your e-juice recipes so you can use them later
* Share your e-liquid recipes with others
* Edit saved recipes
* Fully customizable VG/PG values for nicotine base and target juice
* Configurable VG or PG flavor base type
* Configurable decimals precision (up to 3 decimals)
* Warning if resulting VG/PG concentration is hot what you intended
* Backup and restore your recipes to Google Drive or your SD card/internal storage

Premium Features:
* Ad free
* Export your recipes as PDF and Excel
* Pie chart representation of your recipes
* Steep timers - get notifications when your juices are ready!

Feedback and suggestions for improvement are always appreciated!

How to download Cessna 172 Checklist APK at


This pilot checklist provides an overview of Cessna 172 normal, emergency, and abnormal procedures, tailored specifically to P, R, and S models. Airspeeds, dimensions, etc. are given in the format P/R/S.

Please contact the developer to report any bugs or to suggest features. If you enjoy using this app, please consider leaving a review!

***This app is, and will always be, COMPLETELY FREE, with no ads.***

Potential features coming in future updates:
-Save important phone numbers and frequencies ✔
-Prevent display from sleeping & other settings
-Support for other aircraft

This application is intended for use as a reference and training aid, and is not an official document. It is the user's responsibility to be familiar with, and act in accordance with, the appropriate official operating manual(s) when piloting an aircraft.

How to install Cheque-mate APK at

Having trouble with spelling when you are writing a Cheque / Check? Cheque-mate can help.

It converts number (dollar & cent) to English and Chinese word (text).

BOTH cent digits should be entered. fifty cents = '5'&'0'

For Options (hold Radio buttons or C button)

Please email me if you found any error. Thank You.

How to install T-money balance check APK at

It is very convenient to use smart transit cards when travelling in South Korea. This App supports checking and managing card balance records using your phone, so that you can go to recharge your card before using it!

Cards supported:
⬤ T-Money
⬤ T-Money (one card all pass)
⬤ M-Pass
⬤ Seoul CityPass+
⬤ Korea Tour Card
⬤ Rail+ (coming soon)

Statements of originality:
⬤ This is an unofficial App compatible with certain transit cards in South Korea.
⬤ Please contact us directly should you have any concerns.

How to download My Car Check - Vehicle Check APK at

Never agree to buy a used car without checking its history first.

** Auto Express App of the week (September 2017) **

Free to download, My Car Check allows you to check the vehicle details (make, model, colour etc.) of any UK registered vehicle for free by searching using the registration number.

However, the free car check is not enough information to make an important decision such as buying a used car.

For extra peace of mind one of our more comprehensive checks can be bought within the app. For only a few pounds you can avoid buying a potentially un-safe, stolen or debt-ridden vehicle, saving yourself time, money and effort, not to mention the unthinkable consequences of buying an unsafe car. Don’t risk it. Check it first.

Where available, we will provide:

* Make & Model
* Colour
* Engine Size
* Brake Horse Power
* Body Style
* Fuel Type
* Date of Registration
* CO2 Emissions

For a fee, via in-app purchases you can also:

- See the history (excluding Northern Ireland). Reveals whether the registration is recorded as stolen, written-off, scrapped, exported or has had colour or plate changes. (£2.99 per vehicle)

Our Gold History check for £9.99 per vehicle includes all the above, plus

- Check for Outstanding Finance
- Road tax prices
- Performance, economy and other descriptive information from SMMT for the vehicle

Information is supplied by the DVLA, Police, Insurance Industry (ABI) and the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT)

You can also search for car specification data without a registration number using our Car Data Search. Simply search with any combination of:

* Make, with optional Model
* Engine size
* Fuel Type
* Body Style
* Number of Doors
* Transmission


If you have any questions please remember we have a call centre to answer your queries. Just call 0330 331 0031 or email [email protected] (9am - 7pm Mon-Fri, 10am - 4pm Sat).

How to download Easy Loan

With Easy Loan, our new app helps you find a loan in 3 easy steps!

???? 1. Fill out our easy form in two-minutes or less
???? 2. If qualified, review and sign the loan documents
???? 3. Get funds as soon as the next business day

We put together the quickest and easiest app for installment loans, payday loans, and cash advances. Try us out for free with no obligations and see why we are continuously ranked #1 in customer service.

⚡ Payday Loans
⚡ Personal Loans
⚡ Installment Loans
⚡ Cash Advance Loans

Why choose Easy Loan for your Personal Loan?

Marketplace and Lending Partners
Our nation-wide marketplace of lenders and/or lending partners are available & ready to qualify eligible individuals.

Fast Delivery
Funds direct deposited to your bank as soon as the next business day.

Safe & Secure
Your information is safe with our 100% online form.

All Credit Considered
Request a loan now, regardless of your credit score. We specialize in loans for bad credit!

What Are Personal Loans?

Personal loans can be used for almost any expense - from paying off credit cards to financing home repairs or even a much-needed vacation. They are typically paid back in monthly or bi-monthly installments over an extended period of time. Personal loans can be a convenient alternative to bank loans or high-interest credit cards, with online request forms and no-hassle automated repayment.

How Much Will The Loan Cost?

The cost of the loan and Annual Percentage Rate (APR) depend on several factors, including state law, credit history and employment history. The APR also depends on the request loan amount and term. The loan terms are disclosed during the loan request process when you are directed to the lender’s or lending partner’s website. Start your loan request now!

How Soon Can A Personal Loan Be Made Available?

Companies that offer personal loans and cash advances typically do perform credit checks. Personal loan companies will check your credit through national databases that track consumer lending transactions (such as Teletrack, DP Bureau, or DataX) or through the three major credit reporting bureaus (Experian, Equifax, and Trans Union). However, loan review procedures do vary by company.

How Soon Can I Get The Funds?

The time it takes to process and fund a loan varies with each loan company. Processing time also depends on the financial institution where the customer has their bank account. Nevertheless, approved individuals can receive their loan funds as soon as the next business day or even within as little as an hour.

When Does the Loan Need To Be Repaid?

Repayment terms, including dates for repayment and any fees chargeable in the event of rollover, etc., vary for each company that offers loans, and it is essential that you review all of these terms and conditions before entering into a loan agreement.

What Happens If I Do Not Pay?

If you do not pay the full amount of principal and interest by the agreed-upon payment date, you will likely be charged a new finance charge and payment may be extended until your next pay date.

Thank you for checking out our app.

How to install Countdown Timer APK at

If you need a Large and simple Countdown Timer, Countdown Timer is the app for you.

Very easy to use and configure.

You can pause the time and restart it.

Option to autorestart the timer at the end.

Option to silence the alarm.

For games, sports, kitchen times, speaker's timer in presentations, debates. All you imagine.

How to install Cute Countdown APK at

Cute Countdown is an adorable alternative countdown for when you need a little help being patient from a furry friend! =^ - ^=

To start a countdown tap and hold on your home screen, select widgets, and drag Cute Countdown to your home screen. (If you don't see widgets in the wallpaper menu, they could be listed at the end of the applications drawer.)

Enter the date, choose from a variety of customizable buddies, find a spot on the home screen for your buddy to remind you about exciting things to come.

- Customize colors and buddies for each countdown
- Resize the buddy after placing on your screen
- Supports multiple countdowns

How to download Final Countdown APK at

Final Countdown is a timer with various countdown functions. It can be used as a countdown, as an alarm clock, to program the date, time and hour of any upcoming event: birthday, year end, due date, vacations, or even end of the world…
You can also use it to calculate the exact time lapse since a past event: vacation length, age, start of a race…

The main functions of the application include:
- Automatic number display and time ticking sound effects
- Timer in days, hours, minutes and seconds (GMT)
- Unlimited number of simultaneous countdowns (color title, date, hour, minute and second)
- Horizontal left to right organization of timers
- Various alarm sounds for each timer(30)
- Import Events from Calendar
- Additional themes options
- Programmed & renewed daily, monthly or yearly countdowns
- Message notification of the end of the countdown

- Display menu and/or date
- Alarm or silence mode
- Disable Sound effects
- Disable Sleep-mode
- 3 styles of timer

All the features are now free

How to install Currency exchange in motion APK at

Do you travel much?

This currency converter provides you a smooth way to know how much exactly that thing cost when you are abroad.

- convert up-to 4 currencies;
- there are 171 currencies in the list including exchange rates of noble metals;
- quick exchange rates update from Internet;
- offline working when you have just landed in a new country with no Internet access;
- simple and intuitive measuring application.

Exchange your currencies in motion. It is so handy!

How to install Unit Converter Currency Rates APK at

Unit Converter & Currency Rates is a simple but powerful tool. With this converter app you will always have the right conversions for more than 50 different units in one click. It has a built-in currency converter, so you will never mess up with your money.

Unit Converter & Currency Rate includes many units and if you want us to add more, feel free to email us! The output format can be easily adjusted according to your needs (scientific format, decimal places).

Unit Converter & Currency Rate includes the following units:
★Angular Acceleration
★Angular Momentum
★Angular Velocity
★Computer Storage
★Electric Current
★Flow - mass
★Flow - Volume
★Fuel Economy
★Fuel Efficiency
★Heat Capacity
★Moment Inertia - area
★Moment Inertia - mass
★Specific Volume
★Surface Tension
★Thermal Conductivity
★Viscosity Dynamic
★Viscosity Kinematic

Permissions are required to update the currency rates

How to install Unit and Currency Converter APK at

Simple and free unit converter for length, mass, area, volume, energy, density, speed, temperature, pressure, power, angles, force, time, information and coin weight of gold standard. Provides fast and simple conversion of unit in metric, imperial and other systems.

Conversion of currencies including bitcoin is by latest exchange rates.

If you find any errors, please, email me.

How to download PhotoEst APK at

Stop stressing over your car. With PhotoEst, settling your claim and getting back on the road is a snap. Download the app now, follow these three simple steps and let the magic happen:

Record your VIN and take a few photos of your vehicle’s damage. Within no time, you’ll receive a repair estimate.

How to install Total Calculator APK at

★ Convenient and smart calculator with built-in function that can use various calculator in
one app and prevent user's mistake as much as possible
★ History, memory storage function, Undo, Redo function
★ Supports 7 different calculator themes
★ Calculator button sound and font change function

- Integrated calculator configuration -

1) Simple Calculator
1) General Calculator
2) Engineering Calculator
3) Statistical calculator
4) Precision Calculator
5) Date Calculator
6) Unit conversion
7) Percent Calculator
8) Interest calculator (deposit / savings / loan)

★ Free version will show ads.

How to download My Account Book APK at

My Account Book is a simple account manager to keep record of your daily expenses and income. My Account Book provides you to create multiple accounts and keeping the track record of all the accounts at the same time. Date wise, month wise, and year wise reports of expenses and income can be generated to assess financial status in a given period of time. The app also provides very easy and user friendly way to edit transactions in case some correction is needed. The feature to take backup and restore the data again makes My Account Book robust and reliable. Whole app is password protected so that no unauthorized person may excess the data.
When you install My Account book you will be directed to Set Pin page where you need to set login pin along with pin recovery question and answer. Pin recovery question and answer helps you regain your pin in case you forget it.
Once the pin is set you will be redirected to the Enter Pin page of My Account Book where you need to enter the pin which you have set. If the entered pin is correct you will be redirected to the Action Page of My Account Book where you can choose among the options as explained below:-
1. ADD ACCOUNT - This is the first thing that you need to do before adding any transaction to My Account Book. Account is a broad head under which u may enter your expenses or income. For example you may have two accounts named OFFICE and HOME and in OFFICE account you can add all transaction that were done at office while in HOME account you can add all your expenses like food etc. There is no limit to the number of accounts that you can add to My Account Book.
2. ADD - Once you have added account now you can add your transaction by pressing the ADD button. When you press ADD button you will be redirected to ADD page of My Account Book. Then you need to choose from among the accounts that you have added in which you want to add some transaction. Select the date and the transaction type i.e. CREDIT or DEBIT, enter the amount, description and press ADD and your data will be saved.
3. VIEW - This button allows you to view all your entered expenses or income. Just choose the required account and all the data related to that account will be displayed.
4.EDIT DATA - To edit the data you just need to long press the entry that you want to edit on view page and you will be redirected to edit page of My Account book.
5. VIEW DATE WISE - This button lets you view all your credits and debits on a specific day.
6. VIEW MONTH WISE - This button lets you manage your transaction in a specific month.
7. VIEW YEAR WISE - This button is the manager to generate report of your financial transactions in a year.
8. EDIT ACCOUNT - In My Account Book you can edit the name of any account that you have created by pressing the EDIT ACCOUNT button.
9. DELETE ACCOUNT - My Account Book acts as a diary and lets you delete any account that you have created by pressing the DELETE ACCOUNT button.
10. CHANGE PIN - This feature of My Account Book lets you change the pin that you have set.
11. CHANGE PIN RECOVERY QUESTION - This feature of My Account Book lets you change the pin recovery question which is used to retrieve pin.
12. BACKUP - This feature keeps your data safe in case My Account Book is deleted by mistake. To keep your data safe it is recommended to take backups at regular intervals.
13. RESTORE - This button helps you restore data when the app is re-installed on your phone.
My Account Book provide you with complete solution to keeping record of your daily financial transactions in the form of debit or credit. It is your personal diary that is always with you to note down your expenditures and a digital manager that smartly calculates the total balance, debit and credit of all your accounts. Download My Account Book now......

How to install Construction Calculator - Materials Evaluation APK at

Constructive calculator could help You to calculate allotment of materials for housebuilding or maintenance. Gives You opportunity to check your contractor for overspend and momently provide you necessary information.

This app perfectly works without connection to Internet and provide an exhaustive information by the targeted calculation.

Constructive calculator is unexpendable assistant at materials calculations and budgeting by the targeted housebuilding task.

Also You may send me Your requests and offers about improvements and new calculations. I'll try to consider them in regular updatings.

10.11.2016 - Chuted concrete composition calculation, wallpapers calculation and “Different shaped area size calculations” branch added

At current version You could use next calculations;
1. Concrete value for foundation plate calculation.
Calculate concrete volume and load area by foundation. And also its cost.

2. Concrete value for strip foundation calculation.
Calculate concrete volume and load area for foundation. And also concretes cost.

3. Armatures weight by its quantity calculation.

4. Armatures quantity by its weight calculation.

5. Brick quantity for brick walls calculation.
Calculate amount of bricks for building different size walls, number of brick lanes upright and load for foundation. Estimate rough cost of materials!

6. Block quantity for brick walls calculation.
Calculate amount of gas-concrete, foam-concrete or onother block for building different size walls. Estimate rough cost of materials!

6.1 Wall blocks of prescribed size calculation.
Enter block prescribed block dementions and calculate there's amount needed for a intended size wall with taking into account apertures of windos and doors

7. Wall blocks parameters.
General information about buildingblocks

8. Insulant calculation for walls and foundation

9. Lumber calculation.
Calculate value and rough cost of different size lumber. Enquire amount of plank or beam in a volume

10. Earthworks cost calculation
11. Pavement calculation
12. Dalle (tile) calculation
13. Flooring calculation
14. Deal boards for surface calculation
15. Cylinder container (cask) volume
16. Rectangular container volume
17. Paint coverage rate for surface calculation
If You intrested in paint amount required for fill walls, and also it raw cost, This calc would help Your!
18. Rolled metal products – different size and shape rolled metal products calculation
19. Converters – list of Converters for variety of value
20. Calculator – just Calculator for more comfortable work with app

Use the rolled metal products calculations to enquire weight, volume and cost for targeted product

List ( variety of) calcs:
1. Shaped trunk
2. Trunk
3. Angle bar
4. Channel beam
5. Beam channel
6. Square-shaped bar
7. Ring-shaped/rod
8. Profile rolled steel

Use the convrtors to transform units of measurement!
1. Centigrade (°C) to Fahrenheit scale (°F)
2. Centimeter (cm) to inch
3. Metre (m) to foot (ft)
4. Metre (m) to yard (yd)
5. Kilogram (kg) to pound (lb)
6. Gram (g) to pound (lb)
7. Gram (g) to ounce (oz)
8. Joule (J) to Calories/Calories (Cal/kcal)
9. Joule (J) to kilowatt hour (kWh, kW·h, or kW h)
10. Litre (L) to gallon

Use the feedback form to send me Your comment and offers about improvements and new calculations – It's your opportunity to promote the app :)

All computations are performed at SI-system

In the nearest time new calculations will be add to app.

How to download All In One Calculator APK at

This app contains Simple, Interest, BMI, Age and EMI calculators.
- Simple Calculator is useful for basic maths operations in daily life.
- Interest Calculator is useful to calculate interests.
- BMI is useful to know the body mass index based on Height and Weight.
- Age Calculator app is useful to calculate the age of your baby, family and everyone
- EMI Calculator app is useful to know Every Month Installment based on Loan Amount, Interest rate and Time period.

How to download Tip Calculator & Bill Split APK at

Rome Rock App Studio is proud to introduce you our very first utility app: tip calculator for Android, absolutely for free! What’s what makes us different from all the other free tipper apps? We made the most beautiful design, without the need of show any fancy background pictures that only make the app more complicated to use. We kept the functionality simple, fast & handy for those moments where you’re having a great time with your friends and not willing to waste time making calculations of how much each of your friends has to pay or how much to tip. Not willing to leave a tip percentage but a fixed tip? Don’t worry! Switch between % or $ and split the bill as simple as that!

How to download Business Calculator APK at

【What is Business Calculator】
It is a major feature that it supports "profit and loss" necessary for estimate creation.
If you enter two values of cost, selling price, and profit, you can find the remaining one value.
In addition to this, it supports memory calculation, tax inclusion / tax exclusion display, square root, percentage calculation.
You can view the history of all calculation formulas including profit and loss.

【Settable items】
You can make settings for the following items.

-Display mode
100÷3=33.333…(abbreviated display)
100÷3=0.33333E02(E notation)

-Number of decimal places to display

-Tax rate

Round off
Round up
Round down

-Layout selection
※Selectable from 2 key layouts

-Vibration ON / OFF at key touch

-Sleep ON / OFF on calculation screen

【Key operation】
・"MRC" key Press once to read from memory, press twice to clear memory
・C key once to Clear only the current state, press twice to clear all.
※For details of profit and loss calculation, please see the help in the application.

Made in Japan.
Business Calculator © CO., LTD. TAS All Rights Reserved

How to download FUT Tax Calculator APK at

Use this tool to calculate tax, earnings and profit during FUT trades on Fifa Ultimate Team.

Enter your players buy and sell prices to get a detailed result showing how much tax EA will take, how many coins you will be left with after the tax and how much profit you will make from the whole sale.

Once you have calculated the tax, you can save the trade to your trade database where you can view your entire selling history and total stats from your FUT trading career!

New to Ultimate Team trading? No problem! Enjoy our comprehensive guides on making fut coins fast so you can become a millionaire in no time!

How to download Aaykar Setu APK at

Aaykar Setu – It’s a free mobile application. It provides linkage to various services of the Income-tax Department through a single window.

The Utilities of Aaykar Setu are:
• Ask IT – A CHATBOT provides answer to the queries raised by taxpayers in no-time.
• TPS Vertical - The taxpayer can locate the nearby TPS offices
• Tax Tools – Provides quick tax calculation like HRA etc.
• Live Chat - Taxpayers can ask their queries from tax experts on live chat.
• TRP at your doorstep – You can locate your nearest TRP in just a click.
• Pay taxes online
• Apply for PAN online
• Tax Gyaan – A game to enable the users to learn about Income Tax by just playing a game. It’s a Multiple Choice Question based game to provide knowledge to the users. The game is divided into 4 levels Beginner, Normal, Hard, and Difficult.
• And many more.....

How to download Mad Calculator Widget (multi) APK at

Mad Calculator Widget is a free calculator plus a multi calculator widget that will quickly calculate tips, discounts, home/car and other loans and is also a unit converter and currency converter!

With this all in one calculator, you can switch between 6 calculators and converters (tip, discount, loan, currency and units) with the simple touch of a button, straight from your home screen!

- Simple Calculator for all your calculation needs
- Tip Calculator with a split function
- Discount/Savings Calculator with a complete savings history
- Loan Calculator with detailed amortization (home mortgage calculator, car loan calculator, etc)
- Money Converter with more than a hundred available currencies with live currency exchange rates.
- Unit Converter with numerous unit types and categories (length, weight, temperature, volume, speed, pressure, power and fuel mileage)

- 5 different widget sizes (3x3, 4x4, 5x5, 4x1 and 5x1)
- Fully customizable colors (background, border and text) for every calculator and converter (paid feature)
- Compatible with tablets and phones of all sizes
- Displays numbers according to your device locale (thousands and decimal separators)
- Adjustable haptic feedback (vibration)
- The top button bar will allow you to quickly switch between calculator, tip calculator, discount calculator, currency converter and unit converter.

Notes ---------------------------------------
- This is a widget. To add it to your home screen, on Android 5 and up, long press the background and choose widgets. On Android 4 go to your apps screen and choose the widgets tab at the top.

Contact Info -------------------------------------
Please contact me for any question or problem before leaving a bad review. I value your feedback.
Thank you

[email protected]

How to install My Power Consumption APK at

With this energy advisor app, you can capture all electricity consumers in your household and search specifically for the best energy saving opportunities.

For each unit of consumption the app calculates the cost per hour, day, week, month or year. A colored bar helps in the search for the largest electricity consumers.

The annual consumption is calculated for rooms and equipment types and shown in pie charts.

A consumption and an amortization calculator complement this app and some power saving tips will help you save energy.

With the pro version (€ 2, - plus tax), you can capture more buildings or apartments and store the data in a file and export the results as a CSV and PDF file.

How to install Calculator and Converter APK at

This app contains Scientific Calculator, Statistics Calculator, Unit Converter, Currency Converter, and natively linked to 200+ special online calculators and converters.

Key Features:
* All-in-one app combines the functions of many apps.
* Completely Ads free
* Only 1.5 MB in size
* Pad compatible
* Start screen can be defined.
* Online calculators can be pinned to the top.
* Exchange rate updates frequently

This app was developed by We work hard to provide completely free mobile and online calculators and converters. The main purpose of this app is that people like to have calculators and converters as handy tool on their mobile devices. Yet, nobody likes to install too many apps just to fulfill the calculation and conversion needs. With this app, you only need to install one. The most frequently used calculators and converters are built-in and can be defined to be the start screen. The less frequently used ones are listed as online-version when you need it. The online calculators and converters can be pinned to the top if used often. We think this is a great way of providing as many calculators and converters as possible yet keep the app small and fast. The following is some of the popular online calculators and converters.

* Mortgage Calculator
* Loan Calculator
* Auto Loan Calculator
* Interest Calculator
* Take-Home-Pay Calculator
* Investment Calculator
* House Affordability Calculator
* Inflation Calculator
* Lease Calculator
* Finance Calculator
* Mortgage Payoff Calculator
* Refinance Calculator
* Budget Calculator
* Credit Card Calculator
* 401K Calculator
* Student Loan Calculator
* BMI Calculator
* Calorie Calculator
* Body Fat Calculator
* Weight Watchers Points Calculator
* Carbohydrate Calculator
* Ideal Weight Calculator
* Body Type Calculator
* Time Calculator
* Triangle Calculator
* Volume Calculator
* Number Sequence Calculator
* Pregnancy Calculator
* Ovulation Calculator
* Pregnancy Weight Gain Calculator
* Love Calculator
* GPA Calculator
* GDP Calculator
* Concrete Calculator
* Marriage Calculator
* Age Calculator
* Bra Size Calculator
* Fuel Cost Calculator
* Wind Chill Calculator
* Heat Index Calculator
* Dew Point Calculator
* Pressure Converter
* Energy Converter
* Power Converter
* Force Converter
* Velocity Converter
* Angle Converter
* Fuel Consumption Converter
* Data Storage Converter
* Engineering Converters
* Torque Converter
* Heat Converters
* Flow Converter

Comments and feedback are welcomed.

The Team

How to install RF Tools APK at

Basic tools for RF calculations including:

Free Space Loss


dBm Watts conversions

VSWR/RL conversions

Power to VSWR

Link Budget Calculator

Cable loss calculator including the following cables:

8214 9086 9095 9096 9913 4XL8IIA Digisat FLEXI 4XL
HD100 L2201TX L7626TX L8620TX
LDF2-50 LDF4-50A LDF4-75A LDF5-50A
LDF6-50 LDF7-50A LMR-200 LMR-240
LMR-300 LMR-400 LMR-500 LMR-600 M17/129-00001
M17/130-00001 M17/130-00002 M17/130-00003
M17/130-00004 M17/130-00005 M17/130-00006
M17/130-00007 M17/130-00008 M17/130-00009
M17/130-00010 M17/130-00011 M17/130-00012
M17/130-00013 M17/132-00001 M17/133-00001
M17/133-00002 M17/133-00003 M17/133-00004
M17/133-00005 M17/133-00006 M17/133-00007
M17/133-00008 M17/133-00009 M17/133-00010
M17/133-00011 M17/133-00012 M17/133-00013
M17/133-00014 M17/133-00015 M17/133-00016
M17/133-00017 MKR300C RG-10A RG-11 RG-111
RG-119 RG-12 RG-120 RG-122 RG-13 RG-14 RG-141
RG-142 RG-144 RG-164 RG-165 RG-166 RG-17 RG-174
RG-177 RG-178B RG-179B RG-188A RG-196A RG-210
RG-211 RG-212 RG-213 RG-214 RG-215 RG-216
RG-217 RG-218 RG-219 RG-22 RG-220 RG-223 RG-23
RG-235 RG-24 RG-316 RG-34 RG-35 RG-393 RG-400
RG-401 RG-402 RG-403 RG-405 RG-55B RG-58 RG-59
RG-6 RG-62 RG-63 RG-71B RG-72 RG-79 RG-8 RG-8 Min
RG-9 S22089 S33141 S44191 S44193 S46191 S55122
S65161 S67163 S86208 S88207 Twinsat 100 UFA125A
UFB205A UFB293C UFB311A UFC142A UFF092D UGF070D V73263
V75268 V76261 V78209 Vision 100 W102 W102 Twin WC100
WF100 WF125 WF165 WF233 WF340 WF65

Coax calculator

More on the way!

How to install RF Calculators APK at

Do all your RF calculations using this application. Here is a list of some of the calculators in this app:

Attenuator Calculators

- Pi Attenuator Calculator
- Tee Attenuator Calculator
- Balanced Attenuator Calculator
- Bridged Tee Attenuator Calculator
- Reflection Attenuator Calculator

Unit Converters

- dBm To Watt Calculator
- Watt To dBm Calculator

RF Propagation

- Link Budget Calculator
- Antenna Down Tilt Calculator
- Down Tilt Coverage Radius

Other RF Calculators

- Coax Calculator
- MicroStrip Calculator
- Cascaded Noise Figure Calculator
- Resonant Frequency Calculator
- Skin Depth Calculator
- VSWR Calculator
- Reflection Coefficient Calculator
- Capacitive Reactance and Admittance Calculator
- Free Space Path Loss
- Inductive Reactance and Admittance Calculator
- Microstrip Patch Antenna Calculator
- Wavelength Calculator
- RF Power Density

and many more...

How to download Emoji Keyboard Emoticon Emoji Color Keyboard Theme APK at

Emoji Keyboard, Emoji Color Keyboard Emoticons is a smart, colorful and free emoji keyboard for Android. which provides huge collection of free emojis, emoticons, smiley faces with various colorful keyboards themes.

Emoji Keyboard, Emoticons helps you fast input and sharing android emoji, emoticons everywhere like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Allo, SMS, Social Chat Messenger, Message, Text, Email, Note, Contact etc.

Easy to send emoji message with various emoji & emoticons using this colorful emoji keyboard.

Emoji keyboard provides thousands of emojis, emoticons, smiley and colorful emoji keyboard themes.

Emoji color keyboard & Emoji keyboard is Smart keyboard and the best part is that available completely FREE of charge and emoji keyboard support free emoji, emoticons, emoji and other smiley faces for all android tablets and devices.

Features of Emoji Color Keyboard.
- Free android emoji keyboard.
- Include various colorful keyboard themes.
-1000+ Cute and Smart Emoji & Emotion & Emoticon & Smiley faces.
- Smart Emoji Keyboard supports gesture keyboard navigation.
- 20+ Attractive colorful emoji keyboard themes.
- Emoji keyboard for send emoji to other phone using message, text, email, note, contact, sms.
- Emoji keyboard provide smart and user-friendly interface.
- Emoji keyboard support fast and smart input.

How to enable Emoji Color Keyboard?
- Open Emoji Color Keyboard app.
- Click the "ENABLE EMOJI COLOR KEYBOARD" button then enable it in the system input settings.

How to set Emoji Color Keyboard as default keyboard
- Open Emoji Color Keyboard app.
- Click the "CHANGE KEYBOARD TYPE" button then you can change Emoji Color Keyboard as default keyboard.

How to install Emoji lock screen pattern APK at

Emoji Lock Screen
Emoji lock screen pattern
Lock screen pattern with Emoji
Very nice, smooth and interesting
Change your default lock screen with emoji lock screen and increase your privacy security with smiley
Many funny wallpapers and emoji interesting

★ Features of Emoji lock screen pattern:
- Lock screen by pattern
- It have beautiful design for easy to use
- Custom your lock screen, have many emoji for you choose
- Set pattern to protect your privacy
- Secure with pattern, unlimited length pattern
- You can watcher Emojis on your lock screen
- Beautiful wallpapers
- Easy to customize your lock screen
- Fast, simple, easy to use and very beautiful
- Create password (pattern) for lock screen
- Change background of lock screen with many beautiful wallpapers
- A lot of beautiful wallpapers
- Set emoji on buttons, have many emoji for you choose
- Personalize your lock screen
- Support phone, tablet devices
- Less memory and battery usage. It is quick and smart
- Don't error Home button
- Multiple wallpaper

How to download NeoCal Lite Calculator APK at

NeoCal Lite is based on an advanced, award-winning calculator designed to work just like a real calculator, only better. The intuitive keyboard design provides efficient access to over many scientific and conversion without having to access menus or lists of functions. The large 12-digit display includes thousands separators and shows labels for calculated and stored results. Backspace, Undo, and Redo make correcting mistakes simple.

NeoCal is highly customizable to work the way you do. Enable the Precedence option to reduce entering parenthesis, or enable the RPN option to eliminate them completely. Enable up to four display lines to see current and previous results. Choose your own theme for improved readability.

NeoCal is a mature product that has been on the market for eleven years. It has been continually enhanced by suggestions from the user community, making it an even more effective and user-friendly tool. An extensive user guide containing many examples is included in the application.

- Scientific: trigonometric, hyperbolic, and logarithmic functions

- Conversion: length, area, volume, speed, weight, temperature; unit arithmetic

- UI designed specifically for Android phones and tablets
- User-selectable themes
- Multiple keyboard layouts
- 12-digit display with thousands separators
- Locale-based number, date, and time formatting
- Labeled results for clarity
- Optional RPN input method
- Selectable RPN stack size
- Up to four display lines
- 20 or 100 user registers
- Multi-level Undo/Redo
- User guide included in the app
- Ad Free

How to download Download Twitter GIF video APK at

Upload videos and images from Twitter and save them to your phone
Fast application for uploading video and photos

The application gives you an easy way to download videos and photos from Twitter in simple steps

 Using the official Twitter app, open a video or an animated image and click the participant
 Video sharing options The screen will appear with a list of kissable applications to share with, then choose our application from the menu
 The application will then process your video request immediately and show the video options
 Click on the download from the video options and enjoy

 The video and animation can be downloaded and can be instantly republished from our application to Facebook, Instagram, BBC, YouTube

 This application is not followed with Twitter, but it is a tool to help
videos and images from Twitter and save them to your phone
Fast application for uploading video and photos

The application gives you an easy way to download videos and photos from Twitter in simple steps

 Using the official Twitter app, open a video or an animated image and click the participant
 Video sharing options The screen will appear with a list of kissable applications to share with, then choose our application from the menu
 The application will then process your video request immediately and show the video options
 Click on the download from the video options and enjoy

 The video and animation can be downloaded and can be instantly republished from our application to Facebook, Instagram, BBC, YouTube

 This application is not followed with Twitter, but it is a tool to help

How to install animated gif live wallpaper - Lite APK at

Have awesome gifs or live photo gifs and want to use them for your phone's wallpaper?
Gif Live Wallpaper is the tool you have been looking for! Hands down, it is the easiest gif wallpaper maker to use.

Steps to make your simple wallpaper!
Step 1 - Open app.
Step 2 - click on Setect gif.
Step 3 - Select desired gif from your phone .
Step 4 - Click Preview then Apply and you have an animated gif wallpaper!

animated gif live wallpaper - Lite dose not need root access , User can select any Gif image from phone Gallery and set as live wallpaper on there home screen

App feature
-NO Root access
-small size of APK(3MB)
-stop automatically when user not on home screen or screen is lock

How to download Tweet Vine Downloader APK at

Save videos and GIFs off Twitter and Vine for offline access and sharing in just three simple steps: 1. Share, 2. Wait and 3. Download

How to use
Method 1 (Quick Download)
★ Copy the link of the tweet/vine
★ Click on the popup button
★ Click on the "Download" button
★ Select the video quality, vine or GIF to download

Method 2
★ Share the link of the tweet
★ Select "Tweet Vine Downloader" from the share popup
★ Click on the "Download" button
★ Select the video quality, vine or GIF to download

★ To use the Quick Download method, you have to first enable the "Quick Download" option from settings.

Main Features
★ Fast download
★ Smooth User Experience
★ No login credentials required
★ Multiple video resolutions (qualities)
★ Download multiple videos/GIFs simultaneously
★ Save videos/GIFs to gallery for offline access
★ Convert downloaded videos to GIF
★ Share downloaded videos and GIFs with other social networking platforms
★ Localization support for Arabic, Dutch, French, German and Spanish

We love feedback and comments. Kindly drop your reviews and suggestions in the review section and/or send it as a mail to [email protected]

Tweet Vine Downloader is not associated with any of the supported social networking platform.

How to install Save videos from twitter APK at

A lot of Twitter users ask
how to save videos from twitter ?

Our app Save videos from twitter, allow you to download twitter videos and gif. You can save twitter videos and save gif from twitter using twitter app to your phone.
Our app is recommended for users who want to store videos and gif from Twitter.

It's easy and fast to save tweet for Twitter by using our app. It supports all videos quality - SD and HD twitter videos.

Many users want a save twitter videos app , and the best choose is " Save videos from twitter " to save twitter videos and share the video with your friends.
Downloaded video will be directly be saved in your Gallery phone.

Easy way to download videos and GIF from Twitter:
Firstly, Open your Twitter app , open the video and share .
Secondly, Choose our app from the list and it will be downloaded.

Second way and it's also easy to download videos and gif from twitter:
1- Copy the link of tweet 2- Open our app 3- Paste the link and start downloading !

After you save a twitter video or gif , you can repost it instanly from our app to : Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, BBM, Whatsapp, Kik etc...

* This application isn't affiliated with Twitter, it's only a tool to help twitter users to save and download gif and videos from Twitter

How to download Video | GIF Downloader for Twitter APK at

Do you want to download videos and GIF from Twitter and save them on your phone?
Do you want to get a fast app to download videos and GIF from Twitter?
Do you want to download video from Twitter and GIF to share with your friends then?

All that you can do with our application where the application gives you an easy way to download videos and GIF from Twitter in simple steps.

1. Using the official Twitter app, open a video and click share .
2. Video sharing options screen will appear with a list off apps to share with it , then choose our app from the list.
4. Then application will process your video request immediately and show the video options .
5. Press download from video options and enjoy

How to install Fake Call - free APK at

Prank your friends with fake call from celebrities!

Super EASY to use. Just set a caller name and click "Start"!

You can use this app in various situation! Everybody will be fooled by fake call which looks real!

■Use case
1. Drinking with boss chatting forever!
--> Escape with Fake Call! "Sorry I have to go, because my wife is calling!"

2. Persistent man chasing me. Annoying!!
--> Take him away with Fake Call! "I have a boyfriend who is just calling me! See ya!"

3. Wow Samurai is calling me from Japan!
--> Surprise your friends!

Please be noted: We never collect any user information from this app.

How to download Kids Timer APK at

This is a time timer that teaches kids the meaning of time. There is a fast blue clock of max 12 minutes and a slow red clock of max 1 hour. You can set the time by touching the plate. Your child will see time passing by, and will hear a notification when time is up. Ideal to tell your child for example he needs to go to bed in 15 minutes.

This version contains advertisement. A PRO version without advertisement is available.

Keywords: kids timer, time timer, children, activity timer, remedial teaching, autism, autistic, ADHD, clock, countdown, free, school

How to install Touch Blocker / Disable Touch APK at

Netflix usage: because many users want to use this app with Netflix, please check below for details on how to use this Touch Blocker with Netflix to prevent the movie playback from stopping as soon as you disable touch input. This video shows you how to do it:

Touch Blocker prevents unintentional touch interaction with the touch screen of your device by blocking touch input. When you disable touch input while watching a movie you don't have to worry not to skip scenes by accidentally touching the screen. Also useful if you hand your phone to someone (e.g. to show them a picture) and don't want them to mess with the device.

Usage: Install and start Touch Blocker and select which methods you want to use to disable/enable touch interaction with your device (I would recommend enabling at least the options 'Run In Foreground' and maybe 'Disable On Triple Tap'). Setting up these options has to be done only once. Then select 'Enable' in preferences (you may also set it to be launched automatically at each reboot of your device). You can then lock the screen by clicking the notification icon. The donate version offers a even simpler way of blocking/unblocking touch input by the way of a convenient overlay icon.

If you want to use this with NETFLIX: The secret of disabling touch input for Netflix is to start blocking touch events while the Netflix app is buffering the video stream for playback. It works using any method Touch Blocker provides, but easiest and most conveniently by using the overlay icon (available after donating -- just click on it while Netflix displays 'Loading...' next to the rotating circle animation). If you also enable the Fullscreen option you can enjoy uninterrupted playback of your Netflix movies! What is currently not possible is to block touch input if the video was paused once or you used the slider to seek forward/backward. This is NOT a bug of this app, but a 'feature' of the Netflix app. The way around that is to stop the playback (the position is saved by Netflix) and then start it again. Then proceed as described above.

A thanks to the people who donated: I've added an overlay icon that gives you a simple and always availabe way to toggle the blocking function (no need to use the notification anymore). The overlay icon is hidden 3 seconds after the touch input is blocked. You can show it again by touching the screen once. Also available is a shortcut that you can place on the home screen to block touch input or that can be called by gesture control programs (like GMD) to block touch input.

More options of the donate version:

- lock the volume keys when the touch input is disabled
- hide the notification bar
- remove all ads from the app
- add a configurable delay before the touch input is is disabled (useful if you want to use it for Netflix)
- a password can be set that is required to unlock the device
- a widget to quickly easily disable touch input
- an option to go FULLSCREEN (hide navigation and notification bar) -- *ROOT* is required up to Android 4.3 to use this though

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How to download Phonetic Keyboard English BETA APK at

This is a proof of concept: an attempt to create a keyboard for writing phonetic transcriptions of English words using the IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet).

I've developed it in my spare time because some people showed interested in it. It works in my device in the applications I have tested it. However, I don't know if it will work in your device. It will depend on the application you are using and the font that the application chooses, which I can't control; if the font doesn't have the phonetic symbols, there's nothing I can do.

Let me know what you think by emailing me at [email protected]

How to download Visualfy - for deaf people APK at

Visualfy is an application principally focused on people with hearing and/or blindness problems, which offers a solution to many notifications we receive daily to our devices and makes it easier for us to get this information in a visual and sensory way in real time.

You could configure a color or a vibration pattern for each notification you receive to your terminal from a whatsapp message reception to the communication of your low battery.

Never again will you know late that they have changed the time of the convention, the doctor's appointment or a meeting of school parents, as these notifications work in real time and you can group and send them to the terminal periodically.

Visualfy is fully adapted to the Spanish sign language and international sign language and also can read and listen to all indications.

Visualfy is not just another app, it is a social project where your participation is very important. We have a different business model, where barriers become quarries to build a better future for young people.

Access and find all the information about our new project.

This is only the beginning. With your help the revolution is a reality. You get access to your notifications in your smartphone or tablet, and you also collaborate with the change for a different future, an accessible future, a future for everybody.

Download Visualfy and join the revolution.

How to install Portuguese English Translator APK at

Portuguese English Translator

Portuguese English Translator & English Portuguese Dictionary

Learning Portuguese has never been so easy with the all new English Portuguese Dictionary and the English Portuguese Translation. With features like Word and Sentence of the day, Scan to Translate, Word Game, Chat Head and more, this Portuguese English Translator & English Portuguese Dictionary app is sure to make communication a lot more easy and fun.

Tradutor gratuito de Português para Inglês e de Inglês para Português.

Features of Portuguese English translator 2018

English Portuguese Dictionary :- With a massive data base we allow you to search the meaning of all the english and Portuguese words.

Portuguese English Translator or Portuguese English Translation :- Translate from Portuguese to English and from English to Portuguese to make communications very easy.

Chat Head :- Have you ever wanted to tranlate and communicate without closing your news or social media app? This Chat Head allows you to use the translation app over any of your other app without you having to close one app and open another.

Word of the Day & Sentance of the Day :- Lean a new word and a new sentence everday with via this all new English Learning app.

Scan to Translate :- If you are looking to translate from a book or a written note, All you have to do is take a photo via this app and the app will translate the text to Portuguese. Do away with typing the whole sentence.

Word Game :- Learn English with Fun via the Word Game.

Learn English Grammar :- Learn English Phrases and Grammar via this all new Language Translator app.

Download the all new Portuguese English Translator & English Portuguese Dictionary app make communication very easy.

How to download Guide for korean keyboard free APK at

If you have been wondering how to input Hangul into your computer, phone or tablet here is a simple guide for typing Korean letters. First we will give you all the steps you need to properly set up your device and then explain the typing technique.

As you already know Hangul is Korean alphabet, but instead of being written sequentially (in a horizontal line one after the other) like Latin letters, Hangul letters are grouped into blocks. How these blocks are formed can be confusing for the person attempting to type it for the first time. Don’t worry, it is all automatic and easier than you think.

How to download DTalker Japanese TTS Demo APK at

DTalker is a Japanese speech engine and applications.
Clipboard Say
Speaking Document file
Speaking Web Browser
Sing a song
Voice Organ
DTalker Voice Nabi
So please stay tuned for the speech and then are gradually added.
The voice, familiar Taro(male), and Hanako(female).
In addition, Android sound is also available.

How to install Kikko - Japanese Emoticons Kaomoji APK at

A large free collection of the japanese emoticons also known as kaomoji (顔文字) or animoticons. Kawaii anime emoji, animals, asian emoji, smileys and much more in different categories.

Copy emoticons to clipboard and use them in messengers. Save emoticons to the favorites for faster access.


Categories and subcategories of emoticons you will find in this app:

Positive Kawaii Emoticons
- Happy emoji
- Love emoji
- Excited emoji
- Hugging emoji

Negative Emoticons
- Angry emoji
- Sad emoji
- Crying emoji
- Worried emoji

Fun Emoticons
- Whatever emoji
- Table Flip emoji
- Troll emoji
- Surprised emoji
- Embarrassed emoji
- Confused emoji

Animal Emoticons
- Cat emoji
- Bear emoji
- Rabbit emoji
- Bird emoji
- Dog emoji
- Sea Creature emoji

How to install Hindi Typing (Type in Hindi) App APK at

Hindi Typing (Type in Hindi) app is an English to Hindi transliteration tool. Type your Hindi words in English and hit/tap space button. This app automatically converts into Hindi script.

App Advantages
* Easy Installation. Start typing immediately
* Easy to WhatsApp share & copy text to other apps
* Light weight app (below 1.5MB)
* Consume less mobile battery power
* No keyboard configuration. Technical knowledge is not required
* Simply type Hindi words in English and hit/tap space button

After typing your message, hit/tap "WhatsApp" button and Share your message to your friends (or) copy and paste your message at your favourite Apps like... WhatsApp, Facebook, Google Allo, Twitter, GMail, SMS etc.,

If you like this app, give it a rating and write a good review (Top rating is 5stars).

How to download Hindi Typing Keyboard APK at

Welcome to Hindi Typing Keyboard android application helps for Hindi typing in a easier manner to share your messages in Hindi to your friends through social media applications.

This Hindi font makes a traditional touch to your messages.Now English to Hindi translation is very difficult so that we make a clear way to type your messages in Hindi directly.

This Hindi typing application provides a easy shortcut to share your messages to the famous social media applications in a single button click.

The use of Hindi keyboard comes when chatting with friends and relatives,Hindi would be more convenient to express your thoughts


* Clean design

* Easy navigation

* Hindi typing easy

Developed by, Rons Technologies

How to download Hindi Keyboard APK at

Are you want to type words in your own language?
This Hindi keyboard provide you Hindi keyboard language.So, you can type or write in Hindi fonts.

For use this Hindi Keyboard you have to install this application first.

How to use Hindi Keyboard:
1) Download this keyboard theme and photo keyboard application.
2) Than open Language option from application.
3) After that you cans select theme from theme option.And use that language

So, now you can chat in your own language with this beautiful keyboard and many keyboard theme , emojis etc are available in this keyboard.

Want more language?
We provide many other keyboard language with stunning User interface.

So, download and enjoy this Hindi keyboard and don't forgot to give us your feedback.
So, we can provide you more good work as per your feedback.

How to install Hindi Keyboard-Roman English to Hindi Input Method APK at

Hindi Keyboard is a simply keyboard that have English letter keyboard layout with different Hindi typing keyboard themes and size. User can change the keyboard layout and keyboard themes according to his choice Hindi keyboard is a easy Hindi input method with Hindi keyboard that also offers users to Learn Hindi in English. User can use Hindi keyboard as a manipulator that helps in writing Hindi language or to improve Hindi typing.
Hindi keyboard is a Hindi input method design to type Hindi which helps in typing Hindi language.Hindi keyboard is a combination of keyboard themes with emoji that provide variety of Hindi typing keyboard themes in different colors with Hindi input method which allows user to Learn Hindi.

Hindi keyboard provides template with Hindi typing keyboard from which user can customize it according to his need by Hindi input method with adding colors, keyboard styles, backgrounds, wallpapers, colors and attractive icons Hindi keyboard is the best choice to Learn Hindi and Hindi typing keyboard with emojis and Hindi input method for androids that come up with a variety of emoji’s for expressing feelings.

A phonetic keyboard designed for those who love to type using Hindi keyboardor Learn Hindi in roman english with Hindi input method. This keyboard provides you Hindi typing and Hindi letters So, you can type or Learn Hindi through Hindi keyboard/keypad. Keyboard to type Hindi letters in Android. Hindi typing is a free transliteration and Hindi input method tool, Just type in roman English and press space that English word will be converted into Hindi script automatically.

How Hindi typing App Works ?
After installing Hindi input keyboard , you are free to use and Learn Hindi by pressing “Enable Keyboard” & choose this Hindi Keyboard. This Hindi typing keyboard works as default Hindi input method in android phones/tablets for typing/texting or Learn Hindi on social media.
Install English to Hindi keyboard. Enable it in settings with Hindi input method.

How to enable
Open Hindi typing keypad and then add this keyboard in your keyboard settings.
Open keyboard in messaging -> Language & Input, under “Hindi input method” section, go to -> Choose Keyboards -> Check “online Hindi Typing”. Then you have to select Hindi keyboard as input method .When typing in an input box, you can also change the default input method by clicking the Hindi typing keyboard icon on the mid right corner of the screen and disable Hindi keyboard

App features of Hindi input method:
-Translate easily from English to Hindi typing keyboard,
-In-build English to Hindi keyboard given within the app.
-You can directly type in Hindi using this Hindi input method keyboard
-Copy and Paste features. You can copy the translated text Hindi or English, and use it anywhere you want to Learn Hindi easily
-Use default Hindi keyboard and Hindi typing and as well as in English
-Learn Hindi and use features of Hindi input method.

• Hindi input method keyboard
My photo keyboard has a lovely feature to add your photo in background of keyboard. Instead of installing new keyboard to make your photo keyboard with Hindi typing to Learn Hindi, you have just to upload photo as theme. Hindi keyboard with cool theme of your own photo with Hindi input method.

• English to Hindi Converter
Hindi keyboard-cool fonts, Themes, Sounds & my Photo keyboard provide English to Hindi conversion. People in India love to type in Hindi through English Keyboard to Learn Hindi. Hindi typing problem is solved by this English to Hindi phonetic Hindi input method

• Keyboard Themes, Emojis..
User can choose easily any animated themes which are available in app to Learn Hindi. No need to install keyboard apps for themes. Hindi keyboard-cool fonts, Hindi input method ,Themes, Sounds & my Photo keyboard provide custom themes even your own photo can become a theme for your daily Hindi typing keyboard.

Download this Hindi Keyboard app

How to download Chinese Lunar Calendar Reminder Free APK at

Reminder :
- Remind your schedule to burn incense every 1st or 15th of the lunar month.
- Remind your vegetarian schedule every 1st or 15th of the lunar month.
- Remind your beloved lunar birthday.
- Free version only allow 2 reminders

How the reminder work :
Remind you 1 day before and up to 2 weeks before at specific time to the events

Calendar :
- Showing gregorian calendar with chinese lunar calendar
- Showing chinese zodiac animal sign of the selected date
- Add Note to selected date of the calendar.
- Public holiday based on Simcard Country (Only Available For : Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, USA, India, Myanmar, China, Taiwan, Australia, Philippines, Italy, Cambodia, Vietnam, Brunei, France, South Korea, Laos, New Zealand, Russia, Thailand)

Showing Auspicious Days (Lucky Days), Inauspicious Days (Unlucky Days) and Auspicious Time (Lucky Time) on picked date in the main calendar

Information about 4 Pillars of Destiny (Earthly Branch - Earth Pillars - & Heavenly Stems - Heaven Pillars -) or also mostly known as BaZi (八字), The information of this 4 Pillars of Destiny will be served on every single selected date on the main calendar.

Chinese Calendar, Lunar Calendar, Moon Calendar, Reminder, Chinese Lunar Calendar, Auspicious Day, Inauspicious Day, Lucky Day, Unlucky Day, Auspicious Time, Lucky Time, 4 Pillars of Destiny, Heaven Pillars, Earth Pillars, Heavenly Stems, Earthly Branches, Bazi, 八字

How to install Hello Chinese APK at

"Hello Chinese", is a mobile application which can help you to learn Chinese.

"Hello Chinese", is a software for learning Chinese, supporting mobile handwriting, pronunciation, stroke order animations and texts, Tang Poems, helping you to reinforce learning through collection, bringing you brand new Chinese learning experience. Support Android and other mobile phone models. Language: Chinese, English, German, Russian, French, Arabic, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Persian, Thai, Swedish, Finnish.

Cooperation or Suggestions
If you are interested in cooperation or have any comments and suggestions, or if you feel that the product is not good, please let us now, we will humbly accept your opinion. Don’t give negative comments directly or complain in the comments. Sometimes we can not reply you, please forgive us. Please contact us through the contact information in the product help. If you like our products, please give us Five Star and praise, and tell your friends.

Main functions

Chinese Handwriting Learning
Input the characters to learn in the input box or click on the "microphone" icon for voice input, then click "Input Learning", it will display Chinese stroke orders.

Chinese Pronunciation Learning
Input the characters to learn in the input box, then click "Query Learning" button, the Chinese pronunciation will be started.

Tang Dynasty Poetry Learning
Select the "Author", "Category" from the selection list. Input "Keyword" in the input box. Input the searching characters directly, and then click "Query Learning" button, it will search "Three Hundred Tang Poems". Click the display results on the list.Click "Learning of Tang Poems" button in Tang Poems results page, it will enter into handwriting learning of Chinese characters related to the Tang Poem.

Input the characters in Chinese handwriting learning, click the "Translation" button, it will display the translation results.

Input the characters in Chinese handwriting learning. Click the "Favorites" button, the characters will be collected. "Favorite" results will be picked up in the settings page.

Tang Dynasty Pronunciation
Click "Tang Poems Pronunciation" button in the Tang Poems results page to start the pronunciation of the characters.

Click the "Share" button to enter the system to share the link with your friends by WeChat, QQ, Fetion, Feiliao, weibo, Pea Pods, Google+, Facebook, Twitter.

How to download Arabic keyboard: Arabic Typing Keyboard APK at

Arabic keyboard with HD background will allow you to write in arabic and english language. You can easily compose emails, post on Facebook and write some one WhatsApp messages through arabic keyboard for android. With latest arabic keyborad typing you can write all arabic Alphabets, letters and words. It’s the very easiest keyboard to write in arabic english keboard language.
arabic and english keyboard and Arabic translator has an option of Arabic words suggestion, spell check, gesture typing and alternative local Arabic words.
Arabic keypad to write arabic language texts and make long detailed Arabic documents will no more freeze your hand typing, arabic keyboard english is for multiple texts Emoji keypad English, arabic Keypad upgraded with rich arabic vocabulary, Google searching content and swipe input. arabic keyboard emoji dual expression of writing from English to arabic and arabic to English so on is enhancing the usability of classical english to arabic keyboard at daily basis with customizable arabic keyboard to english. English to arabic keyboard typing with color change. Arabic keyboard offline lovers have a best solution of sharing Arabic content at social media with all Arabic speakers. keyboard of arabic is finest tool to bring you close to arabic English readers and your problem of having chat with non English speakers has fixed by a smallest Arabic Mobile arabic keyboard plugin with emoji. Use this App for Arabic to English Dictionary and English to Arabic Dictionary. Arabic phonetic keyboard with face emoji. Arabic perfect keyboard with arabic keyboard for android phone.

arabic keyboard and english with smiley the orderly placement of English as well as arabic keyboard app alphabets helps you to- type letters... Important messages. English arabic keyboard android with emoji making of vital documents. Communicate with friends. Arabic keyboard arabic keyboard with smiley the arabic language keybooard has some extra parts to serve rather than just typing like
* Conversation through stickers.
* Beautiful backgrounds and colorful vision
* Compatible to all social networks
* use it for Arabic -Eng. searching content

Highlights of arabic keyboard apps for android Emoji with color background
• complete arabic keyboard type writer is quite simple in its using process to create any written document. The keys are auto transforming which adjust themselves in both language... enable or disable any language keyboard very smoothly.
• You can send various expressions during chat, the communication is now more interesting because of the emoji and stickers part. you can show deep feelings and love actually
• best arabic keyboard is communicating
• Apart from Arabic English keys, the top row have numbers for numerical purpose
• There are numbers of keyboard themes that decorate your android screen and every sight gives you a beautiful effect
• The pressing and touching of each key sound with music and it can vibrate too if you desire
new arabic keyboard with Dictionary and correction.
Next word suggestion is also available.
arabic keyboard offline.
Create Contacts with Arabic.
How to Use arabic keyboard for android
Download it for all android phones.
1- First enable the keyboard language arabic
2- Set out the input method, words prediction, auto correction etc.
3- Check out the default setting to make keyboard best choice
4- General setting of keys like.sound, vibration, size

How to install Anacode IDE Android/C/C++/JAVA APK at

Build and run Android, C/C++ and Java projects OFFLINE directly on the device!!!

Read the blog to learn more about using Anacode IDE at:

If you are facing any issues, rather then giving a bad rating to the app and never responding again, please use the provided developer email, or the website contact form at to get help.

Anacode is an integrated development environment and source code editor for JAVA, HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript and C/C++ files that allows you to build and run Android applications directly on the device. Anacode can directly build an APK from your android project source code by single click on the "Run" item in the menu. Just open any JAVA or XML file that's is part of your project.
Anacode introduces a new code edit model for smart devices allowing for faster and much easier writing and editing of source code then ever before. Copying, pasting, deleting (and other functions that are used a lot during coding) of lines, words or selections of code is a single tap/click away and speeds up your coding time dramatically.
Write and test HTML, JavaScript and CSS in the build-in or system browser on the fly.
Use the cool prettify function to transform unformatted HTML or JavaScript source code into a human readable form.

- extended editing features:
- indent line or selection
- move line or selection up/down
- copy whole line into clipboard
- duplicate line at cursor
- copy word at cursor into clipboard
- replace word at cursor by content from clipboard
- delete whole line at cursor
- unlimited undo/redo
- external keyboard support
- custom syntax highlighting of JAVA,HTML/XML,CSS,PHP,JavaScript and C/C++ files
- autocomplete for all supported languages
- parentheses matching
- regex search
- regex replace all
- FTP upload
- Tasks list
- building android applications directly on the device
- compile and run C/C++ programs directly on the device
- compile and run Java programs directly on the device
- create new C++ classes
- create new Java classes
- run html files in an internal or external browser
- HTML/Javascript prettifier
- contains Andoroid, C/C++ and Java sample projects

In-app purchase features:
- Compiling C++ Makefiles
- Building large Android projects
- Editing PHP
- Editing CSS

However the app can be used even without a purchase, but there is a re-enable waiting period involved.

How to install GPS Connected APK at

Lock your GPS signal so that the signal is not lost when you are moving around apps, such as maps, navigation or geocaching.

Avoid the device to loss the GPS signal, and spend many seconds waiting for a new GPS lock.

This app will only require your GPS to turn on, and will leave it on until you request it to unlock the GPS.